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Author Topic: Donating to SAS  (Read 102207 times)

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Donating to SAS
« on: March 18, 2010, 12:35:19 PM »

Hi guys

we tried this a while back and failed miserably because of the strict South African Forex Laws. After months and months of jumping through hoops, filling in forms, being inspected, extraction of DNA and blood samples, we think we are ready to try it again.

Direct link to donations page: http://www.sas1946.com/Contribute.htm

We will now (As of 28 May 2010,) be accepting all donations through PayPal. For South Africans, getting this working was a great trick, usually only reserved for bigger companies with runners and lawyers and financial departments. But after much slogging, I got it all done.

All the guys who contribute will be named and thanked here. No stealing of your bucks will happen here. We will not pull any TV evangelical BS on you like "I need $10000 by the end of the week or my children will be executed", or blackmailing you with threats of shutting down the site and such crap. Neither are we going to buy a big fat commercial server and expect you all to pick up the tab. The site will go on regardless, and while the expenses are not life threatening, I do pay them, and some help would be cool. :)

Please include in the PayPal transaction notes, your SAS screenname also, so I can know who to thank!

Q: How much money does SAS need to run?
A: We cannot say exactly. We would (and did for a long time) pay for it ourselves, so, technically nothing :D There are 3 hosts we use, one big account that runs the forum sever, and two smaller ones elsewhere that we use to store files. After last year's attacks we have learned to keep our stuff dispersed. So there may be others we cannot mention just yet. To this you can add unknown costs, for example, we are constantly outgrowing ourselves, and having to upgrade bandwidth or space on servers. We are also trying to save so there is some leeway for us to make better decisions when doing these upgrades. And then there are bank-charges which is a small but noticeable part, for us operating from South Africa, with it's strict forex and paypal laws.

In April we took out a Mediafire Pro Account, the only way I was able to host the UP3 static downloads ,the FBDSM and the DBW updates, before passing them on to mirrors. This has proven immensely popular, and up to mid July, we have had more than 25000 files downloaded from there, totaling an amazing 5 Terabytes of data. Unfortunately this has come at a cost, and so I am adding $40 to the total target (even though it routinely costs 3 or 4 times that per month.)

Note for Aug 2013: We have been able , after a year's saving , to get the host provider of our choice and move our domains and accounts, and build up a good savings cushion to protect the site for the foreseeable future. This means also that we can now drastically revise the monthly targets for the costs of running the site. Thanx to all who helped us reach that!

Note for Dec 2015: Re-hosting of images from Imageshack indicated a need for more storage space on the server, which was possible to do using donations and savings. This also require the increasing of the monthly target by a few bucks from March 2016 onward.

Note for May 2016:All the images we rehosted and also the continuing growth of the forum, along with the demise of some other forums of IL2, necessitated the move from the cloud to a more stable and faster physical server that allows more data transfer, space, and less performance drop when doing the daily backups.

Note for Mar 2018: After lower data usage reports we are able to slowly let go of some additional data extras from our hosting package, which lowers our monthly target by about $20, and will see if we can save more as we go.

Note for Jan 2019: After lower costs passed on by our provider to us, and lower data usage reports we are able to slowly let go of some additional data extras from our hosting package, which lowers our monthly target by about $20.

Note for Dec 2019: We are doing well, we have done 2 consecutive years of lowering the running costs of this place, but as with all things, things do tend to get more expensive as we go, and since we are getting some good donations in, we are raising the monthly target just a bit, and starting to build perhaps a little bit of savings for the future.

Note for May 2020: Simply because of the awesome support we have gotten from donators, and in anticipation of things getting more expensive going forward, we have added $30 to the monthly totals, to build up some reserve for the future.

Note for Mar 2021: We have not adjusted the targets for a while , and so a tiny adjustment of $5 is in order.


Many many thank to the guys who have made a contribution. I have to tell you it is greatly appreciated and very helpful.

As promised , here is a complete list of the SAS's benefactors so far
If I get your Screen-name wrong, just yell. If you have made a donation and I missed it, please post in this thread about it.

