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Just a simple question ? Why is it that if there is any posts about updates for IL-2 '46 it gets locked? I would like to find out more about them before it gets installed. I'm not upset just curious why our speech is limited here. I take the opinions of other knowledgeable people seriously and of great help. Have one install that i keep updated with the latest released but have questions about the latest as they seem to go in the wrong direction. Can we have a discussion as adults about updates without feelings getting hurt? It is just a game/sim and not life threatening .... Regards,Scott

I'll get this one.

Sixstrings, your request is perfectly reasonable, but sadly we have experienced the dark side of this, and this explains the moderator's reticence in engaging in, and even allowing, further discussions on the subject.

What we have seen over the last years is a systematic and deliberate attack on the IL2 modding community by TD. This has culminated in this latest release, on which they have spent so much time trying to lock out and control modding of the game, that the actual content of the latest release itself is at best unimpressive, and at worst, very bugged. To this last point, it has obviously had to be patched within weeks, with a patch thus far only released to a limited and biased audience. It is also a patch that promises to be only the first of many needed, as TD starts to realize the holes and bugs in the actual new content of the patch. Furthermore, the initial update itself has been proved to be deliberate malware, destroying user files with intent. This alone would be reason enough for us to bar any further discussion of it here.

Sadly, it has also become apparent to us that, in order to further divide the modding community, and to market and promote this malware, the developers will register and post under new or proxy accounts here, or through the account of friends, messages on this board in these discussion, which are misleading and false in regards to the update, and which causes frustration and conflict amongst users and modders and moderators alike (as I think it is intended). For this reason also we have decided to not allow an open platform here for discussions of software that is released and promoted with the obvious ill intent of these updates, or of the amateurish and incompetent way they seem to be made. These trolling action have at times elicited responses from our team and members which were a bit aggressive and angry. But please understand that in this way: The reason why guys from SAS get so worked up about people trying to damage this game and community is simply because they actually give a fuck about it. Which is kinda cool for us all :)

What we did do is crack the new encryption used (which was intended by TD to lock out modding and to control it in future, with, I suspect, the ultimate aim of killing off the IL2 game eventually) in a few minutes after it was released. Thus, all content worth while will  be incorporated into upcoming modpacks like BAT and probably thereafter in others from other communities, which will mostly be based on earlier versions of the game. As these are released, we will be happy to discuss them. But about the "official" updates, I am afraid it is up to here and no further.

Someone was always going to have to draw the line somewhere, and as it happened, it is going to be us, and it was going to be here, now.

For discussions and debates about this and further TD patches, we will recommend having them on their forum. But I think the divorce forced on the modding and general player community of IL2 by the official developers has now reached it's aim (to our sadness) of becoming just that: a Divorce.

Thank you Sir for answering my question. You gave me all i needed to know and will no longer bring up this subject. Thank you for taking the time to answer in detail. Explains all that we need to know. IL-2 '46 is one of my favorite combat flight sims,and will remain for quite some time. Really like this site and find it very imformative and of great help in enjoying this great sim. To all,keep up the good work ! Regards,Scott

You are more than welcome.


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