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Author Topic: Skins Folder Tool updated  (Read 30879 times)

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Skins Folder Tool updated
« on: March 13, 2010, 11:32:57 AM »

Greetings SAS members

I wanted to place this topic in the 'Visuals\Paint Schemes' area as it is more directly related to that area of IL-2 use. But the lounge is where I'm allowed to post, so here goes. Mods/Admins can move this thread if deemed necessary.

A long while back some clever chap -I wish I could credit the proper individual, but I do not know who it is- created a simple .bat file that re-created the entire 'Paint Schemes\Skins\<aircraft type>' folder structure. The intent at the time was to make it so folks could package up skin compilations for online wars.

With the advent of the modding community and the immense variety of new modded aircraft types and sub-types, it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with the necessary skins folders for all the new types. It's possible to create the folders one at a time as needed, but it's a pain in the butt.

It has also become somewhat of an issue for DCG users to add the new modded aircraft into DCG. One of the prominent DCG users out there -JG7_X-Man- created a package that includes most new mod aircraft into DCG's system. For more info, see the DCG relevant forum thread here: http://forums.oesau.jg1.org/viewtopic.php?p=113887#113887 . X-Man included a text file in his archive listing all of the new skins folders that needed to be created to support DCG's use of modded aircraft types. While it was thoughtful of him to do that (and ultimately very useful), I balked at sitting there for hours creating new folders. I'm lazy and thought there had to be a better way.

Then I thought of that skin folder tool ... A little cut-n-paste, a few tests later, and voila... a simple tool to create those modded skin folders en masse.

Credits to the (unknown to me) original creator of the 'Skin Folder Tool' batch file, and to X-Man for compiling the modded aircraft folder list.

NEW VERSION with SAS "Ultimate Bf-109 v2.1" skin folders included : http://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/sft/sft_up20n_ult109sv21.zip  
  • extract the archived .bat file to the root of your IL-2 installation
  • run the .bat file which will open a DOS box
  • follow the directions in the DOS box (this tool may pop up a warning about over-writing existing folders, it is SAFE to allow the tool to run as it does not remove any existing folder content)
  • Copy existing skins into the new folders as required for your own use :)
An example of the use for this would be to copy existing skins from the default 'P-38J' folder to the new P-38f, g, h and droopsnoot folders, where the original skins fit the new models. :)


Contents of the .bat file are listed here if you don't want to download the .zip package. This will also enable readers to correct any mistakes or omissions I may have made in compiling the folder list.

Update: This code box shows latest version with SAS 'Ultimate Bf-109's v2.1' folders present:

