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Author Topic: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.  (Read 18833 times)

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Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« on: June 03, 2017, 10:43:41 AM »

Hello guys, this aircraft as you know has been in WIP for such a very long time that I bet you thought you would never
see a link, maybe you hoped there never would be one. ;)

Anyway, I have decided to upload the current work here as I now think it is getting near to what I hoped, a working
model that at least looks something close so I thought you might want to have a look. ;)

Please feel free to take a look, take the piss, tinker or whatever you wish.   Have a good laugh at me and my ugly
duckling as well while you are at it, I am sure it will be deserved. :D

Any constructive critique would be really appreciated as would any help and advice that will finally bring the project
to a conclusion but please be aware I upload this as it is now when it is still a long way from being fully functioning.

New link added 14th January, please note the earlier 7th January date of the zip is correct as it had been available elsewhere for testing.

The link includes a template and some basic skins along with the source files if you feel the need to tinker.


Changes added 14th February 20202.

Further fix by Birdman to the reticle and gun alignment, you can remove the 9ball fix if you have it in a folder in your mod folder:

It also adds updates to the existing lod figures to give a better view at distance, no lods still though. ;)

The second is from Andy (SAS~vampire_pilot) and adds a hook to the TT version of the Lysander to allow it
to tow a glider:

These changes are already in BAT but the guys kindly sent me the links to allow the rest of you the opportunity
to improve the Lysander in your own game version, thank you very much to both, really appreciated. 8)

New link added that combines both the above fixes 14th February 2020:


I had a issue getting the tow to work at first, I had the existing weapons mod active that shows my 3d hook, once
I changed to default all was good, after that I also found I could activate my 3d parts again as well through the
arming screen so it all looked the part. ;)

Now superseded by Birdman fix above.

Reticle fix by 9ball in this post:


Links to weapons used for this aircraft:



Westland Lysander by Peter Shaw aka Mission_bug.

Please remove previous version as there have been numerous changes to this update.

If you add the mod to your BAT WAW install you will need to have the folder named with the prefix '0_' otherwise the new weapon options will not be available so I have already named it accordingly in this upload, for other installs it might not be necessary.

Final WIP build R.C. 14th January 2018, additions to this update:

There are now five versions:


You already have this, no alterations.


Adds the cowl without blisters and the small air scoop relevant to the type.   


Adds twin gun armament from a Blenheim IV and retains previous bomb options except for the rear fuselage rack that was removed for Mk.III aircraft.

Increased angles of all turret guns.   


Special duties with the large tank and civilian figure, also adds the ladder.  No rear gun but retains the other weapon options except for the rear carrier that was removed for Mk.III aircraft.  The rear cockpit is usable by the player, however, the gun parts are hidden and the java for the weapon removed, tests with the gun parts removed stopped the aircraft being destroyed so I re-introduced them, this aspect needs further testing and there could be glitches in game due to how I set it up.  The civilian has a dead mesh that works, however, the bail out pilot reverts to stock game skins.  Initially I got a rather distorted texture but thanks to advice from Ranwers was able to normalise things 


Target towing aircraft, cannot function as one though.  Carries the fixed none working winch and small auxilliary fuel tank. Unarmed except for the forward firing guns although I think they could still carry all the previous options but I opted to remove them.

There are FM files for the different versions, however, they are identical in performance as I did not get around to making purpose designed ones.  The real aircraft performance was not markedly different anyway between types but they have been added in the java of the classes so are there for anyone to make any changes they desire. 

Separate marking overlays are introduced. 

Initially I made separate items to test the theory and later actually added then to certain parts of the aircraft, however, when the wings were extracted there were issues with how the wings looked so I reverted back to the separate items.  They can be removed in game by switching off in QMB or thier entries can be removed in the hier.
  Without a damage layer they do not look quite right anyway when the area around them is gone so you as users can decide their fate, it is enough for me that I at least tried the process of creating them and was successful to a degree and gained a better understanding of the process for any future projects .

The rear gunners canopy has again been fixed in the open position and the java deactivated for opening it, I could not get it right without making a new gunner area and I do not personally think it is wrong as it is because most photographs show it open anyway.

The pilots canopy is as before and if you let the AI take off it will lock closed, I think if you close it first before setting AI you might be able to open it again, needs more testing.

A very basic sand filter model has been added and will appear over the normal filter if your aircraft are put on desert or cbi maps, please be aware that this is dependant on the map author having addeded the necessary text to their map.  The java is thanks to SAS~Anto from his 109 pack.

