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I know it is really early to start talking about names, however I find it useful when I am designing.

It kind of kicks off thought processes and helps make design decisions.

For example calling the game "Petrol and wood" would put the focus on WW1. I mean look at some of the simulators Falcon, IL2, Apache, .... the name sets the theme.

I have been calling the game "Fox1", but I think that put's the focus on the missile age.

Come on guys, ideas?

 Air Combat
 Angels 20
 Bandits Six O'clock
 Enemy inbound
 Intercept Imminent
 Contact, my 12 o'clock
 Eject eject eject
 Sky Fighters
 Air Supremacy
 Bandit Down
 Battle for the sky
 No Guts no Glory
 Return to base immediately  :)


Hungry Birds...? :D
edit: Never mind, but perhaps..."Sky of the Braves". Guess it sounds poetic. :-\

Check Six applies to all eras

The Radge:
My offering is simple and logical: name it "Stainless" ;)


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