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F-104 Cockpits


Hello everybody. Today i'd like to request a cockpit for the F-104A-->S and F-104S ASA-M.
The reason why i chosen this 2 versions in particular, is because ALL F-104s from the A variant to the S have the same cockpit more or less, while the F-104S ASA-M has a very different cockpit, with modern instruments and GPS.
I gathered a lot of informations in these months, including the original Flight Manual and several photos from various angles.
I will separate this request in 3 SUBCATEGORIES:
1) F-104A, F-104A 319, F-104C, CF-104, F-104G, F-104J, F-104S cockpit
2) F-104S ASA-M cockpit
3) Radar

I decided to do this request because i love modern jets and especially those of the '60s/'70s and the F-104 is one of my favourites of all time (such a iconic plane) and, even tho the standard F-86 cockpit is good enough considering the enourmous effort the modders do to let us enjoy a new plane, i kinda want something special for this plane. The F-4 and MiG-21 have fantastic cockpits and i feel like the F-104 is left behind.

--- Code: ----DISCLAIMER-: this is a request only, a "wish" and all my thoughs about this request are personal.
Also, even if i basically requested 2 cockpits for the same plane, even 1 for the early versions will be more than enough; i wanted to be as much accurate as possible
and i'm not forcing anyone to accomplish my double request.
Regarding the Radar, it's totally optional and meant only to be a possible idea for the future.
The 2nd image that i uploaded is from Strike Fighters 2 and i think it's a perfect depiction of the real cockpit including the iconic red circle sight and also a great starting
point for the Il-2 B.A.T. version.
Sorry for the very long post but i want to use all photos available to assure the maximum amount of info to the modders.
--- End code ---

F-104A - F-104A 319 - F-104C - CF-104 - F-104G - F-104J - F-104S

* A website where you can look 360° INSIDE AN F-104C COCKPIT and literally be in the position of the pilot head.
* A website with the OFFICIAL MANUAL FOR THE F-104 and, besides all performance and flight characteristics there is also a very detailed guide to the various instruments aboard the F-104G and ASA-M (side panels included in both) and some more photos.
Just scroll down about 1/4 of the page and you should see them.

F-104S ASA-M


A very interesting website with a lot of info regarding the F-104 Radar (versions, modes, range, how it works, etc...)

New Information

A beautiful video that shows the full cockpit of the 104s (A to S versions):

All gauges, instruments, seat and switches are presented nicely in this video and are easy to recognize. It also shows the movement pattern of the Flap control lever, throttle and configuration of some instruments (artificial horizon for example).
Side panels are also visible togheter with other semi-hidden switches or controls, like the Gear lever in the bottom left of the instrument panel.

A picture i found about an existing 104 cockpit in yet another flight sim, i believe it's FSX. (not my photo)
It's actually pretty close to the real one and to my personal visual concept of the cockpit. The Radar is missing but in the picture i previously posted above of Strike Fighters 2 it's visible


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