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Author Topic: Need BAT Mission Doctor  (Read 432 times)

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Need BAT Mission Doctor
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:10:36 PM »

On a DOF mission, was instructed to attack ground targets of opportunity on way to new air field (FR 1914 THE RACE campaign, mission #4).

Spotted convoy, but three other friendlies did too and all attacked.  The first got a good bomb hit and secondary explosions occurred.  I'm right behind the other two and something really strange occurs.  The second aircraft bombed and then everything froze.

I don't do anything, just wait it out, and wham, I'm now in the MIDDLE of the convoy with second plane nose down in the ground.  I wait, and wham, I'm now on the ground speeding up for a takeoff while the convoy is right behind me, 90 degree facing from original facing.  Wow.  I fly off, turn around, approach the convoy again.

I still have my bombs, so I attack, release bombs (not too well), and passed over convoy and FREEZE, I'm frozen again, about seven seconds, and then WHAM, I'm a little further away and flying off.  So I turn south and go to new airfield, landing 35 minutes later, and ending mission (no ground target credit), with no further technical issues.

Is there something wrong with my system causing this?  i7-7700K CPU@4.2GHz, 32 GB Ram, Dual GTX 1080 (SLI)?  I usually don't get freezes or zitters, so this was very strange.   Is there something I should have done differently, like ignore the target because other friendlies got there first and fly on (there were other targets available).  Just perplexed why the program was hanging and flinging things around like it was doing.  Strange.  Then allowing me to finish the mission as if everything was fine. 

SORRY, I completely forgot to grab the log file, was thinking it was something with my system and curious if others had seen such.  Would a log file obtained 35 minutes after the event by useful?  There was no crash, just odd behavior.  I'll be sure to grab it if I see this kind of thing again.
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