Code: [Select]
@echo off
ECHO This batch file will create the entire folder structure
ECHO of IL2 Sturmovik's SKIN folders.
ECHO Current as of version 4.09m
ECHO + mod package UltraPack 2.0n
ECHO + SAS mod package "Ultimate Bf-109's v.2.1"
ECHO This file is to assist campaign and mission designers or
ECHO Skin developers to distribute their skins already in the
ECHO Correct Folder.
Mkdir Paintschemes\Skins
Chdir .\Paintschemes\Skins
mkdir A5M4
mkdir A6M2
mkdir A6M2-21
mkdir A6M2-N
mkdir A6M3
mkdir A6M3-22
mkdir A6M3-32
mkdir A6M3-32kai
mkdir A6M3a-22ko
mkdir A6M5
mkdir A6M5a
mkdir A6M5b
mkdir A6M5c
mkdir A6M7_Model62
mkdir A6M7_Model63
mkdir D3A1
mkdir Ar-196A-3
mkdir Ar-234B-2NJ
mkdir Ar-234B-2
mkdir AviaB534
mkdir Bf-109B-2
mkdir Bf-109E-1
mkdir Bf-109E-1B
mkdir Bf-109E-3
mkdir Bf-109E-3B
mkdir Bf-109E-4
mkdir Bf-109E-4_BoB
mkdir Bf-109E-4_Trop
mkdir Bf-109E-4_B
mkdir Bf-109E-4N
mkdir Bf-109E-7
mkdir Bf-109E-7N
mkdir Bf-109E-7N_Trop
mkdir Bf-109E-7Z
mkdir Bf-109F-0
mkdir Bf-109F-1
mkdir Bf-109F-2
mkdir BF-109F2orig
mkdir Bf-109F-2_Trop
mkdir Bf-109F-2_B
mkdir Bf-109F-2_B_Trop
mkdir Bf-109F-2U
mkdir Bf-109F-3
mkdir Bf-109F-4
mkdir Bf-109F-4MSTL
mkdir BF-109F-4_1.3ATA
mkdir Bf-109F-4_Trop
mkdir Bf-109F-4_B
mkdir Bf-109F-4_B_Trop
mkdir Bf-109F-4_R1
mkdir Bf-109F-4Z
mkdir Bf-109F-5
mkdir Bf-109F-6
mkdir Bf-109G-1
mkdir Bf-109G-10
mkdir Bf-109G-10C3
mkdir Bf-109G-10_Erla
mkdir Bf-109G-14
mkdir Bf-109G-14early
mkdir Bf-109G-14AS
mkdir Bf-109G-2
mkdir BF-109G-2_1.3ATA
mkdir Bf-109G-2_Trop
mkdir Bf-109G-3
mkdir Bf-109G-4
mkdir Bf-109G-4_Trop
mkdir Bf-109G-5
mkdir Bf-109G-5AS
mkdir Bf-109G-6
mkdir BF-109G-6_1.3ATA
mkdir Bf-109G-6_Erla
mkdir Bf-109G-6_Late
mkdir Bf-109G-6_Mid
mkdir Bf-109G-6_Trop
mkdir Bf-109G-6AS
mkdir Bf-109G-6ASN
mkdir Bf-109G-8
mkdir Bf-109K-14
mkdir Bf-109K-4
mkdir Bf-109K-4C3
mkdir Bf-109K-6
mkdir Bf-109Z
mkdir Bf-110C-1
mkdir Bf-110C-4
mkdir Bf-110C-4B
mkdir Bf-110C-7
mkdir Bf-110D-3
mkdir Bf-110E-1
mkdir Bf-110F-2
mkdir Bf-110G-2
mkdir Bf-110-G4
mkdir Breda65
mkdir Fi-156
mkdir CR-32
mkdir CR_42
mkdir CR_42BA
mkdir G_50
mkdir Fiat-G55_MOD
mkdir Fiat-G55_late_MOD
mkdir G-55
mkdir G-55-Late
mkdir Fiat-G56
mkdir Fw-189A-2
mkdir Fw190A2
mkdir Fw-190A-3
mkdir Fw-190A-4
mkdir FW-190A-4_1.42ATA
mkdir Fw-190A-5
mkdir FW-190A-5_1.42ATA
mkdir FW-190A-5_1.58ATA
mkdir Fw-190A-5165ATA
mkdir Fw-190A-5U14
mkdir Fw-190A-6
mkdir FW-190A-6orig
mkdir Fw-190A-7
mkdir Fw-190A-7STURM
mkdir Fw-190A-8
mkdir Fw-190A-8Mistel
mkdir FW-190A-8_1.65ATA
