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Author Topic: A fix for FPS issues - possibly  (Read 951 times)

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A fix for FPS issues - possibly
« on: June 21, 2015, 03:33:30 PM »

Hi all

With TFM 412 (and probably 410) and also when I initially installed CUP I noticed my framerates were not very good, especially when over largely populated areas with lots of planes flying around (I used the USN P40B Pearl Defence misison as a test).

However I seem to have resolved whatever was causing it.

What I did was an in-place upgrade (also known as a repair install) of Windows 7.  I did this because I noticed that my .net framework installation was broken, and nothing else I did to fix it worked.

It only requires your Windows 7 install DVD (if you don't have it you can legally download a new iso and run it from within windows, or burn to a DVD, if you're running Win 7 SP1 make sure you download an iso of Win 7 SP1) and it's non-destructive.

Since doing the in-place upgrade I now get a solid 50-60fps over Pearl in that mission in combat where I was getting under 30fps.

Make of that what you will but I thought I'd share my experience of fixing this (which happened accidentally as I was trying to fix something else to get something for DCS World working).
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