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my first build in over 25 years ...

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recently i decided to get back into modelling, not done any since around 1990 or thereabouts.
decided to start with the trusty old basic Tamiya 1/35 PzKpfw II, and to test out my airbrushing skills for the very first time.
this is the first of several vehicles, and some ships which i have lined up to keep me busy for the next few years.
sadly i didn't think to take any pics in the earlier stages, so at this point i have already done most of the paint, varnished and some weathering. i have a few vehicles in this scale which will ultimately be part of a diorama.
i will attempt to keep a better pictorial record of future builds.
for now, i'm not to unhappy with how this one is looking, considering it's my first airbrush attempt. :D


Captain Dawson:
Looks very nice, good job!  8) I see you have given it the appearance of wear and tear on the wheels and suspension, makes it look pretty realistic. I was never able to master that.  :P


MMMmmmmmm... I don´t know man ... Don´t quit your day job just yet.

JUST JOKING !  :D I am only joking!

That is a prety coool looking model. Great detailing and attention to the small parts.
I also used to build a few panzer models back in my younger years. Never used an airbrush, only brushes and Q-Tip swabs!  ;D

I really like ! Congratulations Malone. Its a winner!  8)

cheers - i haven't mastered it yet, either, but i certainly enjoy spending time doing the weathering details.
still a little bit more to do with this one before i give it a final clear coat, then time for the next, which i'm still deciding on....
one of these guys....

decisions, decisions....   :D

that SAS pink panther one is calling me, lol :)


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