All aircraft use blank skins for the default, four separate folders are in use: summer, desert, cbi and winter.  Most of these use A scheme camouflage in normal and desert versions, however, the SD_3 and TT use those particular to type. 

All skins made from the template will fit each model, specific changes were added into the template as I built the model and all previous skins have been replaced.

The fuel tanks have now been repainted in the appropriate colours, the template is in the download and still has the first camouflage schemes if needed.

Added iron sight to nose of some aircraft, all retain the original Hurricane gunsight though.

To do list:

All parts require lods, however, I doubt I will get around to this part so consider the plane finally finished.

Credits and notes:

3D model and skin template:  Peter Shaw aka Mission_bug, also bomb racks made from stock Beau single cloned and with bits added.  Skis by the author.

Java: Has used classes from various stock aircraft renamed for the Lysander, B-5N, Fi-156 and entries from others.  Ski java from the Gladiator and a entry from SAS~Anto to add sand filters to the aircraft when on certain maps.  The statics use this also.

SAS~Storebror:  Tools and tutorials used to make the model work.


The gunner cockpit uses parts from the Fi-56 by Ranwers to make it operate, the java from that mod I think was also used for the gunner renamed for the Lysander.


The Lewis used by the gunner came from one of Gio's aircraft as did the gun magazines, also used is the civilian figure from the F-13 for the SD_3.


_Arms_British and _Arms_British_addenda are needed for the British bombs used. Dreamk also provided much valuable technical advice through this and other projects on clips and turret workings.

SAS~Poltava, cgagan, Gaston and Mick,:  Testing and bug reports.

BOT Ghost129er:  Reccomendations regarding entries in the mat file.

All at SAS and countless others who provided encouragement throughout this seemingly never ending project and who have tested and reported back through development, too numerous to name them all.

Working in my DBW 1.71 and TD 4.12.2 with SASModact 530 and B.A.T W.A.W.

Add the folder '0_PS_Westland Lysanders 7th January 2018' to your mod folder and add the following entries:


Lysander_1        air.Lysander_1   1                     NOINFO  gb01  SUMMER
Lysander_2        air.Lysander_2   1                     NOINFO  gb01  SUMMER
Lysander_3        air.Lysander_3   1                     NOINFO  gb01  SUMMER
Lysander_3_SD     air.Lysander_3_SD   1                  NOINFO  gb01  SUMMER
Lysander_TT       air.Lysander_TT   1                    NOINFO  gb01  SUMMER

These entries are working for me if you need them:


Lysander_1          Westland Lysander Mk.I, 1938
Lysander_2          Westland Lysander Mk.II, 1939
Lysander_3          Westland Lysander Mk.III, 1940
Lysander_3_SD     Westland Lysander Mk.III(SD), 1940
Lysander_TT         Westland Lysander TT Mk.IIIA, 1941

If you wish to use the Self stationary Plane please add the folder/folders of choice that begin: 'PS_Lysander_1_SSP'. to your mod folder and add the following entries:

Add to Stationary.ini:


Lysander_1      vehicles.planes.Lysander_1Static$Lysander_1    1
Lysander_2      vehicles.planes.Lysander_2Static$Lysander_2    1
Lysander_3      vehicles.planes.Lysander_3Static$Lysander_3    1
Lysander_3_SD      vehicles.planes.Lysander_3_SDStatic$Lysander_3_SD    1
Lysander_TT      vehicles.planes.Lysander_TTStatic$Lysander_TT    1

Add to Technics.ini:

// Self Stationary planes

Description    Lysander_1
Icon           Plane
Class          air.Lysander_1
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Description    Lysander_2
Icon           Plane
Class          air.Lysander_2
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Description    Lysander_3
Icon           Plane
Class          air.Lysander_3
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Description    Lysander_3_SD
Icon           Plane
Class          air.Lysander_3_SD
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Description    Lysander_TT
Icon           Plane
Class          air.Lysander_TT
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Some of the changes mentioned below have now altered again as the model developed.

Notes previous updates:

With this update I have added various fuel tanks certain versions of the Lysander used, 90 Gallon and a smaller version for the target towing aircraft that I made 75 Gallon as I had no information regarding the exact ammount.

The smaller tank is a clone of the larger but slightly altered and with some alterations to the attachment parts so uses the same template, all use the LysanderArms texture in the Arms folder.