mkdir Fw-190A-9
mkdir FW-190A-9_1.65ATA
mkdir Fw-190D-11
mkdir Fw-190D-13
mkdir Fw-190D-9
mkdir Fw-190D-9_DZZMod
mkdir Fw-190D-9_Late
mkdir Fw-190D-9Late_DZZMod
mkdir FW_190D9orig
mkdir Fw-190D-9early
mkdir FW_190D-9L_orig
mkdir Fw-190F-8
mkdir Fw-190G-8
mkdir Fw-190F-1
mkdir Fw-190F-2
mkdir Fw-190F-3
mkdir Fw-190G-1
mkdir Fw-190G-2
mkdir Fw-190G-3
mkdir FW-200C-3U4
mkdir G4M1_11
mkdir G4M2E
mkdir H8K1
mkdir He-111Z
mkdir He-111H-16
mkdir He-111H-2
mkdir He-111H-21
mkdir He-111H-6
mkdir He-111P-2
mkdir He-162A-1
mkdir He-162A-2
mkdir He-162C
mkdir He-162B
mkdir He-L-IIIB2
mkdir Go-229A-1
mkdir Go-229A-2
mkdir Hs-123
mkdir Hs-129B-2
mkdir Hs-129B-3_Wa
mkdir IAR80
mkdir IAR81a
mkdir IAR81c
mkdir J2M3
mkdir J2M5
mkdir Ju-52_3mg4e
mkdir Ju-52_3mg5e
mkdir Ju-52_3mg6e
mkdir Ju-87B-2
mkdir Ju-87D-3
mkdir Ju-87D-5
mkdir Ju-87G-1
mkdir Ju-88Mistel
mkdir Ju-88A-4_Torp
mkdir Ju-88A-4
mkdir Ju-88C-6
mkdir Ki-100-I-Ko
mkdir Ki-21-I
mkdir Ki-21-II
mkdir Ki-27-Ko
mkdir Ki-27-Otsu
mkdir Ki-43-Ia
mkdir Ki-43-Ib
mkdir Ki-43-Ic
mkdir Ki-43-II
mkdir Ki-43-II-Kai
mkdir Ki-46-Otsu
mkdir Ki-46-Otsu-Hei
mkdir Ki-46-Recce
mkdir Ki-61-I-Hei
mkdir Ki-61-I-Ko
mkdir Ki-61-I-Otsu
mkdir Ki-84-Ia
mkdir Ki-84-Ib
mkdir Ki-84-Ic
mkdir S-328
mkdir MS-Morko
mkdir MC-200series1
mkdir MC-200series3
mkdir MC-200series7
mkdir MC-200series7FB
mkdir MC-202
mkdir MC-202_III
mkdir MC-202_VII
mkdir MC-202_XII
mkdir MC-205_I
mkdir MC-205_III
mkdir MC-205_IIIV
mkdir Me-163B-1a
mkdir Me-210Ca-1
mkdir Me-210Ca-1ZSTR
mkdir Me-262HG-II
mkdir Me-262A-1a
mkdir Me-262A-1aU4
mkdir Me-262A-2a
mkdir Me-321
mkdir Me-323
mkdir ME-410-A
mkdir ME-410-B
mkdir ME-410-D
mkdir MS406
mkdir MS410
mkdir MXY-7-11
mkdir N1K1-J
mkdir N1K1-Ja
mkdir N1K2-Ja
mkdir RE-2000
mkdir SM-79
mkdir Ta-152C
mkdir Ta-152C0
mkdir Ta-152C1
mkdir Ta-152C3
mkdir Ta-152H-0
mkdir Ta-152H-1
mkdir Ta-183
mkdir A-20DB7
mkdir A-20C
mkdir A-20G
mkdir B-17D
mkdir B-17E
mkdir B-17F
mkdir B-17G
mkdir B-17Gmod
mkdir B-24J-100-CF
mkdir B-24J
mkdir B-25C-25NA
mkdir B-25D-20NC
mkdir B-25D-5NC
mkdir B-25G-1NA
mkdir B-25H-1NA
mkdir B-25J-15NA
mkdir B-25J-1NA
mkdir B-25J-22NA
mkdir B-29-SP
mkdir B-29
mkdir B5N2
mkdir B6N2
mkdir BeaufighterMkI
mkdir BeaufighterMkX
mkdir BeaufighterMk21
mkdir BI-1
mkdir BI-6
mkdir BlenheimMkI
mkdir BlenheimMkIF
mkdir BlenheimMkIV
mkdir B-239
mkdir BuffaloMkI
mkdir C-47
mkdir C-47A
mkdir C-47B
mkdir CW-21
mkdir DXXI_DK
mkdir DXXI_DU
mkdir Do-335A-0
mkdir Do-335V-13
mkdir F2A-2
mkdir F4F-3
mkdir F4F-4
mkdir CorsairMkI
