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Author Topic: Hawker Hurricane LVT-1  (Read 15367 times)

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Hawker Hurricane LVT-1
« on: October 15, 2016, 11:14:30 AM »

Rogozarski LVT-1 – The “Hurrischmitt”

The Yugoslavian Air Force operated both Hawker Hurricane MkIs and Messerschmitt Bf109Es. As part of their domestic aircraft development programme, they needed to compare the 1030hp Rolls-Royce Merlin III with the 1080hp Daimler-Benz DB 601A.  As they already knew how the Rolls-Royce engine performed in a Hurricane, it was decided to fit a DB 601A engine in to one of their Hurricanes and see how the aircraft performed.

When test flown, the aircraft did demonstrate a somewhat nose-heavy feel, indicating that the weight of the DB 601 did unbalance it somewhat, however, the tests proved conclusively that the DB 601A was the superior engine.

On April 1st 1941 a Messerschmitt Bf110C  took off from Vienna bound for Romania via Hungary.  Mid way through the flight the aircraft strayed off course and wandered in to Yugoslavian airspace. At the same time the LVT-1 was being readied for a test flight. The aircraft took off with a formation of Yugoslavian fighters and forced the outnumbered Messerschmitt crew to surrender and land at Kraljevo.

Five days later, on April 6th 1941, German and Italian forces invaded Yugoslavia. The following day the aircraft took part in an attack on German forces around the Kacanik Gorge area.  As the flight formed back up the LVT-1 was seen with white smoke streaming from the engine bay.  It is unclear whether this was a result of combat damage or simply a mechanical breakdown. It flew on for a short while before crashing into a field in modern day Kosovo. The pilot survived the crash but the aircraft was abandoned.

What happened to the aircraft afterwards remains a mystery. Any specific test data or even photographs have also disappeared and all that remains are some sketches and the pilot's notes on how the aircraft looked and handled.

Note : Tested in 4:12 but should work in most versions as it is effectively a stock aircraft with a couple of 3d refinements. The Flight Model has been suitably modified to incorporate the DB 601A engine. The additional skins are in HD (2048x2048, 24 bit)  format.

- Original 3D & code by 1C/Maddox.
- 3D  prop by PA_Jeronimo
-10242 skinpack conversion by Bomberkiller
- Additional 3D etc by GJE52

Add to air.ini

HurricaneLVT-1           air.HurricaneLVT_1         1                          gb01  SUMMER

Download from here :

10242 Skinpack conversion  for non-HD users by Bomberkiller.

Download from here :


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Re: Hawker Hurricane LVT-1
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 09:30:45 AM »


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