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Author Topic: Battle for Smolensk _Pe-2  (Read 879 times)

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Battle for Smolensk _Pe-2
« on: April 08, 2018, 06:44:02 AM »

SmolenskPe2Title by CzechTexan, on Flickr
Download:  http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=2538

This is a 13-mission campaign based on historical events in which you will fly the early series Peshka, Pe-2 series 1, for 410 BAP in the battles for Vitebsk and Smolensk.

 The V.V.S. suffered heavy losses in the "border battles" but it continued to fight with replacement aircraft from the reserve forces. 410 BAP arrived at the Front with Pe-2 dive bombers on July 5 and were stationed at Smolensk and Vitebsk.

 There is only one skin included in this download...
 it is Pe-2 skin from one of PhilK's campaigns and, I assume, made by him.

 If you have not done so already...
 Please download the "Battle for Smolensk Yak-1" campaign which has all skins needed for all four campaigns (yak-1, Su-2, IL-2,Pe-2).
 (This is done so that the skins will not have to be downloaded four different times).

 This campaign is built on Cyberolas' re-textured Smolensk map in the VPModpack for IL-2 v4.12 (a link to the map is shown above).
 This campaign should work fine on any mod pack install that has Cyberolas' Smolensk map and is capable of using Taxi-to-takeoff and takeoff in pairs/line.

 Skin Credits:
 Dmitry Samsonov = Bf109
 Mangas = I-16type24
 vpmedia = IL-2
 BBop = Su-2
 PhilK = Su-2 and Pe-2
 Emel = Yak-1
 Hayate = Template and skins for "IL-2_Single-seater_4colours"
 CzechTexan = IL-2_Single-seaters "3Shades_10" and "DarkBlotches"

 and CharlesVDB59 for making the "blotches" for the IL-2 "DarkBlotches"

 - Thanks to all!
Pe2 5 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Pe2 3 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Pe2 1 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Pe2 2 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Pe2 4 by CzechTexan, on Flickr


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Re: Battle for Smolensk _Pe-2
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2018, 07:16:18 AM »

Just beautiful , great job !!
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