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Download link moved to start of thread as is customary.


I thought I better move this here.

I have had to come back to the mod tool to sort out some annoying bugs in the game. The mod tool is invaluable to me in understanding how some of the structures work.

While doing that I fixed the lighting.

I noticed a bug in the glass shader, and fixed that. If you look closely at the cockpit you can see refraction is now working properly.

You can now change the light direction with the middle mouse button.

And the material editor now displays the texture associated with the material and allows you to change it.

I have a couple of annoying bugs to fix, then I will republish it.

I just love the new glass shader.

Four shots and all I have done is change the skybox.

Looks great, time to try it out again.
Thanks a lot Stainless, your work is much appreciated!


Alfie Noakes:
Wow....just wow    :-*



Fixed one of the bugs, one to go and I will publish it again.


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