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--- Code: ---Length: 181 ft 7 in (55.35 m)
Wingspan: 165 ft 4.5 in (50.41 m)
Height: 58 ft 1 in (17.70 m)
Wing area: 3,958 ft² (367.71 m²)
Empty weight: 241,027 lb (109,328 kg)
Loaded weight: 593,000 lb (268,980 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 590,000 lb (267,620 kg)
Powerplant: 3 × F103/General Electric CF6-50C2 turbofans, 52,500 lbf (236 kN) each
Maximum fuel capacity: 356,000 lb (161,480 kg)
Maximum speed: 538 knots/0.89 mach (619 mph, 996 km/h)
Range: 4,400 mi (7,080 km)
Ferry range: 11,500 mi (18,507 km)
Service ceiling: 42,000 ft (12,800 m)
Rate of climb: 6,870 ft/min (2094 m/min., 34.9 m/s)

--- End code ---


The McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender is an aerial refueling tanker aircraft - the military version of the three-engined DC-10 airliner operated by the United States Air Force. The KC-10 was developed from the Advanced Tanker Cargo Aircraft Program. It incorporates military-specific equipment for its primary roles of transport and aerial refueling. It was developed to supplement the KC-135 Stratotanker following experiences in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The KC-10 was the second McDonnell Douglas transport aircraft to be selected by the Air Force following the C-9. A total of 60 KC-10s were produced for the USAF. The Royal Netherlands Air Force operates two similar tankers designated KDC-10 that were converted from DC-10s.

The KC-10 plays a key role in the mobilization of US military assets, taking part in overseas operations far from home. These aircraft performed airlift and aerial refueling during the 1986 bombing of Libya (Operation Eldorado Canyon), the 1990–91 Gulf War with Iraq (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm), the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), War in Afghanistan (Operations Enduring Freedom), and Iraq War (Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn).

I know it's not going to be a top priority, but a KC-10 would be perfect for the F-4 phantom as a refueling jet. I hope someone sees and considers this as a possible project, or frankenplane.

Notes from FSX experience flying DC-10s a lot (just in case):
- Controls are extremely responsive
- Alarmingly fast roll rate
- Engines idle at ~3000rpm/24% N1 and max out at ~15000rpm/104% N1
- Flaps extend to 60 degrees
- Final approach speed 139kt empty, 142kt half, and 146kt full (fuel level)
- Final approach speed 257kmh empty, 263kmh half, and 270kmh full (fuel level)
- Rotates at 142-158 knots, or 263-293 kmh

I do want to see more aerial tankers.

But in aerial jet tankers, we are slightly lacking.

Some years ago..... I've given a converting permission from the 3D modeler named Yamato_Arsenal. But I haven't had enough time to use his model.

Quick importing.
No landing gears and other needed clip hooks, also LODs and shadows, collisions.

Unfortunately, finishing this model as correct IL-2 standard aircraft is very difficult.
Its 3D model doesn't follow IL-2 1946 standard model rules.
To fit it, much long time is needed.
I'm afraid even after 20 months from now, I won't finish.

Another problem is flightmodel and AI.
When we put historical weight values in its FM, AI cannot operate it , pull-up with full power .... going high and high ignoring mission waypoints. (You may see similar problem in Tu-95 MOD with its historical FM version.)

No one has interests ?

I'll soon fly away from KC-10, not to make bad delay on other progressing (expected) projects.


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