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Author Topic: Battle of Leyte Gulf (HSFX)  (Read 4853 times)

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Battle of Leyte Gulf (HSFX)
« on: May 06, 2014, 04:34:34 AM »

Link for download

In the Leite campaign you will lead always torpedo Avengers squadron within the larger group into battle.
You start from USS Essex, USS Intrepid and other carriers. 1 trainer and 6 combat historical missions.

Training mission

USS Princeton


3x TBF-1C


Our torpedo bombers Avenger were equipped with an improved type of torpedoes - Mk.XIII late.

Parameters for the throws:

Mim. Height 200 Feet

Max. Height 1000 Feet

Min. Speed  140 MPH

Max. Speed  220 MPH

-You start from catapult

-After starting will form formation ( Wait for your fellow fighters)

-Enter the formation "VIC"

-Enter the command "Drop bombs on my command"

-Open bomb bay door

-Hit with torpedo old ship in the bay (The entire squadron throws off torpedoes at the same time)

-In the Target area, avoid sharp maneuvers otherwise falls apart your formation

-You bring your formation close to USS Princeton and enter command "return to base".

-Landing on USS Princeton.


The Battle of Leyte Gulf, also called the Battles for Leyte Gulf, and formerly known as the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II and, by some criteria, possibly the largest naval battle in history.

It was fought in waters near the Philippine islands of Leyte, Samar and Luzon from 2326 October 1944, between combined US and Australian forces and the Imperial Japanese Navy. On 20 October, United States troops invaded the island of Leyte as part of a strategy aimed at isolating Japan from the countries it had occupied in Southeast Asia, and in particular depriving its forces and industry of vital oil supplies. The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) mobilized nearly all of its remaining major naval vessels in an attempt to defeat the Allied invasion, but was repulsed by the US Navy's 3rd and 7th Fleets. The IJN failed to achieve its objective, suffered very heavy losses, and never afterwards sailed to battle in comparable force. The majority of its surviving heavy ships, deprived of fuel, remained in their bases for the rest of the Pacific War.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf consisted of four separate engagements between the opposing forces: the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, the Battle of Surigao Strait, the Battle of Cape EngaƱo and the Battle off Samar, as well as other actions******

Battle of Sibuyan Sea


TF 38.2 " USS Intrepid "

4x TBF-1C


Giant group of japanese warships sailing to southeast in Sibuyan sea. In the central part of the group sail two giant battleships, our goal will be the first of these in line. Follow the leading squadron starting from aircraft carriers on your left. (USS Cabot)

After battle return on USS Intrepid.

Good luck!


Battle in Sibuyan Sea 2 (Final battle)

24. 10. 1944/14:30

3x TBF-1C

TF 38.3 " USS Essex "


 In the morning battle our fighters turned away japanese air attacks , unfortunately USS Princeton was sunk. Aircraft starting from TF 38.2 severely damaged one giant battleship. Sailing now very slowly and separated from the main group, you have to find and sink. Follow squadron leader, starting from the left side  (USS Lexington).

After battle return on USS Essex

Good luck!


Battle of cape Engano


4x TBF-1C

TG 34 " USS Intrepid"


Yesterday we caused the enemy heavy blow, battleship Musashi are sunk and the Japanese got better retreat, today we have to destroy the goup of aircraft carriers in the north. Your goal is heavy carrier, very probably Zuikaku (largest of the group). Follow leader squadron which starting from the left side (USS Essex).

After battle return to USS Intrepid (num 11 on board)


Battle of Samar


2x TBF-1C

USS Fanshaw Bay


The Japanese cruisers are all around and currently opened fire. Our destroyers sail towards the enemy. All into the air! Choose a target close to us and empty the all the ammunition. We have very few torpedoes, well choose target. Your targer are heavy cruisers to the left of us.

After battle return to  USS Fanshaw Bay (num. 84)

Good luck!


Battle of Bohol


3x TBF-1C

Taffy 2 "USS  Manila Bay"


After a night battle in the bay of Surigao the remaining Japanese ships have retreated to the west. Now sail south of Bohol. Follow leader squadron which starting from the left side. Your target is Heavy cruiser.

After the battle return to USS  Manila Bay (num. 55)


The Battle of San Bernandino ( hypothetical bonus battle)


4x TBF-1C

TG 38.3 " USS Essex "


The fact that Kurita without resistance penetrated into the Philippine Sea was Holseys gross mistake . Even the commander of the fleet 7 Kinkaid was thinking that there Holsey had to guard one TF . if it happened, Kurita would face another big air attack in combination with an battleships assault of South Dakota and Iowa class.

Kuritas Central group clashes again with Shermans TG 38.3 now supplemented by combat ships.

The Japanese are here. Lets go to fight !

After battle return to USS Essex ( num.9)


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Re: Battle of Leyte Gulf (HSFX)
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2015, 08:12:13 AM »

No replies?

I am just reading about it and would like to try this, only if possible in MA 5.3 (4.12).
Thank you


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Re: Battle of Leyte Gulf (HSFX)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2015, 12:30:20 AM »

Salute all.
Yeah Tom looks like a good one, as it stands it wouldn't work in 4.12 ?
I may try have you given it a go ?

thanks again SAS for fantastic work.
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