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Author Topic: Loss of music with Dark Blue World mod  (Read 669 times)

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Loss of music with Dark Blue World mod
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:28:43 PM »

OK I love the mod and the mod activator, but I after running a clean all around 1946 CD to DBW, I have no intro music and I have the worst (sorry to who made it) main GUI background possible.

Here is how I load the mod:

CD 1946
patch to 4.09m
Il-2 4.12.2 Mega-Patch
Dark Blue World  1.7 Full
Dark Blue Wotkd 1.71 Hotfix 1

I do not remember where on what step I lost the music and a decent GUI image. I know the anthems to other countries is irritating to others but it does not feel the same without it.

I have been out of the loop with IL-2 for about 3-4 years, I Have retail boxed versions of forgotten Battles and Pacific fighters, this was of course before I realized that they are included in 1946 - yeah a bit lame.

I have IL-2 Cliffs of Dover on steam, but It gets so much negativity even after the community fixes that I cannot bother with learning the controls before I get good at 1946 and can land for once without breaking the prop.

Reinstalling from CD and Il-2 4.12.2 Mega-Patch, has no loss.

The addition of "4.10.1m_to_UP3_RC4_Update" is what killed the music, but the background images are OK.

"DBW 1.0 & "DBW 1.7" with "1.71 Hotfix 1" -does not load without "4.10.1m_to_UP3_RC4_Update" (5% crash to desktop).

Basically the "4.10.1m_to_UP3_RC4_Update" kills the Music and after that I am sure DBW kills the giu background so It is up to someone to assist me in how to replace the original music and backdrops.

Thank you.

and what caused the Quote post below is not something I wanted to do and am sorry for that.


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Re: Loss of music with Dark Blue World mod
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2018, 01:00:48 AM »

DBW is for the 4.10 game version.

You dont need any patch or UP3, only "Stock 4.07m to DBW 1.71 SuperPack One-Stop Download & Install" over a working copy of a stock game which can be anything between 4.07 and 4.10:



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Re: Loss of music with Dark Blue World mod
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2018, 01:12:00 AM »

Thank you, I will take my CD version and try.

Yeah that was a lot easier and worked. The sound problem was a config.ini I made years ago that I just dropped into all of my installation's with 1080P resolution so I edited it and got the music back.

Now if only I could change the main menu background. I have searched all "background" TGA's and cannot find the green metal image.

I know its petty for all the good mods I have so just show you what I am talking about at least:

I kind of miss that background.
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