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Hello Gentlemen!

Due to recent events we think it's time to deal with additional Mods on the Server. Below you can see a list of tested Mods which are safe to use.
We partitioned them in 3 Groups:

* UP3 RC4 Patch Pack
* Ecran Wide for v4.10.1 (Mirror) |*
* Instant Log Enhanced for UP3 RC43. CERTIFIED:
* Ultrapack 3 Patch Pack Addons
* Catapult Mod Enhanced for UP3 RC4
* fps friendly engine start smoke
We advise you to install the "Recommended" Mods, but it's no Problem (for us or the Server) if you don't have them. The "Certified" Mods are completely optional. This list is not complete yet; we will add more "Certified" and "Recommended" Mods in the future.
Do you have a mod from which you think it is safe to use?
Please add a link to the Mod's release thread in your reply! Any suggestions without a link will be ignored!

And, as always: Have fun :)

Best Regards,

|*   : I haven't found an original release thread of this mod, nor do I know it's creator. If it's you, please let me know and I'll give you credit


-If I have understood correctly, I have to have this in "JSGME" with "blue arrow" in opaque?

Thanks for the reply.


Opaque is okay because Unobfuscated MDS and Hotfix Pack 1.00 share a couple of classes, so in case you would want to disable Unobfuscated MDS, you would have to disable Hotfix Pack 1.00 first.
To keep you from forgetting that step, JSGME turns Unobfuscated MDS opaque as long as the Hotfix Pack is activated.

Best regards - Mike

New Hotfix Pack available.
Fixes lag issues on missions which put heavy stress on the server, fixes Spawn issues with Swordfish planes and introduces a new Typhoon model based on crazyflak's family upgrade (,26690.0.html), fully skinnable with new 3D, yet compatible with "stock" UP3 RC4.

Best regards - Mike

The hotfix pack got replaced once again ... by the UP3 RC4 Patch Pack 102! (first post updated)

Best Regards,


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