mkdir CorsairMkII
mkdir CorsairMkIV
mkdir F4U-1
mkdir F4U-1A
mkdir F4U-1C
mkdir F4U-1D
mkdir F-51D-30NA
mkdir F6F-3
mkdir F6F-5
mkdir P-80A
mkdir F-80A
mkdir F-80C
mkdir F84G1_ThunderJet
mkdir F84G2_ThunderJet
mkdir F-86A5
mkdir F-86F25E
mkdir F-86F25L
mkdir F9F2_Panther
mkdir XF9F6_Cougar
mkdir FaireyBattle
mkdir FaireyFulmar
mkdir SwordfishMkI
mkdir FM-2
mkdir J8A
mkdir GladiatorMkI
mkdir GladiatorMkII
mkdir G-11
mkdir HalifaxBMkIII
mkdir HurricaneMkI
mkdir HurricaneMkI_BoB
mkdir HurricaneMkIaT
mkdir HurricaneMkIb
mkdir HurricaneMkIbT
mkdir HurricaneMkIIbMod
mkdir HurricaneMkIIa
mkdir HurricaneMkIIb
mkdir HurricaneMkIIbT
mkdir HurricaneMkIIc
mkdir HurricaneMkIId
mkdir HurricaneMkIV
mkdir I-15_m22
mkdir I-15_m25
mkdir I-153_fin
mkdir I-153_2BS
mkdir I-153_2SHKAS_BS
mkdir I-153M62
mkdir I-153P
mkdir I-15bis
mkdir I-15bis_Skis
mkdir I-16type10
mkdir I-16type17
mkdir I-16type18
mkdir I-16type18-BS
mkdir I-16type24
mkdir I-16type27
mkdir I-16type28
mkdir I-16type5
mkdir I-16type5_Skis
mkdir I-16type5_SPB
mkdir I-16type6
mkdir I-16type6_Skis
mkdir I-185M-71
mkdir I-185M-82A
mkdir I-250
mkdir Il-10
mkdir Il-2_1940_Early
mkdir Il-2_1940_Late
mkdir Il-2_1941_Early
mkdir Il-2_1941_Late
mkdir Il-2_3
mkdir Il-2_M3
mkdir Il-2I
mkdir Il-2M_Early
mkdir Il-2M_Late
mkdir Il-2T
mkdir Il-4
mkdir Il-4_Late
mkdir DB-3b
mkdir DB-3F
mkdir DB-3M
mkdir DB-3T
mkdir La-7R
mkdir LaGG-3series8
mkdir LaGG-3series66
mkdir LaGG-3series4
mkdir LaGG-3series35
mkdir LaGG-3series29
mkdir LaGG-3series1
mkdir LaGG-3series11
mkdir LaGG-3IT
mkdir LaGG-3RD
mkdir La-5
mkdir La-5F_Late
mkdir La-5F
mkdir La-5F_Early
mkdir La-5FN
mkdir La-5FN_Early
mkdir La-7
mkdir La-73xB20
mkdir Li-2
mkdir MBR-2-AM-34
mkdir Mig-15(bis)late
mkdir MiG-15(bis)
mkdir MiG-17
mkdir MiG-3
mkdir MiG-3-2xShVAK
mkdir MiG-3-2xUB
mkdir MiG-3-AM-38
mkdir MiG-3udfm
mkdir MiG-3U
mkdir MiG-3ud
mkdir MiG-9protoF-2
mkdir MiG-9FS
mkdir Magister
mkdir MosquitoFBMkVICC
mkdir MosquitoBMkIV
mkdir MosquitoBMkXVI
mkdir MosquitoFBMkVI
mkdir R-10
mkdir P-26
mkdir P2V5_Neptune
mkdir H_75A2
mkdir P-36A-3
mkdir P-36A-4
mkdir MohawkIII_BoB
mkdir H75MO4
mkdir P-38DroopSnoot
mkdir P-38F-1-LO
mkdir P-38G-10-LO
mkdir P-38G-15-LO
mkdir P-38G-5-LO
mkdir P-38H-5-LO
mkdir P-38J
mkdir P-38J-10-LO
mkdir P-38J-15-LO
mkdir P-38J-25-LO
mkdir P-38L
mkdir P-38L_Late
mkdir P-38L-5-LO
mkdir P-39D1
mkdir P-39D2
mkdir P-39N1
mkdir P-39Q-1
mkdir P-39Q-10
mkdir Hawk81A-2
mkdir TomahawkMkIIa
mkdir TomahawkMkIIb
mkdir P-400
mkdir P-40B
mkdir P-40C
