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Author Topic: In anticipation of fights  (Read 1259 times)

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In anticipation of fights
« on: May 10, 2016, 05:55:06 AM »

Campaign (8 missions) is devoted to tests of new equipment.
Player's planes: I-15 encore, I-153-M25V, I-153 early, I-16 type 6, I-16 type 17.
Cards: Finnish gulf winter, Finsky-zaliv-leto, Moscow summer (default).
Fashions: I-153, Polikarpov-pak.

Campaign is logical continuation of campaign "In the sky of China: operation Z" which hero who was in China the senior political leader the Soviet pilot Akimov, having come back to the USSR, goes to business trip in scientific research institute Air Force for test of new equipment.
Campaign was created originally only to give to players the chance to do some flying by new I-153 planes early, I-153 skilled and I-153M25, but during her creation has come to make thought her logical continuation previous, devoted to actions of the Soviet volunteers in China and to unite their destiny the Soviet pilot Akimov. If in campaign "In the sky of China: operation Z" the main character in a rank of the senior political leader serving in 1935-38 in the Kiev military district has been sent at first on courses of aerobatics and air firing, and then to China, to the campaigns "In anticipation of Fights" he, in a rank of already battallion commissioner, continues service in the Head political department of RKKA, then in the 59th destructive crew of the Air Force of the Leningrad military district. From there he is also sent at the disposal of RKKA Air Force Research institute, for test and flight of new modifications of fighters.
In this regard authors offer two options of passing of campaign. The first – independent for what it is rather simple to place the unpacked archive with campaign in a directory of campaigns and to pass these eight missions as separate campaign.
The second – to attach her to campaign "In the sky of China: operation Z", having thrown files with missions in the 1938 folder, and having added to the list of missions (the CAMPAIGN file in the 1938 folder) a line:
Thus, the player can will continue to fly for the main hero of campaign, continuing statistics.

For passing of campaign skins are necessary, otherwise some planes will fly without identification marks.

Authors: Andrey Hakimov (andrey65), Mstislav Neudachin (???????).
Testers: Andrey Savitsky (sharik0208), GROM.



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Re: In anticipation of fights
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2016, 08:20:48 AM »

Thank you !
Saw it on Aviaskins in December but now downloading ...  ! (or add to my Yandex.Disk ...)
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