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Author Topic: IMPORTANT! Read this BEFORE posting in the Screenshots(Share a Screen) thread!  (Read 2797 times)

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Hi folks
as it is something that seems to be occurring time and time again, after we repeatedly asked not to do so, i have made this thread so that everyone can easily see and understand, without admins having to repeat the same story endlessly.
the screenshots (Share a Screen) thread is meant primarily for guys doing cool screenshots of their IL-2 experiences.
more and more, we are finding members making posts with multiple screenshots, or just showing off some or other new mod or skin.
although we are happy to see this new stuff, it should not be done in the screenshots thread, as it becomes a chore for most who want to look at the cool screenshots, to have to wade through endless pictures of a new mod/skin posted with shots from every conceivable angle, of the same thing.

so, this is the way to do it:
if you want to let people know about a new mod/skin in this section, you may post up ONE or TWO pictures of said mod/skin, with a link to the thread where it may be found.
in THAT linked thread, you are welcome to post as many pictures as you like.

please keep the posting of mod/skin promo pics in the screenshots thread to a minimum, as stated above.
in doing so, it's easy for members to see, at a glance, something new, and then if they like it, they can go and have a more detailed look in the linked thread.
DO NOT use the screenshot thread for promoting any new stuff via the multiple pic route, it's not what the screenshot thread is intended for.
as us admins are largely a lazy bunch, we do not want to have to repeat this simple request endlessly.
hence, this announcement in plain sight, and to enforce this, we will simply remove any offender's ENTIRE post, WITHOUT further explanation/PM's. whatever.
if you then ask something like 'where diid my pictures go?' we refer you to this thread.
as usual, failing to read stickied announcements does not constitute an excuse.
we will not replace your removed posts, you will have to make a new one yourself, that falls into these requirements.
it's pretty straight-forward, i think.
so, let's all try to keep the screenshots thread for what it's intended, and not let it turn into endless pages of multiple promo pics.
thanks for your co-operation and continued support,
the SAS~Team
.....taking fun seriously since 1968.....  8)
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