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Author Topic: SAS Modact 6.4 for IL-2 4.13.4m  (Read 99626 times)

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Re: SAS Modact 6.4 for IL-2 4.13.4m
« Reply #156 on: October 03, 2021, 11:06:47 AM »

The answer is a clear, straight, wholehearted maybe.

Don't split your mentality without thinking twice.


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Re: SAS Modact 6.4 for IL-2 4.13.4m
« Reply #157 on: October 03, 2021, 02:08:24 PM »

Can I add campaign in this mod

Yes, if the campaign builder has not installed exotic mods.

Simply try any campaign, if this will not run delete...

...best regards,

Gerhard   :)

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Re: SAS Modact 6.4 for IL-2 4.13.4m
« Reply #158 on: April 23, 2023, 07:19:14 AM »

Hi there!

Just wanted to share what I have achieved after using Modact 6.4 and 4.13.4 version, as there is not that much support when I started modding my game I was very lost, and could not find what could or couldn't install in this version. After some effort I have been able to install a lot of planes and would like to thank all people that works in this awsome simulator too!

Just to clarify, if someone just want to enjoy fliying go for 4.12 where there is much more support, I just wanted to tailor my game and also liked some features of the 4.13v, other than that it is just 7.5Gb of mods and only went for the planes I wanted, looking for them all arround here in SAS, aviaskins, mision4today and Freeil2modding, still missin some jewels like the farman-voisin, and found not possible to install F-14 (anything above SAS engine mod v27).

Here it is how it looks like my #SAS folder:

anything with the 1956 tag needs the SAS engine mod adapted from Azura from aviaskins. Also note that I have only added planes I wanted to fly, there is a lot more you can run, just needs effort to make them work, but as you can see I have now ranging planes from 1907 to 2004! not bad!

A4M-Skyhawk          A4M Skyhawk, 1970           
Ansaldo_SVA10E       Ansaldo SVA10E, 1917
Ansaldo_SVA5         Ansaldo SVA5, 1917
Attacker-AF          L-39 Albatros AF, 1971                       
Attacker-NL          L-39 Albatros NL, 1971
Autogyro             Cierva Autogyro C.30, 1933
AV-8B                AV-8B Harrier II, 1993
BarracudaMkII        Barracuda MkII, 1943
BE2cNight            Royal Aircraft Factory BE2C, 1914
Bleriot11            Bleriot XI, 1909
Demoiselle           Santos-Dumont Demoiselle, 1907
Dewoitine520         Dewoitine D520, 1940
Dirigibile_M        Dirigible M Class, 1912
F-100D               F-100D Super Sabre, 1956
F-100F               F-100F Super Sabre, 1957
F-16A_Block10        F-16A Block 10, 1980
F-16B_Block05        F-16B Block 05, 1980
F-16C_Block25        F-16C Block 25, 1984
F-16C_Block30        F-16C Block 30, 1987
F-16C_Block40        F-16C Block 40, 1989
F-16C_Block52        F-16C Block 52, 1991
F-16I                F-16I Sufa, 2004
F-18C                F-18C Hornet, 1991
F-18D                F-18D Hornet, 1989
F-4B                 F-4B Phantom II, 1960
F-4D                 F-4D Phantom II, 1966
F-4E                 F-4E Phantom II, 1967
F-4J                 F-4J Phantom II, 1967
F-86A5            F-86A-5 Sabre, 1949
F-86D40           F-86D-40 Sabre Dog, 1953
F-86D45           F-86D-45 Sabre Dog, 1954
F-86E10           F-86E-10 Sabre, 1952
F-86F25E          F-86F-25 Sabre, 1953
F-86F25L          F-86F-25 Sabre (6-3 Wing), 1953
F-86F40           F-86F-40 Sabre, 1954
F-86K             F-86K Sabre Dog, 1955
F-94B                F-94B Starfire, 1951
F51_Pulsejet         P-51 Pulsejet (Prototype)
F51_Ramjet           P-51 Ramjet (Prototype)
F84G1_ThunderJet     F-84G1 ThunderJet, 1951                   
F84G2_ThunderJet     F-84G2 ThunderJet, 1951                   
F84G3_ThunderJet     F-84G3 ThunderJet, 1951                   
FF40(20)             Farman F40, 1915
Fi-103R-IV           Fi 103R IV, 1945
Fi-167               Fi 167, 1940
FJ3M_Fury          FJ-3M Fury, 1956
Fokker_EIII          Fokker E.III Eindecker, 1915
Fokker-DVIII         Fokker DVIII, 1918
Ha_1112_M1L          HA 1112 M1L, 1954
He-280               He-280, 1940
JU-187A              Ju 187 A (Prototype), 1943   
L-5_Sentinel         L-5 Sentinel, 1942
M6A1                 M6A1, 1945
MC-202_XII_CB        MC-202 XII CB, 1943
MF11bis              Farman MF11, 1913
MiG-15                 MiG-15, 1949
MiG-15(bis)        MiG-15(bis), 1950
MiG-15SB        MiG-15bis SB, 1952
MiG-17A           MiG-17A, 1952
MiG-17F           MiG-17F, 1953
MiG-17PF          MiG-17PF, 1956
MiG-21FL             MiG-21FL, 1965
MiG-21PF             MiG-21PF, 1961
MiG-21PFM            MiG-21PFM, 1964
MoraneSaulnier_G     Morane-Saulnier G, 1912
MoraneSaulnier_RG    Morane-Saulnier L, 1914
NieuportN4           Nieuport IV, 1911
Pu57D2                P-51G (Prototype)
SabreMk31          CA-27 Sabre Mk31, 1954
SabreMk32          CA-27 Sabre Mk32, 1955
Scout_TF1            Sopwith Camel, 1917
SE5A                 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A, 1917
Short_Type184R       Short Type 184R, 1915
Sopwith_Strutter1B1  Sopwith Strutter, 1916
Taube                Taube, 1910
Zeppelin_P           Zeppelin P Class, 1915

Would be nice people using this version to post what can they run!

Greetings to everyone!


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Re: SAS Modact 6.4 for IL-2 4.13.4m
« Reply #159 on: May 01, 2023, 05:26:06 AM »

Non-Modact related stuff snipped.
Thanks for staying on topic.

Don't split your mentality without thinking twice.
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