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Author Topic: Iron Works T-Cats (ASW-Firebomber-ECM-AEW-Tanker-Attack-Recon-Director-Tug) + RP-54E Drone  (Read 9485 times)

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In memory of Edlor whose excellent F7F-3N inspired these ‘what if’ Tigercat variants

Special thanks to ecf111 for his outstanding artwork in providing dozens of aircraft paint schemes for this project and the beta testers Geschirrspülmaschine19, kirk1965, & KingTiger503 for their time and feedback, very much appreciated.

Credits in the project guide, along with details on aircraft features/functions, installation instructions and scripts for the 21-mission player pack.

Optimised for IL2 4.12 ModAct5.3 with Jet Era and BAT 3.7.2 JTW.

As always, if you have any issues with installing this mod, a logfile is essential to assist in trouble shooting.

Download: (36mb)

Code: [Select]
190619 + initial release

190621 + plane F7F:
new F7F-4AJ(Multi1)/F7F-5SW(Multi1) summer skins
+ vehicles:
ASV rotating wheels & body .msh’s updated

190707 + plane F7F:
hostile aircraft, vessels & ground forces alerts (relayed from F7F-4AJ/F7F-5SW) for all player aircraft added
updated F7F-4AJ/F7F-5SW weapons.properties entries for these new alerts loadout options
+ ships:
corrected flight deck tractor lights issue for stationary carriers
+ arms:
updated Crossbow stand-off missile java code and removed redundant missile classfiles

191212 + cockpit F7F:
added gyroscopic gunsight feature with custom reticle
new gunsight reflection pane
AN/APG-30 radar rangefinder with target lamp and sliding distance indicator incorporated into gunsight
CRT mounted below gunsight acts as a LLLTV monitor
added AN/ASQ-145 LLLTV control box with animated brightness/contrast knobs and on/off switch
radio altimeter dial with 100ft scale red indicator lamp installed
new internal fuel and drop tank fuel gauges
additional front panel checklist/placards added and existing placards updated
new fuel feed selector box
cabin altitude gauge installed and reads true altitude if canopy is open (cockpit not pressurised)
new avionics fuse rack added and radio tuner updated
ejection seat rails repositioned
front & side panel toggle switches repositioned & their labels updated and a new map case on side panel
added radio compass, gyro magnetic compass, clock
arrestor hook, flap, canopy, wing position levers repositioned
ASI, AH, gear indictor and altimeter dials & needles updated
damage model now has all eight damaged instruments misreading
gunsight ground proximity line on/off key assignment changed to Toggle Gunsight
+ plane F7F
for some loadout configurations, added a rear fuse mounted LLLTV turret for RSO (which pilot can also access)
new AEW dorsal radome 3D model
tanker code and drogue/probe positions upgraded to allow a wider variety of IL2 aircraft to dock successfully
new refuelling lights on tanker drogue assembly
external cockpit updated to reflect new gunsight, CRT, instruments, etc
nose now more rounded
fuselage damage model textures updated
wing mounts for ASM-N-5 cruise missile added
increased internal fuel capacity to 520 gals
propeller blade texture updated
+ cockpit RP-54:
cockpit POV changed to give an improved viewpoint when under ballistic parachute
+ plane RP-54:
damage hitBone model criteria for target drone ballistic parachute deployment lowered
+ arms:
new ASM-N-5 ‘Gorgon’ radar guided cruise missile (wings unfold on deployment)
updated ASM-N-3 ‘Medusa’ TV targeted missile with iconoscope nose section
fixed shadow scaling issue for AN/SSQ-1 sonobuoy
+ vehicles:
changed base colour for Zeta aircraft support vehicles
+ missions:
night sortie using the new ASM-N-5 cruise missile created
.mis files altered with updated F7F-4AJ loadout options

No patch for latest version since a number of new features and major updates have been added. Recommend those who already have this mod just delete their existing ! ZOK_Common & Project_Beartrap folders and install the 191212 download. You only then need to update the weapons.properties files for the additional F7F-4AJ loadouts. All other .ini and .properties entries are unchanged.

ecf111 has apply his artistic talents to create over 100+ superb 2048px paint schemes for F7F-4AJ’s & F7F-5SW’s. Liveries for Argentinean, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, French, Indian, Moroccan, Peruvian, Taiwanese, United Kingdom, United States & South Vietnamese aircraft are available to download.

International paint schemes

United States Navy and Marines paint schemes

Vietnam era paint schemes

cheers mace


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Very cool. Thank you. :)
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This is totally  hughes!
Amazing work ! Many thanks to all modders involve.  8)


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Fan-damn-tastic work !!!!!!



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Thanks a bunch mace for all of this work, it really is amazing!!

2048 skins with improved template on the way. Thanks for letting me be part of your awesome project!



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This adds alpha channels ( with damage ) from F7F to the defaults skins:
update:  ...alpha with no damage been added with patch 190621 and also the full mod...

...allows selection of skins...


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Outstanding!!! Installed flawlessly into my CUP took the small liberty of adding Grumman to the plane.ru entries  ;D
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Well done Mace Well Done.

Best Regards KT503
My Greatest and Best Regards KT503


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Amazing work mace and the rest of the team, thanks very much for this




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Thank you for all your hard work. These are some beauties.
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Nice ! They look beautiful !

But personnally, as many files have to be modified (even for some existing entries in catapults.ini, for example), I prefer to wait for their inclusion in BAT...
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