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Wow  :o

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After about a year of trying I have finally sorted out one of my biggest issues. Normals.

I have been fed up with loading meshes and getting something like this ...

Then I had a brainwave, it must be a face group that was exported with the wrong normals.

So I changed the flip normal code.

Select a mesh node ( mesh nodes start with Mesh_ , so CF_D0 won't work, Mesh_CF_D0 will) and right click on it to bring up the context menu then select "flip normals" which now looks like this.

Then select the face group you want, it will be hi-lighted so you can see it .

Then click the "all" button.

Suddenly it looks like this.

Damn I am so pleased with myself I nearly broke my arm patting myself on the back.


Will do a sanity check to make sure I haven't broken anything then publish it.


New link at top of thread

Congratulations on finally stomping a pesky and hard to find bug!

As you can see from this shot, we have missing collision meshes on some objects.

I am thinking I can use mesh simplification techniques to generate collision meshes for missing mesh parts.

I could add this to the modtool.

Obviously it is more work, so before I do I would like to know if it would be useful to you guys?

Also how urgent is it?


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