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The new STATIC_LIST_FMB.TXT is generated for every B.A.T. Module these ays and lives in the #Mod folder.  It is also possible to tidy up some of the object headings and this process is always under review.  In the next B.A.T. Expansion Pack - Seven, we can also look forward to a Universal Static.ini for all modules, despite the different vehicle sets for each.  The new Universal Static.ini solve a lot of QMB incompatibilities and unifies all maps in any module.

Its also become too big to post here, even inside the supertext option!

Oh thank you!

Thank you very much!!!!

This looks useful. It is also possible to create more sub-menus in fmb but i think this option was rejected because it breaks compatibility with old missions. Anyone else investigated this?

Thx a lot!

Very useful.


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