Added the fixture that would be used for target towing but the aircraft cannot perform that role it is there for visual appeal if you choose a TT skin.

In reality the large tank was fixed on the Special Duties aircraft but because of game limitations both tanks here are a drop tank, one option allows just the rack for the 90Gallon version.

Both tanks are coloured to match the default scheme but options and colours will be altered for specific aircraft types when available.

A template is included if you wish to colour them yourself.

The tail wheel now sits correctly following a change of orientation of the CF_D0 to aid the canopy movement, it no longer sits to one side.

Front and rear canopies are operable by the player and start in the open position, you can control them from both positions but all will open and close.

For AI the canopies close following take off, however, the gunner cockpit does not yet slide back if the aircraft is attacked, I will most likely have to re-build that area for it to operate as is usual in game but for now it is as it is.   If you occupy the rear cockpit of a AI controlled aircraft you will not be able to open it although you can use the gun, so for player use open up the canopy before selecting AI for the aircraft.

The front windows are in sections to allow the upward movement, however, from the external view the parts are not quite where they should be to stop the upper section appearing out side the aircraft fuselage when in the lowered position, from inside I was able to close them up closer as from the cockpit view you cannot see the lower fuselage with the usual FOV, smoke and mirrors my style.

The real aircraft had the side windows in three sections with a hinge between each, the window would articulate into the fuselage as it was moved down following a track on either side as far as I can see from photographs and I tried to emulate this as best as I could.

There is a option in gmax for animating, however, I do not know if that would work in Il-2, it is used by those making models for FSX but the SDK was intended for that simulator, with that option it might be possible to move the window vertical while at the same time rotating it gradually to move the window panels into place, an experiment for anothe time.

I owe a special thank you once again to Dreamk for trying to explain to me the process of canopy animation for Il-2, sadly I do not think I quite grasped exactly his explanations as thoroughly as I should.

The model now has a ski undercarriage using my own 3D but utilising the java from a Gladiator.

The skis only show if a winter map is selected otherwise the normal wheels appear.

There are now summer, desert and winter folders with the appropriate camouflage tga for each, I have no photographs of British aircraft in a winter scheme so it uses one like Finland but with RAF insignia.

The template has been updated to include new lines with material, shadow and light effects added as well as new marking options.  It could be improved further but I leave the users to stamp there own style on things.

The template has been tidied up so that everything has its own particular folders within to make locating things easier for painters.

Some adjustment of the geometry was necessary to aid insignia placement, however, the result still leaves some difficult areas for the painter so please follow schemes I have already provided as they cover most types of camouflage and insignia positioning.  Moving some insignia even slightly will lead to deformation of the roundels. 
The target towing aircraft scheme was done as a test and the stripes are placed as best as was possible but there are problem areas.

Damage model for the aircraft now uses alpha cut holes in the skin1o for the damage model, damage1o textures are from a D3A not sure if they are stock or a repaint from Max or Istvan though.  Damage 2o is mine, however, I still do not know how to construct these so it is a temporary solution.

All body parts are identical and have a internal structure that will be visible once the damage state brings it into use, the previous separate damaged parts are no longer used as they were a  temporary expedient and the alpha is now used.

There has been some tidy up work done on the meshes and some dark and shinny areas were altered to give a better asppearence.  The wing tips were made again and the flaps and ailerons altered to remove or reduce the previous dark and shinny areas.

Hopefully this gives the overall aircraft a better look although some blemishes remain.

Parts of the slats have been re-mapped so the edges do not now show other parts of the template so the cockpit view of them looks better, some adjustment was also done so the cockpit view of them is improved.

The cockpit has now been made to closely resemble that of the real Lysander and uses my own 3D work as well as gauges taken from the stock Hurricane and its textures.

Most of the gauges are working but not all.

Stick, pedals, brake trigger (B key) and throttle and gun trigger (not quite set up right) all move.

I added the boxes and switches to the left but they are purely for visual effect and do not actually work.

Most of the labelling is my own but where items were used from the Hurricane it has been retained, in some cases existing Hurricane textures were altered for my own made parts.

The cockpit still has fixed canopies, the rear one in the open position.

Additional stringers detail was added into the fuselage and to the damage meshes.

The cockpit view shows the slats further forward than on external view, once the aircraft starts the behaviour is as it should be.

