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Author Topic: Fuhrer Directive 25: the Invasion of Yugoslavia  (Read 2431 times)

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Fuhrer Directive 25: the Invasion of Yugoslavia
« on: April 15, 2017, 04:59:14 PM »

Operation 25: The Invasion of Yugoslavia

A DCG campaign for IL-2 VP Media Modpack. Campaign by Von Ofterdingen (comments/bug reports are welcome)

Campaign Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?5och55hf7lllahq

Campaign Information

This campaign is based on events surrounding the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941. Though Yugoslavia had made some attempts to remain neutral in the conflict, a military coup allowed an anti-German government to take control of the country. This angered Hitler enough that he issued Fuhrer Directive #25, which called for the invasion of the nation of Yugoslavia. The subsequent invasion was then known by the Axis powers as Operation 25.

I normally try to maintain historical accuracy in my campaigns, but I have bent some rules in this case for the sake of gameplay. I have included the Romanian IAR 80 and He-112 aircraft, though historically they did not participate in this particular action. I have always wanted to do an IAR campaign and the He-100/112 is new and fun.

The following campaigns are available in this version:

•   BF-109
•   JU-87
•   IAR 80
•   He-112


This campaign was written and tested using the SAS Community VP Modpack. For information, see:

The campaign may also be compatible with other modded DCG-enabled IL-2 systems, though I have not personally tested any others.  The campaign requires Uzin’s wonderful new Yugoslavia map. It is available here:

You will need the new He-100 aircraft. You can get it from SAS here:

You must have installed Lowengrin’s Dynamic Campaign Generator for IL-2 version 3.48 or later. To obtain DCG see the Lowengrin download website: http://il2dcg.blogspot.ca

Installation and Settings
•  Decompress the Operation25.zip file and put the uncompressed Operation25 folder into your DCG home directory.
•  Make a backup of the DGEN directory that is in your IL-2 game directory.
•  Copy the DGEN folder from the Silverfox\DGEN directory and paste it to the main game folder. If prompted to overwrite files, click Yes.
• Copy the included Paintschemes folder to your IL-2 game directory.
•  Start the DCG program. Select File?Optional Third Party Data Folder.
•  Navigate to the Operation25 folder and select allcampaigns.dcg.
•  In the DCG main screen, select Mode ? Off Line Career (Full Auto-Generation Mode).
• On most PCs you will be able to set DCG density settings to Full when using the VP media modpack.
•  Close DCG.
•  Start your IL-2 game. Choose one of the Nation/Career options listed above under Campaign Information and slick Start.
•  For best results, choose the squadron that is in the same ordinal position as the aircraft you select. For example, if you choose the second aircraft type in a list of three, choose the second squadron in the list as well. This will ensure that you receive the correct aircraft upgrades as they become available.

This is a large and dynamic campaign; I have done testing, but testing a campaign of this scope is near-impossible. If you encounter difficulties, please notify me; solutions are usually available once I know the nature of the problem. Exploding planes on startup are the most common issue; if you encounter this please let me know (this is a problem that can be fixed with relative ease). I have created new Payload assignment files for this campaign, but as noted above it is hard to test all possible combinations.
Thanks to VP Media and the SAS team for bringing us this wonderful modpack, and Paul Lowengrin for the excellent DCG campaign generator.

Special thanks to Uzin for making this map (and other) fine map.

Thanks to the SAS team for the He-100/112 mod.



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Re: Fuhrer Directive 25: the Invasion of Yugoslavia
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 02:56:32 AM »


Thanks for the new campaign vonofterdingen!  :)
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