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Author Topic: Multiplayer Missions for B.A.T. and HFSX  (Read 1508 times)

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Multiplayer Missions for B.A.T. and HFSX
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:52:18 PM »

They are semihistoricas missions based on different moments of WWII

This is a group of missions multiplayer that they should be fly in dogfigth mode, they are designed so that the players don't have to wait to that the mission end without making anything if they are shotdown. There are Cooperative missions and of Players Vs Players. All the missions have an number of established airships, if they are shotdown or destroyed in earth they get lost. Install instruction inside the folder.

Missions Pack for B.A.T and CUP WaW in:


Missions Pack for HSFX 7.0.3 in:



Mongolia. Version Coop and Player Vs Player. August 1939. URRS begins its attack through the river Khalkhin Goal and the Japanese try to braking them. VVS should destroy the defenses from the next crossing of highways to Nomonhan so that its troops arrive at the town. The Japanese should impede it.

La Guerra de Invierno. Coop. January 1940. The Army Red lance an offensive with the purpose of capturing Viipuri. VVS should open up step through the Finnish figther to destroy 3 defense points that they threaten the step of the Soviet vehicles toward its objective.

El Canal - Player Vs Player. October 1940 The German attack a British convoy. RAF should protect its ships to all coast.

Operacion Barbarossa - Version Coop and Player Vs Player. June 1941. Wehrmacht begins its offensive in URRS. Its objective in this part of the front is to capture a Soviet airport. Luftwaffe should destroy the enemy aviation in earth and at the same time to attack the Soviet defenses that block the step of its panzers toward the airport. VVS has to protect its base and to destroy the German tanks that come closer.

Batalla de EL Alamein - Version Coop and Player Vs Player. July 1942. Afrika Corps goes on the British defenses. Luftwaffe has to protect its tanks and weaken the British positions. RAF has to protect its defenses and destroy the panzers.

El Convoy de Sicilia - Player Vs Player and Coop. May 1943. RAF and the 2 Vosper of the RN attacks a italygerman convoy to the north of Malt. The Italian and the German have to protect their ships from the figther and the ships.

Normandia Falaise - Version Coop and Player Vs Player. August 1944. Columns of tanks and allied infantry advance from Caen in address to Falaise. In the town of Ussy the German have defensive strong positions that block the progress of the operations. USAF and RAF have to destroy the defenses. Luftwaffe should protect its positions.

Ardenas - Version Player Vs Player and Coop. January 1945. The German attacked a position of supplies and they tried to destroy the biggest quantity in objectives possible to try to brake the allied counterattack. The allied aviation should make the possible thing to impede it.

I would appreciate their opinion on my creations  ;)


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Re: Multiplayer Missions for B.A.T. and HFSX
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2019, 01:05:15 PM »

I have played them and I love them. Do you think they will work with the vp modpack?
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