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Author Topic: Palau V2 and airfield : DL link july-18-2010 !  (Read 27070 times)

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Re: Palau V2 and airfield : DL link july-18-2010 !
« Reply #60 on: June 26, 2014, 06:25:01 PM »

Hi guys.

So here are some pics of what will be final version of this map, this time with flyable airfields.

It was a hard task to make it, first of all to find good sources...with good pics of the airfield. Fortunately i have been helped by so many people by providing me pics, footages and advices that i would like to thank them so much.

I tried to make it looking like a coral ground as much as possible. I'm using two textures, one at 1024 resolution and standard zoom in the load.ini, the second one at 1024 but zoom 8 on the load.ini in order to give the best low flight resolution and rendering as possible.

Unfortunately for the first texture, i mean the airfield itself, i can't use zoom on the load.ini as it make it uncomptible with the island shape. It would have been a great deal to make the entire airfield at zoom 4 or 8 = it's the best for a really detailed low flight texture.

I'm experimenting those things on some desert maps like Lybia, Sinai, Sand of time, Mto and stock desert map. Only the stock desert maps will be available for download.

I guess the final map will be ready before this week end for all. If you have any advices or datas please post here. Enjoy.
And i hope you like like the final airfield guys ;), this was important to make this map functional

All the other textures are going to be with zoom 2 on load.ini, better rendering when closing to the ground...so i will move the bilding to fit to these resolution.

I'm still working on this. Some things may change before the release. I have to improve the junction parts where airfield textures meet the rest...

Thank you very much for this.  Especially for the readme that you did.  Even us old and not very smart guys can follow it.  And I have to say - Palau looks pretty realistic.  During the early 70's I did some diving off Palau, Tinian, Truk, Saipan, Guam and a couple of others in the Marianas group.  Your map brings back some memories.  Thanks again.


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Re: Palau V2 and airfield : DL link july-18-2010 !
« Reply #61 on: June 26, 2014, 07:10:22 PM »

I also love this map!


Sorry it's taken a year to respond, school and the Marine Corps have seriously gotten in the way of my Il2  time haha- but when I press shift tab I get-
 "WARNING: Bad Water if MapRID == 0"

I'm not gonna even pretend to have the slightest clue what that means. Any help getting this sucker to run right in my game would be greatly appreciated! Thanks gents

Semper Fi

I would assume you have an objects saving issue from your first error report, Coberrick. Not being able to save is usually due to missing objects.

Which version do you run? I mean IL-2 version?

Here you can read about how to get maps working with SAS ~Boomer's objects pack and the base install of DBW 1.71:

..posts #10 and 53 give you the basics.


Or simply try SAS~Boomer's objects pack and his static.ini merged with your static.ini...but BACKUP everything you change. :)


ol' Navy

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Re: Palau V2 and airfield : DL link july-18-2010 !
« Reply #62 on: July 25, 2014, 10:34:08 AM »


Are the missions/campaigns still available for download?  If so, can you point me in the right direction?  Thanks for any help.

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