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Full Metal Jacket:
A dedicated topic to the Flying Ass clowns
the members as of now include:

Call SignTail #    BoXP51vsFw19007MDS108Yesbomberkiller09YesLoku12YesGeschirrspĆ¼lmaschine1919fresco2323SAS~Skylla24YesSAS~Storebror25YesFlanker2727Turk28-bb-31SimFTR33Gubi34Blaubaer52YesGhost129er65gerula74Yes
In loving memory of
SAS~BravoFxTrt  13

Full Metal Jacket:
pics taken from the flying session with the cats on friday

Fresco and i flying formation

5 minutes later, i was the only one still alive in the flight, although very badly damaged,  ;)

and on the flightline again

Meanwhile, bravo and bomberkiller got lost

and meanwhile, at the Fresco-FMJ formation

had an amazing time with the cats yesterday, Prost gentlemen!

Bomberkillers 109, and he landed it safely.

FMJ Strafing Bravo after an Atom Bomb Explosion

Full Metal Jacket:

Bravo having fun in the water  ;)


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