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In this thread I will do a weekly report, just to prove I am still alive and working.

This week I have written a bump map shader for HIM meshes. Once we find a way of generating the required bump map texture, we can add some additional detail to our meshes.

I have also fixed a bug in the flight dynamics model with regards to turbine engines, which took a hell of a long time to find and two minutes to fix.

I am now trying to work why the forces at take off are revolving around the CofG. It's another bug to hunt down.

I have now put all my current code onto assembla.

If anyone wants access, PM me with your assembla username and I'll give you access.

A good day.

I finally found my bug  :)

It wasn't anything to do with the FM, it was in the display code. The display code assumed that the output quaternion returned euler angles in degrees. It returned radians.

Fixing that and my F4 flew!  :P

Well for a little while. As soon as the gear left the ground, the right wing tip dropped. I tried to compensate with the ailerons, but that just made it worse. So I pulled up to grab some sky while I tried to figure out what was going on, but by the time I realized I had the keyboard mapping wrong (roll left is roll right, roll right is roll left) I was in a spin. Before I could remember which keys I had mapped to the rudder, I had totally lost control and she augured in.

Still, SHE FLEW!

So more work to do, but real progress.

Also I have had a slow week at work, I had a lot of jobs to do which involved building the entire game from scratch (takes about three hours  ??? ) and then doing some tests. This gave me a lot of free time.

I came across a flight dynamics model called Yasim. The code is a hell of a lot simpler than my code, no where near as detailed, but also a hell of a lot faster. So I have started to port that to C# as well. This will give you a choice of flight models to play with and also reduce CPU load on lower end machines.

A good week.

Stainless, any chance we can get a list of aircraft you plan on including?

All of them from here.

The same file formats are used, just the animation and flight model code is different.

The animation code is so similar to the Java you use now that it will be trivial to migrate.

The flight model is completely different, but so logical it will not be an issue.


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