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Author Topic: ipeg skins  (Read 3376 times)

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Re: ipeg skins
« Reply #12 on: January 28, 2016, 05:48:47 AM »

possibly, western - although in the case of PNG files, the actual file sizes may be a limiting factor, as they are traditionally pretty large sized files.
my skins folders are already multi -GB in size, i shudder to think what it'd be if the skins were all in PNG format....

For the record, PNG files should be smaller than current BMP, insofar that PNG is a compressed image format, where BMP is not.

In effect, the difference between PNG and JPEG is that PNG is compressed in such way to guarantee full quality of detail is preserved, while JPEG suffers very heavy degradation from the original uncompressed image, but it is even smaller (filesize-wise).

From all my experience so far, PNG offers advantages over both BMP and JPEG with very little extra overhead. And it allows transparency like TGA. Although, i agree, it would likely turn out to be too complicated to jerryrig PNG files into the game not designed to use them in the first place, it's questionable it is worth the effort.
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