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Author Topic: Tank Defense  (Read 2461 times)

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Tank Defense
« on: August 16, 2018, 08:24:04 AM »

Dear all,

Attached please find two "Tank Defense" groups.
The groups are supposed to act as artillery defense against attacking Tanks.
In order to reduce CPU load, the required Checkzones use a "5% Duty Detector" by F/JG300_Gruber, detailed description and separate download available here.
Furthermore SAS~Skylla's Logic Gates and Switches are used.
The whole groups are based on a discussion started here


Objects you don't need to touch have been grouped intentionally.
In the upper right you see two Check Zones, the upper one is to detect enemy vehicels coming into the combat area, the lower is to detect when they left again.
Naturally, the lower Check Zone should be slightly larger than the upper one to avoid "flickering" detections.

Down on the bottom you see the defending artillery. Currently this is a 52-K gun for russians and a Flak-37 for germans.
The timer and the "repair" object above are to restore the object in case it has been killed.

The row in the middle, from left to right:
The left 4 have to be object-linked to your artillery object(s).
The 2nd left is an attack area, here you can define how large the area should be which will be defended by your artillery.
Make sure to set the elevation of this object high enough so your artillery can "see" the enemy tanks.
The 2nd right timer has to receive a target link from all your artillery's repair timers.
The most right timer is an "activation" input. Target link this from another MCU in your mission to get the whole thing going!

Note that you can attach as many artillery objects as you like to this group.

Have fun!
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