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Hello again :)

Please join the Server via Hyperlobby!
Why do I ask you this all the time? It's simple: Only the players who joined via HL are seen as online on the Server from another HL user's perspective. If more players are seen online on the Server, it gets more attractive for other players, resulting in more people on the Server!
For example yesterday .. It was only Mike and me flying on the Server, but both of us joined via HL .. five minutes later we had another two guests!
We are so many on Sunday's session (>10 most of the time), ~ 3-5 join via HL. It would be very cool to get beyond the "magical" 10 ;D

There's a neat little tool by Storebror you might want to take a look at: The Hyperlobby IL-2 Launcher
It allows you to use multiple IL-2 installs and names without adjusting your HL game path or opening another account
It's very easy to handle; you will only need about 5 mins to get used to it :D

Best Regards,

Word on the street is that if one joins through H/L one has a different name on the server which of course affects stats. Is that true? So i appear as BalDaddy01 instead of just BalDaddy? Not that I'm a stats whore, of course. Honest :)

Whoops, I forgot that .. thx for asking BD ;)

First post updated

Best Regards,


-I have a question: are you it decreased the "FPS" when the used hyperlobby compared the direct connection:

Thanks for the reply.

Good flights.


No, there's no FPS impact from hyperlobby.
In fact nearly the whole hyperlobby process is on halt as long as IL-2 is running, it consumes nearly no CPU power at all (the only thing it does is send a regular packet to the hyperlobby server to tell that you're still alive and playing, takes something like 0.001% of the CPU power of a 1982's 8088 processor).

Best regards - Mike


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