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Author Topic: Next Generation MAP (NG-MAP) Mod v3.1  (Read 19635 times)

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Re: Next Generation MAP (NG-MAP) Mod v3.1
« Reply #120 on: May 15, 2020, 08:10:55 AM »

well that's unfortunate, having the full map (opacity notwithstanding) would be more of a distraction while flying.  I also use a hat-switch to open the map but because it opens without grid refs I have to use the mouse to click on the mini-map to 'activate' the grid lines which as I mentioned is quite distracting (and on a personal note as a 33yr veteran I've yet to see a military map without grid lines of some form so it's hard to undo that 'cultural' mindset LOL).
No biggie, I'll revert back to the stock map if I don't get used to this.  Thanks anyway.

Ref the LSO view mod:  It's been so long I can't remember where I got it.  I assumed I'd got it from SAS but after searching here I can't find it!!  Regardless, it essentially took the stock carrier view which was centered (anchored) on the carrier and moved it to just behind the LSO spot.  Standard and zoom views work which are useful.  The way our little coop online group use it is that the first guy down on the carrier (or the first guy shot down), takes that position and helps the others on their landing approach.  We're obviously not trained LSOs but it has come in handy when someone yells into your ear "go around, you missed the wires" or "you're way too low/too high" etc.  NOTE:  I did have it installed (in MODS folder) along with NG-CAM but I took it out as a precaution.
UPDATE:  Just double-checked, the mod is called "AG-51 LSO Cam" and it doesn't work if NG-CAM is installed (which kinda makes sense given that they're both manipulating certain views).  A pity, because as you can see from the screenshots it gives a good view of the landing approach.
Here's a couple of screenshots:

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