mkdir P-40E-M-105
mkdir P-40E
mkdir P-40M
mkdir P-47D-10
mkdir P-47D-22
mkdir P-47D
mkdir P-47D-27
mkdir MustangIII
mkdir P-51B-NA
mkdir P-51C-NT
mkdir P-51D-20NA
mkdir P-51D-20NT
mkdir P-51D-25NA
mkdir P-51D-30NA
mkdir P-51D-5NT
mkdir P-63C
mkdir PBN-1
mkdir PBY-5
mkdir Pe-2series110
mkdir Pe-2series1
mkdir Pe-2series359
mkdir Pe-2series84
mkdir Pe-3series1
mkdir Pe-3bis
mkdir Pe-8
mkdir U-2VS
mkdir P_11c
mkdir RWD_8
mkdir SB_2M-100A
mkdir SB_2M-103
mkdir SBD-3
mkdir SBD-5
mkdir SeaFuryMkI
mkdir SeaGladiatorMkII
mkdir SeaHurricaneMkIb
mkdir SeaHurricaneMkIIc
mkdir SeafireMkII
mkdir SeafireMkII4xH
mkdir SeafireFMkIII
mkdir SeafireMkIII
mkdir SeafireMkI
mkdir SeafireMkII45
mkdir SeafireMkII50
mkdir SpitfireMkI
mkdir SpitfireMkIb
mkdir SpitfireMkIIa
mkdir SpitfireMkIIb
mkdir SpitfireMkVa
mkdir SpitfireMkVb
mkdir SpitfireMkVb12lbs
mkdir SpitfireMkVbCLP16LBS
mkdir SpitfireMkVbLF18LBS
mkdir SpitfireMkVbLFCLP18
mkdir SpitfireMkVbCLP
mkdir SpitfireMkVbT
mkdir SpitfireMkVbLF
mkdir SpitfireMkVbLFCLP
mkdir SpitfireMkVc16LBS
mkdir SpitfireMkVc
mkdir SpitfireMkVc4xH
mkdir SpitfireMkVcFB
mkdir SpitfireMkVcFB4xH
mkdir SpitfireMkVcLF
mkdir SpitfireMkVcLF4xH
mkdir SpitfireMkVcLFCLP
mkdir SpitfireMkVIII
mkdir SpitfireMkVIII25lbs
mkdir SpitfireMkVIIICLP
mkdir SpitfireMkVIIIFB
mkdir SpitfireMkVIIICLPFB
mkdir SpitfireMkVIIIHF
mkdir SpitfireMkIX25lbs
mkdir SpitfireMkIXc
mkdir SpitfireMkIXcCLP
mkdir SpitfireMkIXe
mkdir SpitfireMkIXeHF
mkdir SpitfireMkIXeCLP
mkdir SPITXIIearly
mkdir SpitfireMkXII
mkdir SpitfireMkXIVC
mkdir SpitfireMkLFXIVE
mkdir SpitfireMkXVIeCLP
mkdir SpitfireMkXVIe
mkdir SpitfireMkXVIe25
mkdir SpitfireMkXVIeCLP25
mkdir L-5_Sentinel
mkdir Su-2
mkdir TB-3_4M-17
mkdir TB-3_4M-17_T_DZZMod
mkdir TB-3_4M-34R
mkdir TB-3_4M-34R_SPB
mkdir TB-3_4M-34R_T_DZZMod
mkdir TBF-1
mkdir TBF-1C
mkdir AvengerMkIII
mkdir TBM1
mkdir TBM-3
mkdir TempestMkV
mkdir TempestMkV11Lbs
mkdir TempestMkV13Lbs
mkdir U-2TM
mkdir Tu-2S
mkdir TyphoonMkIB
mkdir TyphoonMkIBLate
mkdir Wellington-MKIII
mkdir Yak-1
mkdir Yak-1Late
mkdir Yak-15
mkdir Yak-1B
mkdir Yak-1B_Early
mkdir Yak-1PF
mkdir Yak-1PFLight
mkdir Yak-3
mkdir Yak-3VK-107
mkdir Yak-3bsf
mkdir Yak-3P
mkdir Yak-3R
mkdir Yak-7A
mkdir Yak-7B
mkdir Yak-7BPF
mkdir Yak-7B_late
mkdir Yak-7UTI
mkdir Yak-9
mkdir Yak-9B
mkdir Yak-9D-44
mkdir Yak-9D
mkdir Yak-9DD
mkdir Yak-9K
mkdir Yak-9M
mkdir Yak-9M_Early
mkdir Yak-9RLR_DZZMod
mkdir Yak-9T-44
mkdir Yak-9T-45
mkdir Yak-9T
mkdir Yak-9U
mkdir Yak-9U_NW
mkdir Yak-9U_Early
mkdir Yak-9UT

