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Author Topic: Can't Start Plane Engines  (Read 1973 times)

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Can't Start Plane Engines
« on: October 14, 2015, 10:52:46 PM »

Since installing CUP I'm having a very hard time starting the engine on various airplanes.  I've played the Vanilla version and HSFX 7.0 of 1946, as well as Team Fusion Cliffs of Dover and have never had an issue simply starting the engine until now.

I use Complex Engine Management and want to continue to do so, but I need to get these aircraft up and running first.  The only plane I've had success starting is the FW-190.  I had a hard time at first with it, but I began messing around with the throttle and found a trick that starts it every time.  Have the throttle about 17% or so and press 'I' to start the engine.  As soon as the flames shoot out, I bump the throttle to 55% and it starts that way every time now.

However, this combination and many others haven't worked with other aircraft I'm trying to fly ranging from the Spitfire (which I've NEVER had a problem starting in other games before CUP) to the Bloch MB 152.  I should mention that I'm trying to start the planes in campaigns I've downloaded from M4T including Fighterboys, Curtiss over Finland, and 1940 Battle for France.  I've only succeeded with the FW-190 for the Abbeville Boys campaign.

I've tried all different radiator settings and prop pitches as well and nothing's worked yet for these planes.  I haven't gotten them started once.

Please help so I can use this otherwise incredible mod and all the great user created campaigns. 


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Re: Can't Start Plane Engines
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2015, 02:29:10 PM »

I don't use CUP, but do have DBWv1.71/1946v4.10.1 with Engine Mod v2.6 & Buttons v10.0, and some I.C. A/C's can take one to a few tries to start successfully for me.
I understand other game version users have slightly differing Engine Handling issues, but below is my generalisation that usually work for me, so far with never having killed/cooked a I.C Motor yet during start-up/not-yet-flying in IL2.

Prop pitches if adjustable should all be in left Auto if they are auto-props or set to Fine/Finest setting 100% - as they usually start in if Prop Pitch isn't on a slider, stick, or mouse-wheel, always adjust/move them to get them into starting settings, do not keep them in 'flight' settings.
Remember Prop Pitch in IL2 seems backwards, but its not. 100% is Fine/Full Revs/Climb/Low-Gear & 0% is Coarse/Lower-Revs/Cruise/High-Gear.
0% is not 'feathered' it is just much closer to it than 100%

Fuel if selectable, usually starts at 100%/Auto/Rich mix, you could try starting at higher mixes upto 120%, but remember, hot temperature locations and high altitudes should make it harder to start and certainly to use the engine in flight when the mix is higher than 100% as the extra fuel is stealing space for air in the engines cylinders
Sometimes you could lower the fuel mix down to 95/90/85 % 'leaner' settings if it is still not 'contacting' on a 'rich' setting. Leaner starting might work better with some motors than with others also dependant upon outside temp/season - Colder maps will mean you start richer, hotter leaner.

Magnetos should always be set to both for better ignition response.

Sometimes I put the throttle at 5% to give a greater chance of the engine staying started/powered once started - sometimes a radial engine can stop just as it fires and almost catches. If I do set a small amount of throttle, make sure you have the brake(s) held on or the toggle 'Chocks On'.

Radiatior/Cowling settings will not make any difference to a 'cold' engine but setting them for taxiing or take off are important, and also once running, depending on the Winter, Desert  etc, their setting will with power and fuelling effect how your fast engine warms up to the settings you have upon its controls.

I hope this helps somewhat -  if your other engine controls like Prop Pitch, Fuel Mix, or Magnetoes are also on a slider, stick, bezel or mouse-wheel other non digital/key command, it is easy enough with complex engine management, to try and start up while they are still set for flying in the last plane as you will have to reset/zero them for each flight/loading you about to climb into.
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