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Hi Gents,

we now also have a dedicated 24/7 Server for IL-2 Great Battles (BoX) up and running! The server is called
The Flying Ass Clownsand can be found in the in-game lobby. Now that we've finished testing, it is open to public and everyone is invited to fly on it.

Right now we have a two sided training mission up in different seasons where you can choose from a wide range of different targets (artillery, trucks, tanks, trains, airfields, bombers, fighters). We furthermore provided air spawn points for bombers, so newbies can take those for an easy ride as well. There are also spawn points for player controlled tanks available on both sides.
Apart from that, a great amount of randomization ensures that you will never know precisely what's coming .. for example how skilled your enemies are 8)

Of course new missions are under construction, and because of the variety of the BoX Mission Editor the possibilities seem endless ...
That being said, making missions for BoX takes even more resources than for 1946, so please bear with us!
Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping us with mission building you are welcome to do so ;)

Below you can find a summary of the server details:

1. Connection details
Server name: The Flying Ass Clowns
Stats page:

2. Difficulty settings
You can see our server difficulty settings below:

Edit Skylla 2018-09-20: We decided to switch the difficulty settings to 'Normal' (as seen above) in order to make life easier for beginners.
It is still possible to fly 'full real' on the server nevertheless. Players have the possiblility to decide themselves if they want to use the auto engine control options, icon overlay, navigation map and outside views.
Those who do not like those while flying can not use them / turn them off ;)

3. Missions
A list of recently played missions can be found here:
At the time of me posting this, we have the following missions on the server:

* FAC_Training_Autumn
* FAC_Training_Summer
* FAC_Training_Winter
* FAC_TrainStationAttackMore missions are under construction.

4. Busiest Hours
Our weekly FAC Session usually moves from IL-2 1946 to IL-2 Great Battles on Sunday, 4 PM UTC. Everyone is welcome.
We also have a TeamSpeak 3 Server running for comms. Just ask in the chat for connection details.
During the week there's a chance that you'll meet Storebror and / or me between 7 and 8 PM CEST.

5. Server Admins
The Server Admins are

* SAS~Storebror and
* SAS~Skylla.In case of problems please reply into this thread.

6. Server Rules
So far we didn't need any special rules for the server. I hope it stays that way.
Edit Skylla 2018-07-25: As it seems, certain individuals were confusing "no special rules" with "no rules".
Therefore, the following rules are now in effect on the server:

* Don't be a dick!
Attacking biplanes with the best fighter available = You're a dick!
Continuously strafing human pilots = You're a dick!
Stalking other players, like constantly hunting human bomber pilots across the map = You're a dick!
* Don't be a sissie!
Disconnect when being attacked = You're a sissie!
Joining the superior side as fighter pilot (except for when you need to join squad mates) = You're a sissie!Dicks and Sissies might get booted from the server without further notice!

7. Enable Mods!
Our Server uses "Mods On" mode, therefore in order to see the Server on the list of available Servers in the "Multiplayer" screen, you have to have "Mods Enabled" checked in the Game Settings:

Best Regards


This is how you meet us. Click Screenshots for full size.

First, disable mods mode. If it was enabled before, restart your game when being asked for:
Edit Skylla 18-09-02: Mods need to be enabled now! See first post.

Seconds, click "Multiplayer", then choose "Dogfight" mode and click "Continue":

Scroll down on the Server List (it's sorted alphabetically per default) and find us listed as "The Flying Ass Clowns".
Click the line and click "Join Server" or simply double-click the line to join:

Wait for the game to download Server Files (that's the mission file) and to load up the mission.
When the mission has been loaded, you will be presented with a map, but there's nothing much on there yet.
Wait a bit (up to a minute or so) for the map to be fully loaded.
During this time, you can read the mission briefing on the right already...
The screenshots below show our current training mission.

Finally you will see the spawn points - this image shows our training mission again, left side is germans, right side is russians.
Click on a Spawn Point to see what is available there.
The "Bomber" Spawn Points have airstart, but you can only select bombers there.
The "Modmover" Spawn Points have runway start - you spawn with engine on, lined up on the runway, ready to go. Here you can choose bombers and fighter-bombers with ground attack loadouts.
The "Everything" Spawn Points have parked start - you spawn in the parking position with engines off and will have to start up your plane and taxi to the runway first. Here you have free choice of everything.
The "Tank" Spawn Points let you play in all available Tanks, currently one per side.



Great news indeed, but I have a few questions (please move them to elsewhere if they do not belong here):

1. Currently we've got a speed bar covering the lower left section. Are there any tricks to hide it client-wise? I mean removing the speed bar without removing icons/labels?

2. Will the FAC server remain a mod-unfriendly server? Current mods (so far as I see) do not affect gameplay, so IMO they could be enabled with no risk.

3. Are any measures planned against vulchers? I was on training, and could not even taxi due to some LW vulchers firing at me when my nav lights were on and my engine warming up. I depleted 4 to 5 airplanes as a sitting duck until I could finally get airborne. Easy kills for them, but no joy for me. Maybe more AAA to make it a no-fly zone?


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