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I am busy updating my old campaigns to BAT (and it will take a while), but seeing all the lovely new maps and lovely new aircraft that now can be found in BAT, I feel I want to build something brand new as well. (And I think right now mainly for the WAW module.)

But please, help me out here!

* What is missing in the campaign department for BAT/WAW?
* Is there a great map out there sorely under-used? Or perhaps not used at all?
* Is there an interesting aircraft that deserves its own campaign?
* Is there some particular operation or battle that hasn't yet been portrayed - or at least not portrayed to the extent that is possible in the BAT/WAW universe?
Any suggestions?  :D

"Raging eagles" reincarnation for BAT? :)

Mmmmh... I think the Atlantic maps have never been used for any campaign. I do not know if we have a CAM-ship mod, but it could be a nice idea for a Hurricat convoy protection campaign (Hurricane has never been used this way in a campaign, except in the very old FB-AEP 2.04 era...) !

Glasgow. Clydebank and the Firth of Clyde March 1941.Airfields .Shipping, industry, transport, ship yards  AA etc  are all available in BAT but would need a whole new map

I would love to see a 'Blenheim Boys' campaign, suicidal low flying in outdated aircraft. Attacks on convoys, ports and airfields.


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