The aircraft disappearing when it tipped over has now been cured, thank you very much to Dreamk for providing technical information on the clips that were the cause.

Clips and hooks have been used from various game aircraft as have the damage textures currently in use.  Various items have been tried from stock aircraft and others and certain files may still be present in the mod, if you feel there is anything in the download that is yours and you have not been credited for it please let me know and the readme will be updated.

Mail hook raises and lowers using arrester hook java and key, as yet the game has no object it can retrieve but it is there for completeness.

Now has all shadows for all parts, some though might not be necessary.

The damage model now appears in DBW and 4.12 with Modact 5.30 installs.

Some items in the wing construction use alpha cut holes added to the skin1o file in the summer folder, thanks to BOT Ghost129er for reccomendations regarding entries in the mat file.

The current wing is divided only into inner and outer because the caps would only show in certain instances, if there was a mid section it would not work properly.

Rear gunner position operable.

Forward firing guns.

Various bomb loads available uses Dreamk weapons pack and own made racks.

Ailerons and flaps still need some positional work

FM is based on the Storch and needs work.

Template is a WIP and all parts have now been mapped so everything is in the correct position although not all items of the wing ribs are used. 
Cockpit mapping might later be added also to a separate template and the parts enlarged to aid detail in the manned cockpits.

Some trial skins included.

Source files included and fm entries for Ntrk 4.

Various files in the mod were left from the original Storch mod so are most likely from the original 1C aircraft and the IL-2 game as a whole.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete.  January 2018.


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 12:27:20 PM »

Thank you Pete. I can't wait to get home to download this. I know how hard you have worked on it.
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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2017, 01:43:27 PM »


Excellent! Many, many thanks for your long and dedicated work with this bird, which I know has cost you a LOT of time and effort. But there she flies! At last!  :D

You really deserve som R&R - it has been a long haul!

Now I can finally complete my Lysander North Africa Campaign!  :)

My aim: to build campaigns for Mods! You can find them here: http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=search&sa=740


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2017, 02:13:01 PM »

Looks fantastic Pete  ;D

 A big thanks to you and all those involved with bringing us this fine aircraft ;)

Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2017, 02:19:03 PM »

Excellent, Pete!
I agree with SAS~Poltava. You need R&R after this work. Thanks for this addition to IL2 world.

Have a Great Day


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #5 on: June 03, 2017, 03:41:50 PM »

Well done Pete, this is a great  example for all fledgling modders of what can be achieved if you persevere...  ;)

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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #6 on: June 04, 2017, 01:51:54 AM »

You've given a great example of how to develop an aircraft for the game.  :D ;) :)
Your WIP thread is really informative  :D
Most excellent workmanship Pete  :D
A most excellent time consuming project  ;D :D




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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2017, 03:25:48 AM »

Hello guys, this project has taken a long and hard road but it is thanks to all of your help and encouragement that it has got this far, I really appreciate that and hope
it has been worth the wait. 8)

Unfortunately I have a tendency to go off at a tangent and keep spending time getting other peoples stuff into the game, sadly I recently had to make a decision on just what time I could spend at my machine so decided to use it for this project alone and although it is not quite up to the level it needs to be it got to a point where I thought it could be used effectively as a game asset as it is so I released it yesterday finally to the public. :o

If nothing else it can be used for target practice. :D

I will continue to develop it when I can and there is still a way to go, it still needs all LODS and the cockpit needs a working instrument panel as well as my controls need orientating so they move, besides that all the rough edges need looking at and the template improving.

Eventually the hope is also to have opening cockpit canopies and working skis as well as learn how to make the damage textures myself and add the marking overlays, these things though are for another day and right now I need to have a break from it.

Take care all.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D

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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #8 on: June 04, 2017, 03:54:38 AM »

Swell job and thanx for sharing.


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #9 on: June 04, 2017, 08:29:41 AM »


What a great addition.  Thanks for sticking with it. I'm thinking you owe yourself a big break right about now. ;)


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #10 on: June 04, 2017, 11:57:49 AM »

Excellent work Mission_bug!


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Re: Westland Lysander 1 WIP June 2017.
« Reply #11 on: June 04, 2017, 03:44:37 PM »

Thank you !!!

Downloaded it, installed it... works like a charm except one thing : has anyone tried to use the droptank (last loadout) ? result : mission loading null... and, when compared with the 2 other Lysanders which are in BAT, on armament screen, this famous droptanks looks completely different...
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