If your name is here, cheers mate! :)

Monthly Target: $125

Dec 2023:$60/$125
Vowaffen, Check

Nov 2023:Target Reached

Oct 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak, OLD_DAD, Matz, larschance, JOLA, Dmitriy L, scorpion

Sep 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak (x2), larschance, GEORGES44, Matz, Marsouin

Aug 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak, larschance, klrster, TTC Redfield, Jolly Green, Matz, Phantom, RasterOp98

Jul 2023:Target Reached
larschance, gunny0134, IKolincak, Matz, Darrell R, JOLA

Jun 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak, cgagan, larschance, Matz, BartheFr, jola, RasterOp98, gunny0134

May 2023:Target Reached
Type83Fighter, Matz, IKolincak, OLD_DAD, cgagan

Apr 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak, ede99, Edward59, larschance, Type83Fighter, Matz

Mar 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak (x2), Matz, RasterOp98, larschance (x2), jola, Edward59

Feb 2023:Target Reached
IKolincak, jola, Matz, yak55mdvr, David Prosser

Jan 2023:Target Reached
kingle92, Matz, IKolincak, mdripley, wern moldy, larschance

Dec 2022:Target Reached
Matz, RasterOp98, henkypenky, IKolincak, Airbourne, Type83Fighter

Nov 2022:Target Reached
UberDemon, Matz, Dandolo513, Phantom, mdripley, Type83Fighter

Oct 2022:Target Reached
IKolincak, Airbourne, mdripley, Bigmug, jola, UberDemon

Sep 2022:Target Reached
OLD_DAD, mdripley, IKolincak, Airbourne, SCORPION 28, Phantom, Anthony Owen

Aug 2022:Target Reached
IKolincak, mdripley, Airbourne, Phantom, livernyc, EHood, RasterOp98, resistor

Jul 2022:Target Reached
IKolincak, mdripley, Alfie Noakes, Airbourne, Phantom, IKolincak (x2), mdripley (x2), Airbourne (x2)

Jun 2022:Target Reached
OLD_DAD, Airbourne, IKolincak, mdripley, TTC Redfield, Airbourne, Shakaali

May 2022:Target Reached
OLD_DAD, Airbourne, IKolincak, winterhawk1, mdripley, Alfie Noakes

Apr 2022:Target Reached
IKolincak, Airbourne, RasterOp98, Hans-Joachim Marseille, brad phantom, mdripley, mot0rhead, OLD_DAD

Mar 2022:Target Reached
BlackAce7727, mdripley, IKolincak, macgiver, Airbourne, cjd-2010, Shakaali, jg1234

Feb 2022:Target Reached
jola, livernyc, Flieger

Jan 2022:Target Reached
livernyc, wern moldy, IKolincak, F.Savage, Airbourne, macgiver, mdripley

Dec 2021:Target Reached
macgiver, IKolincak, kingle92, Georges44, mdripley, jola

Nov 2021:Target Reached
IKolincak, mdripley, karin k, Storebror, macgiver, Airbourne

Oct 2021:Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, Airbourne, majortom, Matz

XMas 13th Warrior 2020 *Special*: $190 raised! WTG SAS!
macgiver, OLD_DAD, IKolincak, jg1234, Henkypenky, mdripley, Airbourne, Storebror

Sep 2021:Target Reached
macgiver, IKolincak, Airbourne, wern moldy, Storebror, David Prosser, mdripley

Aug 2021:Target Reached
UberDemon, livernyc, daman204, IKolincak

Jul 2021:Target Reached
IKolincak, Airbourne, daman204, 1941UH, macgiver, UberDemon, livernyc, mdripley

Jun 2021:Target Reached
IKolincak, mdripley, jg1234, pilotpimpf, Airbourne, Matz, macgiver

May 2021: Target Reached
IKolincak, EHood, mdripley, dandolo513, OLD_DAD

Apr 2021: Target Reached
IKolincak, Anonymous Donation, Georges44, wern moldy, Alibongo

