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Author Topic: ATTENTION! Rule about loadout name and spaces!  (Read 1414 times)

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ATTENTION! Rule about loadout name and spaces!
« on: May 22, 2019, 11:03:23 AM »

After recent bug analysis and some discussion the SAS~Administration Team has come to the conclusion that we have to formulate a new rule about loadout descriptions.

It is as of now a rule that any aircraft posted on SAS must not contain loadouts that have spaces in their names

Some modders never do this, some like to do this, maybe unaware of the possible conflicts in certain situations.
Spaces in the loadout name cause various problems with Il-2 handling the loadout and since this is a simple item to follow, it is now made a rule for modders from here on out.

Use weapons.properties to describe the loadouts further if you must.

Bad example with spaces:
Code: [Select]
hashmapint.put(Finger.Int(s), a_lweaponslot);
s = "2xAIM-9 + 2xAIM-7 + 2xAGM-84 + 6xZuni";
a_lweaponslot = new Aircraft._WeaponSlot[byte0];

Good example with underscores and no spaces:
Code: [Select]
            hashmapint.put(com.maddox.rts.Finger.Int(s), a_lweaponslot);
            s = "1xDiver_6xFlares_SAR";
            a_lweaponslot = new com.maddox.il2.objects.air.Aircraft._WeaponSlot[byte0];
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