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Passive warning receiver operation F16 early blocks

This indicator flashes at 4Hz as soon as the EWS detects a radar missile launched at your ship.
The indicator is backed up by audible warning tones.
The indicator features a pushbutton to test the launch warning.
Press the button to check the audio tone and indicator light.
Enables some declutter of the RWR display by displaying only the 5 most important symbols instead of the usual 12 symbols (16 when UNKNOWN mode is selected).
When the priority MODE button is depressed the RWR enters PRIORITY mode, the top light comes on and the bottom light OPEN goes off, as both lights are mutually exclusive.
When PRIORITY mode is enabled the top PRIORITY light will flash if the EWS detects more than 5 threat emitters.
The RWR remains in this mode until the pilot exits PRIORITY MODE by depressing the button again.
At that time the top light extinguishes and the bottom OPEN light illuminates.
UnknownWhen depressed the top light illuminates and the RWR displays U symbols (unknown radar).
It can then also display 16 symbols instead of the usual 12.
The pilot can deselect this mode by depressing the pushbutton again. The top light then extinguishes.
TestThe bottom light of the indicator will be on whenever the EWS is powered.
The top light will come on whenever the system test is running.
Depressing the push button will initiate the test sequence that will run for a few seconds.
During that time all TWP lights and modes will be tested. Some alphanumeric codes will also be displayed on the RWR.
Target seperationDepress this indicator when you want to have a better view of two emitters which are close to each other.
When depressed the top TGT SEP light illuminates and the symbols on the RWR are spread out for 5 seconds.
After that time the RWR reverts to normal and the top light extinguishes.
The bottom light is on as soon as power is applied.
HandoffUsed to set the mode of operation of the RWR.
The 4 modes are: Normal, Diamond Float, Transient and Latch.
You should simply know that the mode giving the best Situational Awareness is the Diamond Float mode where the diamond floats to the highest priority symbol.
That mode is entered with a short push (less than one second) on the HANDOFF button.
The bottom light of the indicator is on as soon as there is power and the top indicator comes on only when a handoff mode is engaged (Diamond Float, Transient, Latch).
Using the HANDOFF button controls how each of these modes are entered and controls the function of the diamond symbol on the display.
  • Normal : In normal, the diamond symbol is inhibited and threat audio is limited to “new guy” (or new threat) alert and missile launch audio.
    New guy audio is 3 bursts of sound in 1.5 seconds of that emitter.
    New guy alert is also seen visually by symbols alternating between normal size and 1.5 times normal size for the first 4 seconds of display. Normal mode will yield a fairly quiet RWR.
  • Diamond Float : Diamond float mode is entered via a short push of the HANDOFF button.
    In this mode the diamond symbol on the HANDOFF button illuminates and the diamond on the display floats to the highest priority symbol.
    Sound for that emitter is heard continuously.
    Another short push of the HANDOFF button will deselect this mode and go back into normal mode.
    This mode is recommended for maximum SA.
  • Transient : Transient mode is entered by pressing and holding the HANDOFF button.
    In this mode the diamond symbol steps from the highest priority symbol to the next highest in descending priority order.
    The diamond will continue stepping for as long as the HANDOFF button is held and audio is played as the diamond enhances the symbol.
    Releasing the button changes the mode to latched.
  • Latch : In latched mode the diamond symbol remains on the last symbol it was on when the HANDOFF button is released.
    Sound for that emitter is heard continuously.
    If the symbol times out (emitter no longer detected), the RWR will go back to diamond float mode.

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