Mar 2021: Target Reached
IKolincak, OLD_DAD, sniperton, jg1234, Alibongo

Feb 2021: Target Reached
wern moldy, majortom, IKolincak, OLD_DAD

Jan 2021: Target Reached
TM-Bluntman, shoresroad, dandolo513, wern moldy

Dec 2020: Target Reached
TM-Bluntman, OLD_DAD

Nov 2020: Target Reached
cgagan, IKolincak, andi

Oct 2020: Target Reached
Georges44, IKolincak, Pilotpimpf, Marsouin

Sep 2020: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, Shessi, Jolly Green, Georges44

Aug 2020: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, Jimbo947, OLD_DAD, SAS~GJE52

Jul 2020: Target Reached
IKolincak, Trainer, Shessi, OLD_DAD, wern moldy

Jun 2020: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, Trainer, Jolly Green, Jonzynator, SPAD 42, OLD_DAD

May 2020: Target Reached
vegetarian, TeamFlyingAce162, Trainer, IKolincak

Apr 2020: Target Reached
macgiver, OLD_DAD, dandolo513, GEORGES44

Mar 2020: Target Reached
macgiver, IKolincak, majortom

Feb 2020: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, tacheles07, Jolly Green, Trainer, kaasukahva

Jan 2020: Target Reached
Georges44, IKolincak, macgiver, Stefano, tacheles07

Dec 2019: Target Reached
Timex62, IKolincak, scorpion, macgiver, Hans-Joachim Marseille

Nov 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, Timex62, macgiver

Oct 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, REDVO, Timex62

Sept 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, Matz , Sikshoota

Aug 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, Jimbo947, macgiver, Anonymous

Jul 2019: Target Reached
macgiver, IKolincak, pilotpimpf, Marsouin

Jun 2019: Target Reached
D.Rasta, Bigmug, macgiver

May 2019: Target Reached
emmett, macgiver, EHood, Marsouin, LuseKofte

Apr 2019: Target Reached
GEORGES44, Urmel

Mar 2019: Target Reached
larschance, klrster, macgiver, Panter

Feb 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, klrster, macgiver, ANONYMOUS, DavidMk7

Jan 2019: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, the SAS Team

Dec 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, GEORGES44, the SAS Team

Nov 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, tacheles07, Airbourne, the SAS Team

Oct 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, ElGueroFlaco, Taraboulba

Sep 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, GEORGES44, jg1234, macgiver

Aug 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, Oldsalt, VF19_Congo, klrster, thunderwarrior

July 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak x 2, REDVO, spad42, richm, Doctor Drago, Henkypenky

June 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, fatty_finn, emmett, Airbourne, Trainer, d-rexs

May 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, fatty_finn

Apr 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, EHood, Taraboulba, Vortex, BartheFr

Mar 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, bigans, Euge, Airbourne, merco911

Feb 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, willyp, Airbourne, REDVO, spad42, Sid

Jan 2018: Target Reached
IKolincak, macgiver, tacheles07, Airbourne, Sailor

Dec 2017: Target Reached 
Ikolincak, Squashman, Marsouin, GEORGES44, jg1234

Nov 2017: Target Reached 
IKolincak, resistor, Airbourne, klrster, Toasted_Toad

Oct 2017:  Target Reached
gmkump, REDVO, Darky1958, IKolincak, resistor

Sep 2017: Target Reached
gmkump, 1941UH, Airbourne, Bowie57, REDVO

Aug 2017: Target Reached
gmkump, Dick Hoogenraad, Bruce Mitchell, Jazzmaster

Jul 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, Korrigan, Printenduevel, gmkump, 1941UH

Jun 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, gmkump, jg1234

May 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, majortom, GEORGES44, Steve Schumaker, Airbourne

Apr 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, ubben77, majortom, Kraut1

Mar 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, Henkypenky, BOT Ghost129er, jg1234, flapper1, Spad42, okyone, ubben77

Feb 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak, EHood, jg1234, Whizkid, Dmitriy L , Michael Kehr, Steve Schumaker

Jan 2017: Target Reached
IKolincak (2x donations), Airbourne, spacemishka, ski1961, tartenmuche

