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Author Topic: v1.0 | Markings/Decals/Roundels Upgrade: GermanWWI, British, Hungarian and More  (Read 3522 times)

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Before anyone asks, this mod is NOT designed for 4.09

This is a mod that upgrades a few of the in-game markings, making them look a tiny bit better in my opinion.

To install this mod:

- Download the mod from the link at the bottom of this post.
- If you have "0_WW1Markings" in your #SAS folder, delete it.
- Move "!!!!!_0_0_Markings_Upgrade" folder to #SAS folder.
- Move "!!!!!_0_0_Markings_WWI_Classes" folder to #SAS folder.
- If you do not like my new WWI markings, replace contents of "!!!!!_0_0_Markings_Upgrade" with that of "!!!!!_0_0_Markings_WWI_Old"

Here are some screenshots to clarify what this changes:

Old British:

New British:

The blue on the wing roundels was made more vivid.

Old GermanWW1:

New GermanWW1:

I softened the colors to give it a cleaner look that blends in to the skin. The WW1
Markings on the Eindecker now look a bit better, too.

Old Hungarian:

New Hungarian:

The white cross was replaced by transparency.

v1.0 via Mediafire

TO ANYONE INTERESTED: I take absolutely no credit at all for the contents of the !!!!!_0_0_Markings_WWI_Classes and !!!!!_0_0_Markings_WWI_Old mods contained in the donwload. That were made by the AMT, and if they wish me to remove their work from this mod, I will.
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These are very cool  8)
Thank you very much for your artsy Roundel decals!
I will try them in my game too

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