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Author Topic: MiG-23/27 Flogger by Gio - V1.3 -20180925  (Read 29580 times)

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Re: MiG-23/27 Flogger by Gio - V1.3 -20180925
« Reply #48 on: August 11, 2021, 06:12:19 PM »

I have problem with the Mig27 of these pack. The jet dont have cockipt. My log show this error: 3do\cockpit\Mig21PF\hier21pf.hier dont load
But i have a Mig21 pack working fine also the Mig23 fly ok.


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Re: MiG-23/27 Flogger - 2 seat/ UB version request?
« Reply #49 on: November 18, 2021, 03:43:38 PM »

Hi Gio/ Vega !

   Loving all your work here in IL2 land !

since youve created the 2 seat/trainer versions for the great MiG-21 and Su-17/22 families of aircraft her, im hoping if you might be interested (and willing) to do the same for the big, bad MiG-23 family..specifically the MiG-23UB.
It is our closet 'LOOKING" to the Panavia Tornado, albeit only single engine..but performance, size and weapons loadouot are close enough to the Tornado !!

ive made a few (ok, a bunch) of 'skins' for your current MiG-23MLD as the Gr3/4 and ADV/F2 that was involved in the Gulf War in 1990/91.
Always happy to create/share any skins i can help with or requested .

a Dual seat UB model would make it all that much more immersive :)

something to think about , perhaps?

thanks and keep up the FANTASTIC work gents (and helpers !!!)



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Re: MiG-23/27 Flogger by Gio - V1.3 -20180925
« Reply #50 on: April 06, 2023, 09:19:40 AM »

Crashes at 20% with VPmod and jet era 1956


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Re: MiG-23/27 Flogger by Gio - V1.3 -20180925
« Reply #51 on: April 07, 2023, 10:56:19 AM »

Please read the guidelines for posting error reports/logs and the guide to various percentage ctd. Otherwise this post will remain unanswered.
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