Dec 2016: Target Reached
IKolincak (2x donations), alexandre4442, macgiver, Airbourne, jg1234,

Nov 2016: Target Reached
darky1958, Oldsalt, IKolincak, Airbourne, steven-essex, lizard, tacheles07

Oct 2016:  Target Reached
IKolincak, Zoran395, Mars1986, Xavier Uzomah, Trainer, darky1958

Sept 2016: Target Reached
Zoran395, alexandre4442, James Paton, jg1234, IKolincak

Aug 2016: Target Reached
MrMojok, dona, Airbourne, Zoran395, IKolincak

Jul 2016: Target Reached
Bowie57, majortom, cgagan, IKolincak, MrMojok

Jun 2016: Target Reached
Korrigan, IIkolincak, Richard Bretnall

May 2016: Target Reached
londo16, IIkolincak, darky1958, macgiver, Korrigan

Apr 2016: Target Reached
londo16, ordway, Hanseat, lizard, SaS~JackS

Mar 2016: Target Reached
IKolincak, Becky Mellinger, Airbourne, Klrster, HaplessDolt, Henkypenky

Feb 2016: Target Reached
DougW60, Kraut1, IKolincak, jg1234

Apr 2016: Target Reached
IKolincak, DougW60, -bb-, Steve Schumaker

Mar 2016: Target Reached
SAS~Epervier, IKolincak , richm, -bb-

Feb 2016: Target Reached
IKolincak, jg1234, Terenas, GOERGES44

Jan 2016: Target Reached
IKolincak, Jean-Yves Mead, Paul Saunders

Dec 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak, Marsouin, Matthew Smith, cjd-2010, Airbourne, DonA

Nov 2015: Target Reached
ALEXBAKER, polo199, Zoran395, Karl Ulrich Gartelmann, Hapless Dolt

Oct 2015: Target Reached 
Cloyd, decipher,  Andrew Jordan

Sept 2015: Target Reached 
IKolincak, busdriver

Aug 2015: Target Reached 
Le0ne, Douglas Badder, IKolincak, nynek, DaMasTa, tartenmuche

Jul 2015: Target Reached 
bomberkiller, Toasted_Toad, Matz, Rogue

Jun 2015: Target Reached 
bomberkiller, Sillius_Sodus, Rockdoon, Uufflakke

May 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak, Bearcat, Bruce Mitchell, bomberkiller

Apr 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak,  Tony Bell, skylla

Mar 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak, Georges44, Epervier

Feb 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak, cgagan, wurgerfan, Denis Pichii

Jan 2015: Target Reached
IKolincak, busdriver, BartheFr

Dec 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, busdriver, ian goode, jfloren

Nov 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, Eremenko Aleksandr, spad42, hildefonso, Airbourne, mdripley

Oct 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, -bb-

Sept 2014: Target Reached

Aug 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, tkrainey, Sid, jlan5031, wurgerfan

Jul 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, Maico, Mooncat, wurgerfan

Jun 2014: Target Reached
SAS~Epervier, Airbourne, Dinga1, wurgerfan, IKolincak

May 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, alexandre4442, Georges44

Apr 2014: Target Reached
IKolincak, darky1958, jg1234

Mar 2014: Target Reached
SAS~Le0ne, IKolincak

Feb 2014: Target Reached
SAS~Le0ne, Danyfly, IKolincak

Jan 2014: Target Reached
Danyfly, SAS~Le0ne, jg1234, IKolincak, RooMan296

Dec 2013: Target Reached
DougW60, Panter, aureleo, Danyfly, SAS~Le0ne

Nov 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, Jacob Shapiro, mstr454, DougW60

Oct 2013: Target Reached
Docholiday, Georges44, jg1234

Sept 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, RooMan296, Catahoulak9

Aug 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, londo16, Whitecat, alanbee, RooMan296

July 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, Tallboy, Ryun Papson, Eric Weigand, dreukrag, londo16

June 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, Flanker1985, Lauterbachlad, cgagan, henkypenky

May 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, magrathea, makhera, Panter, Flanker1985, Matthew Goad, Dinga, Lauterbachlad

