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Author Topic: DOF Aircraft Damage Model Eccentricities  (Read 372 times)

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DOF Aircraft Damage Model Eccentricities
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:56:44 PM »

G'day team,

I have been flying DOF since it's release as part of CUP. I'm now using BAT 3.2 and am enjoying the hell out of it.

But I've noticed a number of eccentricities in the damage models of some of the aircraft as follows:

Albatross D I II and III regularly explode when shot up and I have never seen one end up a flames.

Nieuport 17 also regularly explode but also regularly burn easily from a head on burst.

SE5 and Sopwith Pups regularly burn from head on bursts. Since going to BAT 3.2 I have been gratified to see a couple of Pups spin into the ground smoking which is a new and awesome improvement.

The most frustrating of all is the BE2 which is extremely resistant to damage. I recently found that if you fire at them from the frontal quarter you will eventually nod up with an engine damage progression (light smoke, heavy smoke and finally flames and crew egress). From the rear quarter BEs are virtually invulnerable and I have fired a full ammunition load into a single aircraft at less than 100m without any visible effect a number of times. I have also tried "aiming for the meat" to kill the aircrew. I can get the observer on occasion but never the pilot. Aiming for the aircrew works with other two sweaters but not the BE.

I know that some of the DOF details are still WIP. Only the BE2 really mars the mission play although the exploding Nieuports and Pups can be quite disconcerting.

Apart from that thanks so much to all the BAT developers. Keep em flying guys.
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