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Author Topic: PacificIslands 100+ Dogfights Plus Music's Mission Page  (Read 3178 times)

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PacificIslands 100+ Dogfights Plus Music's Mission Page
« on: August 27, 2014, 10:00:36 PM »

Here is my Il-2 content contribution.

2014 stock game 4.12.2m

I have made alterations to two (2) QMB Maps. One Pacific Islands, I have built Ports and populated the air bases, but the real reason for this is the 100+ Dogfight missions. I left the scenery on the dog fight maps, so when you make it back from a mission, some one is waiting.
Dogfights are NoneN Mission in QMB, NoneA is a attack mission, escorting bombers, with a target waypoint for lead plane if you chose to drop some bombs or fire rockets before you shoot down some planes. And NoneD is a defensive mission, defending against those attacking planes.
Size 131KB

Allied Port Early Random

Allied Port Late, Random

Axis Port

The second Map, OnlineCoralSea, I switched the map to Burma, so If you want to give this a wail, change your current  OnlineCoralSea map folder to -OnlineCoralSea, so that it is not over written. (You can do the same for the PacificIslands one as well).

The Burma one has 40+ dog fights, I find the planes are further apart, and may have been a serendipitous mistake, I think I would make good missions for the Jet era Planes, and later. But they are not so far that early and mid war planes are boring, WW1 planes would be a drag though.
Size 88.46KB

**EDIT** Took out Static Cameras for Dogfight Missions

And both have random Moving ships, thanks to a discovery by  Lagarto, I was able to have some maps with ships moving in the rivers of Burma.



I have also created many Armor, Bridge, NoneA, (Escorting Attack on enemy ground instillation), and NoneD, (Defending attack on your ground installations), and Scramble missions, and you will also get random flight paths and targets.

You can not open Missions with ships in FMB, it will erase the front markers cords which are now ship way points. Cut and paste the chords I have in [Chiefs] section of .Mis;

11_Chief Ships.Tanker 2 0 2 1.0

  95684.01 38499.63 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  96022.97 38338.43 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  96389.94 38170.24 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  98658.65 36917.29 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  99304.09 34980.79 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  98366.96 31904.91 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826
  96633.18 30550.82 120.00 0 2 2.5722224712371826

They don't vary very much, and are usually the last few lines. Then add them back when ever any changes you made are done.

All objects are stock Il-2 1946 Sturmovik 4.12.2 Game

Enjoy, and thanks Oleg for this great Sim.

Music from Canada


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Re: PacificIslands 100+ Dogfights Plus Music's Mission Page
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2015, 11:12:08 PM »

Sept 2015 4.13rc Stock Game

I have a few more Missions, this time I used the Online dogfight for my platform. I don't see any section for missions based on this feature, and there are no responses :( ..., so I'll make this my mission page.
https://www.mediafire.com/?2h5zh4p4fdtd1ra 58.02kb 7Zip archive All missions have eight flights, so you can rename and put in QMB if you want, and Most of the original Missions for QMB at bottom have home bases for server style use.

All Three (3) New Maps, New Quick Fly, Dogfight Server Style fictitious mission's.

Svalbard               1942            March 16 1942

NGNB_DT_1-44        1943early      August 17 1943

Tobruk                   1942             July 23 1942


Blue Attack a Russian advanced attack base in the Barent's_Sea,  Longyearbyen has been harassing German Supply ships, and with the spring thaw, the Weirmach will be increasing it's shipment of supllies by sea. A raiding party has been assembled and is enroute to Longyearbyen to remove the threat. The convoy is currently in the Isfjorden, heading east.
Planes Available

  Real Quick Spawn 4000m hed75deg, A fast high spawn for rapid fire bombing practice, (or to just drop onto the target for depopulated servers, and dogfights)
  Bf-109G-2    Quanity8
  Ju-87D-3   Unlimited
  Bf-110G-2     Quanity18

A.I. Stukas spawn four times, in pairs, at 10 min intervals

Red Defend the base at Longyearbyen, one of our forward artillery base's is reporting getting shelled, patrol the Isfjorden, and sink any ships. Watch for Stukas.
Planes Available

Real Quick Spawn 4000m hed275deg
  I-16type24_SPB     Quanity30
  I-16type24        Quanity24
  Il-2I -1                    Unlimited
  Il-2M_Late       Unlimited     
  La-5F           Quanity8
  MiG-3U           Unlimited
  P-40M_NEW        Quanity20
  Pe-2series110       Unlimited
  Yak-1B           Quanity20
  Pe-8          Unlimited
  Il-2T          Unlimited

A.I. Il-2's are inbound from the North East, single spawn

  WindDirection 170.0
  WindSpeed 0.3
  Gust Low
  Turbulence 0

**Trees and No Trees available


Blue A Task Force has been spotted off the east coast of New Ireland, Scramble and intercept the incoming American Navy aircraft.
 Planes Available

A.I. fighters 8x, arriving at different intervals from Rubaul, and the South

Red One of the many forward bases of the Japanese is our target this morning, the USS Intrepid and USS Essex with Nine (9) Escort are launching two waves against Borpop (Huris). Straddled between Elizabeth Bay and Cape Matanatamberan, this base is a well stocked forward attack/reconnaissance base under construction.
  Planes Available

A.I. Bombers with F4U escort airborne, and same force re-spawned at 15 min mark of map.

  WindDirection 95.0
  WindSpeed 0.2
  Gust Low
  Turbulence Low

Trees and No Trees available

Tobruk          1942:

Blue Africa corps air arm, and the Italian air-force are striking Tobruk today. Wave after wave of our fine bombers will be pounding the British and American forces assembled at and around Tobruk. Escort the bombers, and attack ground units, and Allied air bases
  Planes Available

A.I. Bombers are inbound to arrive at different intervals, a very few fighters as well.

Red Another day of Rommel having a tantrum at our capture of Tobruk, we expect a large air offensive to try and loosen out hold on this jewel of the desert. Grab a fighter, and protect our newly captured prize.
  Planes Available

A.I. fighters patrol the harbor

  WindDirection 68.0
  WindSpeed 0.2
  Gust Low
  Turbulence 0


Tired of getting creamed on the first pass, and having to restart QMB, with these missions, you can just re-spawn and continue the fight. Based on the style of maps used on online servers like Skies of Fire, i.p., and IRSS dogfight, i.p. Light AAA, and plenty of Ground Targets, and planes, so you can make it to target, but still see flack bursts and tracers rising up to meet you, and have a target worth dropping your bombs on. I put in a lot of trees around the bases to add a bit of realism, I don't have a noticeable FPS drop, but I keep my Objects low on conf. settings, so I have included versions of Svalbard, and NGNB with no trees for those who have FPS problems around the airbases.

Put this Folder in you Missions/Net/Dogfight folder, then go to "play online" in game, and select "dogfight", and then "create a server", the folder name can be changed, My_Net is the current name, and places it at top of list. The no trees versions are in a folder in the My_Net folder, they will not over write the ones with trees, but they will both show with the same name in the Game menu.

Happy Hunting Enjoy :c)


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Re: PacificIslands 100+ Dogfights Plus Music's Mission Page
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2015, 03:54:07 AM »

Nicely done! Thank you, Music!  :)


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Re: PacificIslands 100+ Dogfights Plus Music's Mission Page
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2015, 11:37:41 PM »

You are very welcome trent, Happy Hunting.
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