Updated 14March'10 1035 US CT


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2010, 11:27:06 AM »

Where do I find the skin folders that don't appear in the default skin folder?
Also The Halifax and the L-5 skin folders do not contain a void file only an empty text doc????



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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2010, 10:18:26 AM »

Void file are found only on original planes Skin folders.

Just a little MsDos command to extract the names of \Skins folders directly from air.ini
Copy the following line into a *.txt file and rename it *.bat

for /f "tokens=1" %%a in (air.ini) do md Paintschemes\Skins\%%a

Put your air.ini and the *.bat file in the same folder and launch the *.bat file
Magic !!  :-*, for each plane listed in air.in ==> his Skin folder
Delete the Paintschemes\Skins\[air] folder and copy the Paintschemes directory in your IL2 install
That's all.


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2010, 10:54:55 AM »

My pleasure sir.


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2010, 12:25:43 PM »

Yeah Thank You Solo, I got mine from C6 forums.
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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2010, 02:26:12 PM »

Delete the Paintschemes\Skins\[air] folder...
===> add in .bat file :
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\[AIR] rd Paintschemes\Skins\[AIR]
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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2010, 02:46:51 PM »

Yeah Thank You Solo, I got mine from C6 forums.
Yes, on C6 forum i upload directly the *.bat file on my post, i haven't found the same solution here.

===> add in .bat file :
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\[AIR] rd Paintschemes\Skins\[AIR]
I plan working to avoid creating bad folders (like [AIR] and the one who begin by "#" or ";"). Your solution is effectively more simple, deleting bad folders  after creation. Thx for the idea.


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #7 on: March 29, 2010, 10:02:01 PM »

Never ceases to amaze me how well old DOS tricks work... :)


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #8 on: March 30, 2010, 12:58:58 PM »

Just a little update for the script.

This delete [air] and ace pilots folders

for /f "tokens=1" %%a in (air.ini) do md Paintschemes\Skins\%%a
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\[air] rd Paintschemes\Skins\[air]
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Durand_Yak-9T rd Paintschemes\Skins\Durand_Yak-9T
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Pokryshkins_MiG-3 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Pokryshkins_MiG-3
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Kojedubs_La-7 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Kojedubs_La-7
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Safonovs_I-16_24 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Safonovs_I-16_24 
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Pokryshkins_P-39N1 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Pokryshkins_P-39N1   
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Rechkalovs_P-39Q15 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Rechkalovs_P-39Q15 
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Graf_Bf-109G-6 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Graf_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Hartmann_Bf-109G-6 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Hartmann_Bf-109G-6   
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Heppes_Bf-109G-6 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Heppes_Bf-109G-6 
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Kovacs_Bf-109G-6 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Kovacs_Bf-109G-6   
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Molnar_Bf-109G-6 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Molnar_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Fabian_Bf-109G-10 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Fabian_Bf-109G-10   
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Hans_Rudels_Ju-87G-2 rd Paintschemes\Skins\Hans_Rudels_Ju-87G-2
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Nowotnys_Me-262A-1a rd Paintschemes\Skins\Nowotnys_Me-262A-1a
IF EXIST Paintschemes\Skins\Sarvanto_DXXI rd Paintschemes\Skins\Sarvanto_DXXI

Not found the way to remove folders who begin by "#" or ";". Search to be continued.

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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #9 on: March 31, 2010, 08:32:49 AM »

Used the 2-line beast and man soooo many planes to fly (and find skins for!)
And you can fly, high as a kite, if you want to.........


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2010, 03:59:23 PM »

Last version of the little tool

Make the *.bat file
Put it at the root of il2 install
Lauch them and follow instructions

Great thank to C6-BlackStaff for great help and sorry for my bad English

The code:

@echo off
rem ****************************
rem * Menu de choix de version *
rem ****************************
echo  º     Missing skin folder creation    º
echo  ³ ********* Version choice *********  ³
echo  ³                                     ³
echo  ³  1. C6 Pack                         ³
echo  ³  2. Ultrapack original              ³
echo  ³  3. UltraPack with addon planes     ³
echo  ³  4. HSFX                            ³
echo  ³  5. AAA                             ³
echo  ³  6. Other version                   ³
echo  ³                                     ³
echo  º      Enter the choozen version      º
echo  º          (1,2,3,4,5 ou 6)           º
set /P entre=             Enter now  :
if %entre% == 1 goto C6
if %entre% == 2 goto UP
if %entre% == 3 goto UPmod
if %entre% == 4 goto HSFX
if %entre% == 5 goto UPmod
if %entre% == 6 goto Autre

rem ***************************
rem *   message d'erreur      *
rem ***************************

echo Wrong entry  !

