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Hi Gentlemen :)

Thank you Blaubär & BK for pointing this out to me:
It looks like we have a lot of Missions in our current rotation that are way too big for players flying alone on our Server.

Because of this I set up a new Mission Cycle which is at the moment containing these missions:

* Ardennes_Summer_44 blue
* Darwin Harbor Raid
* FAC_Finland_41_blue
* FAC_HMS_Audacity_HG-76_d
* Switzerland_40
* BK Yak_N_N1
* BOB Redux_42_SAS
* FAC_Crete_41_Merkur_Bk
* Palau44red_01
* Singapore sling
* FAC_Op_Trappenjagd_S_bk
* FAC_Gothic Line Defence_S
* Spanish Civil War
* Truk
* Korea_June_50_S
* Palaestinakrieg_48_S
* Sardinia_43_S
* FAC_Kuban_1943_S_FoW_red
* SCW_Santander_37_S
* PTO_Kwajalein_43_S
* Narvik_41_FoW
* China '37  Mission 5_SAS_Red
* Airfield Defence_Light_SAS_Red
* Mustang Mayhem_China_Light_SAS_Red
* Mers-el-Kebir_Light_SAS_Blue
* Poland Sept 1_SAS_Blue
* Winter Follies_Finland '39_SAS_Blue
* Munda CAP_Light_SAS_Red
* RN_Convoy CAP_SAS
* Operation Troptot_Light_SAS_REDAs you can see, this Cycle is quite small if you compare it to the other one.(EDIT: Not anymore :D) However, I'm not flying alone on the Server that often and I don't know which missions you find too difficult... so, please if you know a good mission for this Cycle not listed here yet tell me! Also, if I got a mission in here you don't find suited for one person flying it alone, also give me a hint! Thank you ;)

Best Regards,

Thanks, skylla!

Regards, der Blaubär

Hello again!

Here are some more Missions that can be requested:
Most of them will need some more players on the Server...

* Kuban_DF_CFC_SAS: A Dogfight Mission without any AI Planes
* Battle of Taranto: Features the night-attack on Taranto Harbour
* Berlin_44_ZahmeSau: Never tried to defend Berlin in a Nightfighter before? Here you go.
* BOB1940_b: Battle of Britain, 1940: lot's of AI-Krauts!
* disposable heroes: Operation Bodenplatte: lot's of late-war AI-Krauts!
* Flying_Tigers_Rangoon: Will need 5 or more players!
* FAC-Barbaros 7Jul41_c_red: Operation Fortitude ;)
* Lake Lagoda Red: Defend the Road of Life!
* Wake_12_41: Defend Wake Island!
* Bismarck_41_S: The Hunt for the Bismarck
* Indian_Gulf_Incident: For the Jet-Lovers...The crazy ones:

* SAS_FAC Flying School: Features lot's of hangars, brigdes etc to fly through
* MazeDogfight
* Knochenmuehle_4: A racing-track through a canyon!
* Schweins-Gallop: Another racing-track; well equipped with targets and nasty slopes!
* sternentunnel: A 3D racing-track .. try to follow the "stars"!
I will (of course) add more in the future!

Best Regards,

Thanks for all this Skylla.
Just one question on the etiquette whilst on the server. Presume on cannot just barge in in the middle of a mission someone else is playing and change it to one's own desires?

To get the request granted, the majority of players have to vote yes. If there are only two players online, both of them have to confirm to get the mission changed.
So, from my position, nothing speaks against someone starting a vote anytime he wants to.
If you don't like a mission, make your request .. if the other pilots don't like your idea, they have the possibility to say 'No' to it ;)

Best Regards,


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