April 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, Rogue, Maico, Tute

March 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, cgagan, Korrigan, jg1234, Thomas Farrelly, exF14RIO

Feb 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, fatty finn, Daniel Richebon, Thomas Schäfer , Gustav Lindström, Mark Jackson, RVNFAC (David), philippe peeters, Jean-Christophe ARLANDIS

Jan 2013: Target Reached
IKolincak, Taypay , wedge1047, Hanseat , Ian goode (I think this is Rogue?), jfloren , Jeff White, Daniel Clancy, Ace (J Sanches), dumpti

Dec 2012: Target Reached
IKolincak, Pierre1946, SAS~Le0ne, Alfonso Perez-Almazan Reverte, Docholiday

Nov 2012: Target Reached
Danyfly, IKolincak, marcost, Pierre1946, Dinga, d-rexs, jg1234
Oct 2012: Target Reached
coatesy75, El_Marta, timonsommer, jg1234, woofiedog, Danyfly, IKolincak, marcost, Pierre1946

Sept 2012: Target Reached
doc42, cgagan, SAS~Mission_bug, IKolincak, Korrigan, Richard Mater, Pierre1946

August 2012: Target Reached
Pierre1946, IKolincak, loftyc, jlan5031, SAS~Le0ne, doc42

July 2012: Target Reached
Pierre1946, IKolincak, Peter Ferguson, Snailsaviour, Flying H, jlan5031

June 2012: Target Reached
JG7_X_Man, Pierre1946, IKolincak, fap_volador, RedSpade, Volski, David Pisani, Docholiday, coatesy75, chrisgibon 

May 2012: Target Reached
tanda01, SAS~Le0ne, IKolincak, he162a, el bradipo, rdop, Gurner, Pierre1946

April 2012: Target Reached
Thorsten Buß(Tom), IKolincak, Docholiday, Hanseat, jlan5031, Peter Ferguson, pierre1946, gianlucabagatti, Dick Hoogenraad, salamine, cgagan

Mar 2012: Target Reached
BeoWolf, jlan5031, Markus Maurer, Pierre1946, Danyfly, SkyHigh, Bakshi, purgatorio, kumpel, OMDave, sjcnospam, Barra1 and Sid

Feb 2012: Target Reached
pierre1946, IKolincak, Maico, tbauchot, DaMasTa, Flying H, cgagan, Jonners, Toasted_Toad, pierre1946, Peter Gray, Georges44, Marsouin, Korrigan, Jochem Hraback and SAS~Le0ne

Jan 2012: Target Reached
Docholiday, SAS~Le0ne, cgagan, FIGHTS ON, jlan5031

Dec 2011: Target Reached
John Booth, Daniele Quaglia, Marcos Beltran, walter solito, oldschoolie, Pierre1946, IKolincak, Blaubär

Nov 2011: Target Reached
juanmalapuente, Le0ne, Korrigan, pierre1946, Hans Svensson, IKolincak, SAS~GJE52

Oct 2011: Target Reached
alanbee, ~°x°~, Hanseat, Dick Hoogenraad, IKolincak, Docholiday, cgagan, Wolf Urine, Le0ne

Sept 2011: Target Reached
dona, levine59, Flying H, IKolincak, Dick Hoogenraad, El_Marta, Maico, Le0ne, pierre1946

Aug 2011: Target Reached
gprr, cgagan, Baco, clanger, Docholiday, Le0ne, Paulo Hirth, Flying H, tom2, IKolincak, cgagan, CWMV, RUBADUR, Spinnetti, pierre1946, snailsave11, tcsank

July 2011: Target Reached
S.H, IKolincak, snoopy, El_Marta, mik88, spinner, Gubi, Pierre1946, v1710, Londo16, Londo16, loftyc, Toasted_Toad, tacheles07, Messcaster, SAS~GJE52, cgagan

June 2011: Target Reached
Blaubär, Docholiday, pjhmaka, Ivan le rouge, jlan5031, Le0ne, IKolincak, gianlucabagatti, Korrigan, cgagan