rem ***************************
rem * initialisation des path *
rem ***************************

set air=MODS\___Avions_nouveaux_slots\com\maddox\il2\objects\
set skins=Paintschemes\Skins
goto suite

set air=MODS\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects\
set skins=Paintschemes\Skins
goto suite

set air=-MODS\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects\
set skins=Paintschemes\Skins
goto suite

set air=\Files\com\maddox\il2\objects\
set skins=Paintschemes\Skins
goto suite

echo syntax exemple for the air.ini path
echo MODS\MyPlanes\com\maddox\il2\objects\
set /p air=Enter air.ini path:
echo syntax exemple for the Skin folder path
echo Painschemes\Skins
set /p skins=Enter the skin folder path:
goto suite

echo %entre%
echo %air%

rem ****************************
rem *   un peu de securite     *
rem ****************************
if not exist %air%air.ini goto end1
if not exist %skins% goto end2

rem ****************************
rem *   creation des dossiers  *
rem ****************************

for /f "tokens=1" %%a in (%air%air.ini) do md %skins%\%%a

rem ****************************
rem * suppression des inutiles *
rem ****************************

echo * Deleting odd folders *
IF EXIST %skins%\[AIR] RD %skins%\[AIR]
IF EXIST %skins%\Durand_Yak-9T RD %skins%\Durand_Yak-9T
IF EXIST %skins%\Fabian_Bf-109G-10 RD %skins%\Fabian_Bf-109G-10
IF EXIST %skins%\Graf_Bf-109G-6 RD %skins%\Graf_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST %skins%\Hans_Rudels_Ju-87G-2 RD %skins%\Hans_Rudels_Ju-87G-2
IF EXIST %skins%\Hartmann_Bf-109G-6 RD %skins%\Hartmann_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST %skins%\Heppes_Bf-109G-6 RD %skins%\Heppes_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST %skins%\Kojedubs_La-7 RD %skins%\Kojedubs_La-7
IF EXIST %skins%\Kovacs_Bf-109G-6 RD %skins%\Kovacs_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST %skins%\Molnar_Bf-109G-6 RD %skins%\Molnar_Bf-109G-6
IF EXIST %skins%\Nowotnys_Me-262A-1a RD %skins%\Nowotnys_Me-262A-1a
IF EXIST %skins%\Pokryshkins_MiG-3 RD %skins%\Pokryshkins_MiG-3
IF EXIST %skins%\Pokryshkins_P-39N1 RD %skins%\Pokryshkins_P-39N1
IF EXIST %skins%\Rechkalovs_P-39Q15 RD %skins%\Rechkalovs_P-39Q15
IF EXIST %skins%\Safonovs_I-16_24 RD %skins%\Safonovs_I-16_24
IF EXIST %skins%\Sarvanto_DXXI RD %skins%\Sarvanto_DXXI
IF NOT EXIST %skins%\#* GOTO end
dir %skins%\#* /N /B >> list.txt
for /f "tokens=1" %%b in (list.txt) do RD %skins%\%%b
del list.txt
goto end

rem ******************************
rem * message de fin d'opération *
rem ******************************

echo * Finished - Thanks for using this tool ! *
goto end

rem ******************************
rem *   erreur de path air.ini   *
rem ******************************

echo The air.ini file not in this folder %air% !
goto end

rem ******************************
rem *erreur de path dossier skins*
rem ******************************

echo Wrong skin folder path !

rem ******************************
rem *     RAZ des variables      *
rem ******************************

set air=
set skins=


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Re: Skins Folder Tool updated
« Reply #11 on: April 01, 2010, 06:28:56 PM »

Very nice DOS batch-file work!! :D

I like how you have it set to create the folder names depending on the air.ini file, wherever it may reside depending on the main mod package the user may have installed.


I'm silly and didn't notice you had taken into account most popular mod package options. Thanks!!
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