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Author Topic: Kuban Bellochka  (Read 1100 times)

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Kuban Bellochka
« on: February 25, 2018, 07:48:02 AM »

Kuban Bellochka is a 10-mission campaign for the P-39D Airacobra in 45 IAP, Kuban, April-May 1943.
Download:  http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=5424

KubanTitle2 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

During the Great Patriotic War (also known as WWII in the West), Russian pilots loved their American-made Bell P-400 and P-39 Airacobra fighters. They affectionately nicknamed them "Bellochka" which roughly translated means "Little Bell." The P-39D model began to be shipped through Iran at the end of 1942. The Bell Airacobra became the most used lend-lease aircraft in the USSR with about 5,000 copies being sent there through the lend-lease program.

Kuban Bellochka is a 10-mission campaign portraying the Airacobra's air battles in the Kuban region of southern Russia. The time period is March-April 1943 during the heaviest fighting. The missions are not historical but I got the ideas for them from the book "Attack of the Airacobras."

This campaign was designed to be played at the highest rank in order to give commands using the "Tab" key but it can be played at any rank.

I chose to use a non-historical airfield which 45 IAP did not use but the airfields are well-populated. The first mission has more objects than the other missions and it can be used as a template for future mission-building.

Eight of the 10 missions are "Airstart" to get to the action quickly. This allows for better timing between opposing forces and it allows for unique situations. It is a short campaign. I could have added more missions but I'd like to move on to other projects.

This campaign is compatible with the Standard IL-2 1946 setup but it was made using the VP Modpack with some added mod objects, however, those objects should not have an affect in a standard setup as combat is air-to-air anyway.

The Airacobra is only a dog if you lose airspeed. Stay at high speeds and fight using vertical "boom and zoom" tactics. Use commands to give orders to your group. In an attack, Pokryshkin would send half of his group to attack the fighters and the other half to attack the bombers. That may work "in Game" but the A/I is not human. The Luftwaffe also has better fighter aircraft. So, sometimes it may be wise to take on the fighters with all of yours. Even with "Ace" A/I in the P-39s it is a challenge.

I recommend flying this in the VP Modpack or B.A.T. because of the much better looking Kuban map.

Kuban 7b by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Kuban 8 by CzechTexan, on Flickr

Kuban 9 by CzechTexan, on Flickr
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