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Author Topic: How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?  (Read 1428 times)

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How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?
« on: August 30, 2018, 11:31:11 PM »


I am having trouble getting some missions to load runway starts, instead I get air spawns.

Usually, this is related to Static_Ships runways, which I will often use to flatten a custom
airfield I am creating on a map in the FMB, where no other nearby airfield exists, in a fictional
scenario I am creating.

My latest creation is on Makin Island - 1c Maddox map (Makin2) where there is an existing
runway which was spawning ground starts normally. I then added a very short extra runway
with "Objects" runways etc, then I used the Stationary ships-catapult trap object on each end
of the new, short runway, for catapult and hook landing practice.

That caused my mission to load with air starts :P

I also used Stationary Aircraft as spawn points.

The catapult traps are stationary ship carrier objects I presume, because you can add a Home
Base object to them, but I can never get them to ground spawn so far :P

My larger airfield close by was ground spawning, but it too started air spawning after the
catapult-traps were added to the other airfield.

Fiddling around with the Stationary-Plane spawn objects placement, home base radius tool,
Spawn parameters for home bases etc, and removing the home bases on the catapult traps,
I was able to get ground spawns working on my main base again, but it is really hit and miss
and I have no idea what causes air spawns vs ground spawns and how the FMB decides what
will happen with the spawn types, or what conflicts occur to cause air starts.

I would appreciate some help with this, it's been a time waster trying to figure it out
on my own all these years. I still don't have any real and clear understanding of how spawns
work and why I seem to have random results, when clearly, spawn behaviour is not random,
but has causes and complexities that affect it.

BTW, I am using FMB in BAT.
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Re: How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 06:47:07 AM »

~S~heya Congo m8, srry this is a bit late, as I just saw it, have you fixed your problem ? ... When I was having the same probs, the carrier traps will usually Only work on the solid concrete type runways at those type of airfields. you can land on the stationary ships runways and the traps will catch you, don't re spawn and you can then used the cat to take off assist. As soon as you respawn you will air start again. I have looked and tried every type of add on runway with the traps but haven't got it to spawn on the runway. As soon as you remove the traps in FMB, and respawn (where you have made your home base !), you will  be on the runway. When you use the stationary ships runways you need to get down close, so you can see if ANYTHING AT ALL !, is sticking through your runway, and the ground has to be perfect with ALL of your runway showing, that is important, your runways have to be perfectly clear and clean or you will always air start.
You also cannot use the cat traps on grass airfields, What I do is have a stationary carrier parked NEXT BUT NOT TOUCHING  the runway you placed, make the home base to the carrier, add your cat traps to the runway like you have been doing, you will spawn on carrier for take off and you can land on the runway ... place your cat traps at either end and on the middle too, add lights and some makers to highlight the traps if you want, good for bad weather and night/low light landings. in the catapult ini file, you can adjust your catapult power, so you can load up in all planes ( incuding heavies if you want to lol) , hope this helps, and remember when placing stat carrier  runways they HAVE TO BE CLEAR AND CLEAN,  with ALL of the runway clear, PS..... for a bit of fun, you can make your stationary runways move through the water ! makes it interesting and you can even sink them too ! they go end up ! lol.  enjoy bro.
all the best
Sharkzz ~S~~ if you still have troubles drop me a message  .. cheers m8.
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Re: How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2019, 09:40:08 PM »

Thanks for the informative reply Sharkzz, better late than never!
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