May 2011: Target Reached
IKolincak, stukkaturner, Savoy_11, Blaubär, cgagan

April 2011: Target Reached
cgagan, Toasted Toad, Dinga, alanbee, IKolincak, Maico, el bradipo, pjhmaka

March 2011: Target Reached
woofiedog, Le0ne, Maico, cgagan, IKolincak, Korrigan, snoopy, SAS~GJE52, Pierre Maka (sorry I could not trace the username), and Poltava, dona, jlan5031, brickhacker, Anthony Langley, Jimdandy and the guys from the 51st fighter Intecptor Squardron

February 2011: Target Reached
Beachy, IKolincak, Epervier, SAS~GJE52, Docholiday, Biltongbru, Phlegethon, RUBADUR

January 2011: Target Reached
FlyingShark, Stefan Oltersdorf, IKolincak, Dykefish, cgagan, Highlander_262, Korrigan, blaubaer

December 2010: Target Reached
Docholiday, Le0ne, CWMV, Shardana, IKolincak, pippin, jlan5031, doc42, PanamaMan, Mark Turner, Walshy71, boogabooga, fabo28

November 2010: Target Reached
IKolincak, Triad773, Toasted_Toad, Mark Turner (dont know screenname!), Korrigan, Biltongbru, SAS~GJE52, cgagan

October 2010: Target Reached
Biltongbru, SAS~GJE52, jlan5031, kirk1965, IKolincak, Docholiday, ggrewe, Le0ne

September 2010: Target Reached
Bwf, HerrWulf, Korrigan, IKolincak,
August 2010: Target Reached
JackS, Docholiday, ggrewe, IKolincak, bougnat22, cgagan, Le0ne, Flanker35M

July 2010: Target Reached
Korrigan, Epervier, Le0ne, IKolincak, Triad773

June 2010: Target Reached
salvadi, Klaus Sohn(urmel), SAS~Sani, cgagan , jlan5031, Donaghy, chair1 ,
VH Rock, Le0ne, Skyhigh, SAS~GJE52, FlyingShark, IKolincak, Docholiday

May 2010: Target Reached
Korrigan, Spinner, SAS~BombsAway

June 2009 until April 2010: Target Reached
Biltongbru, vtrelut, IKolincak, BaronFel181, GJE52, crazyflak, levine59, viking4570,
jlan5031, cgagan, Toasted_Toad 


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2010, 03:58:43 PM »

Big thanx to Docholiday for starting December off with a bang! :)


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2010, 04:46:24 PM »

Sorry it took a while for my donation, but someone got hold of my cardnumbers and tried to take out 1500$. Luckily Visa spotted this and stopped the transaction. It is no clear the it was not a leak from paypal that did it, so here is my monthly tribute to this fine site


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2010, 04:48:35 PM »

Sorry it took a while for my donation, but someone got hold of my cardnumbers and tried to take out 1500$. Luckily Visa spotted this and stopped the transaction. It is now** clear the it was not a leak from paypal that did it, so here is my monthly tribute to this fine site

**had to spesify a spelling failure since no edit can be done


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2010, 05:52:34 PM »

Well Ill throw in some change here. Least I can do for everything Ive taken from this site, heres to more modding magic.


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2010, 02:40:47 AM »

Great thanx to you Le0ne and to CWMV, got it all in good order :)


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2010, 03:54:49 AM »

Thanx once again to IKolincak for your contribution, regular as clockwork :)


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #7 on: December 08, 2010, 11:05:13 AM »

Also thanx for Pippin for his donation :)


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #8 on: December 09, 2010, 04:13:08 AM »

Thanx jlan5031 for the donation! 8)


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2010, 03:44:08 PM »

doc42 from Germany just made a big donation. Sehr Dank!


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #10 on: December 10, 2010, 04:42:54 AM »

Thanx today goes to PanamaMan and Mark Turner. Thanx guys!


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Re: Donating to SAS
« Reply #11 on: December 14, 2010, 04:35:52 PM »

Thanx a bunch to Walshy71, who just popped some bucks in the kitty. This will help a lot this weekend when we decide which way to steer the server upgrade :)
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