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Author Topic: P-40 N-5-CU Kittyhawk IV with expanded loadouts  (Read 32079 times)

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Re: P-40 N-5-CU Kittyhawk IV with expanded loadouts
« Reply #84 on: May 11, 2022, 05:31:32 PM »

How to properly explain.
These lines in fm:
 Vmin 162.0
  Vmax 470.0
  VmaxH 570.0
  HofVmax 4900.0
Only for advertising, shall we say, desirable.
In fact, the game does not calculate them in code formulas.
Landing speed, maximum speed near the ground and at altitude are determined by the aerodynamics of the polar and engine power.
In the picture, one of the serial Kittyhawks N reached a speed of 469 km near the ground. per hour with boost 44.5.
The written motor works for me in the same way in the P-39, the speed is accurate according to the documents.
I know about the estimated speed of 610 km. at one o'clock.
At what height it was reached, at what boost, what gasoline was poured, the radiator was open or closed.
In the P-39 tests, there are indications that the radiator tunnel was closed or opened.
If the radiator is closed in the Kittyhawk test, then at the ground with a boost of 57, the speed will be about 510 km. at one o'clock.
The test was carried out on the map of Smolensk at a temperature of 17 degrees.
With radiator 4 and boost 45, the speed at an altitude of 100 meters is about 470 km. at one o'clock.
That is - "the corrected fm by lth gets into one of the tests of the real Kittyhawk.
I also wrote that the formula for the propeller in the game is greatly simplified, has significant errors at speeds above 2800, the real reduction is not read from the gearbox record.
Yesterday I tuned the P-40B - the first time I hit the speed according to the documents.
After a long calculation of the motor for the MiG-3 and the polar, according to the book, I also got into real performance characteristics +/- 95 percent.
What I can do, I do.
I took the dive speed for the P-40 from Var Thunder.
When setting up the Mustang, I also encountered a misunderstanding why model B in different documents has a speed of up to 600 km. per hour, but it turns out 540. Then I found a scan of an old report, where there is a postscript about the use of 130 and 150 gasoline.
Of course, when using 100 gasoline, the speed will be much lower.
The engine for our Kittyhawk is tuned for 100 petrol.
Afterburner is turned on with a button - in real life, afterburner was turned on by moving the ore to the boost value of 57 and switching the mixture enrichment toggle switch.
Translated by google translate. Translation inaccuracies are possible.
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