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Author Topic: Getting into IL-2 Great Battles: Activation Guide  (Read 2747 times)

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Getting into IL-2 Great Battles: Activation Guide
« on: April 23, 2018, 02:03:09 AM »

Whenever you think about buying content for IL-2 Great Battles, first thing you need to have is an account at il2sturmovik.com.
This is mandatory.
See here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,58525.0.html

There's plenty of ways to buy content from/for IL-2 Great Battles.
The primary source is the il2sturmovik.com Store where you can buy all kind of content for the game:

You can also buy IL-2 Great Battles content from Steam:

Last but not least, you might be able to get keys from other resellers and there's once been a DVD edition:

The activation process differs slightly.

If you have purchased your content directly from il2sturmovik.com Store, skip down to the key activation process.

If you purchase Reseller keys or a DVD edition, you will first have to activate the keys on Steam.
The DVD key is part of the DVD box. You can either enter it during the installation process, or enter it directly on Steam like any other reseller key.
Reseller keys always have to be entered into Steam to activate, see two possible ways below:


Now once the game content has been activated within Steam, you need to get the "CD Key" of it:

This CD key can be used to activate your content on the il2sturmovik.com Store as shown below.

Login to il2sturmovik.com and go to your Profile's License Page https://il2sturmovik.com/store/license-keys/
License Keys
Here you can see all the keys which you have activated for your own account already ("Key activated"), which you have gifted to other friends ("Key sent") and which you have purchased directly on il2sturmovik.com Store, but not yet activated.
If you have purchased your content elsewhere, like resellers, DVD or Steam, take the "CD Key" from Steam as described before, and enter it in the "Key activation" field below.
Such keys cannot be gifted to anyone else, you can only activate them on your own account.

Keys purchased directly on il2sturmovik.com Store will automatically appear in the list, and you can either click "Activate" to use them yourself, or "Send gift" to gift the key to a friend.

Note: For each part of IL-2 Great Battles, be it the base game pack, a Collector Plane, a Campaign or whatever, only one key can be activated per account at any given time.
Note: You can purchase multiple keys for each part, e.g. in order to gift them to friends.
Note: You can mix content from any source, e.g. buy a DVD of Battle of Stalingrad, buy a Reseller key of Battle of Moscow, buy Battle of Kuban from Steam, and buy Battle of Bodenplatte directly from il2sturmovik.com. All content will be merged into your single il2sturmovik.com account regardless where you got it from.
Note: Additionally purchased content will become available in the game on the first time you start it after activating the content.
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