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Author Topic: TFM-412 The Next Level  (Read 1131366 times)

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TFM-412 The Next Level
« on: March 28, 2014, 08:39:40 PM »

I posted this here, in the 'Dark Blue World' discussion area, because 'The Full Monty' (TFM) series of Supermods has always been focused on supporting the DBW Project.  With DBW2 certain to be based on V4:12 it is time to get up to speed with the latest version of our beloved sim.

TFM-412 will ultimately adapt to and enhance the DBW2 project when it is released.  Meanwhile; TFM-412 will attempt to establish a comprehensive working 412 mods platform for all enthusiasts.


Presented with many thanks to my friends and colleagues at SAS1946.com; where it is a privilege to serve.  This is clearly the most informed and supportive dedicated Il2 community site and a shining example to all others.  Also to my good buddies AG51Hoss, Bravo, eMeL and RDDR; who have advised on and tested this stuff over more than a year and put up with me on Skype and Email! 

Chris amd Marcus created many new skins, for the Asian and European Theatres, and tested the full TFM-412 setup.  Mike did a lot of mod compiling and content checking as well as flight testing and working on the Screaming Eagles Over Korea 412 campaign - This will soon be seen in the related TFM-412 Campaign/Missions post.  Bravo did a great amount of direct testing, install tweaking and last minute bug-ironing.  Thanks for a detailed and thorough job!

Lets not forget the SAS members and forum contributors who have helped to guide many enthusiasts to the path of complete joy that is a full Il2 modset.

Within each separate mod in every set there is a README - All original READMEs have been included.  Many are retained from the originals and others have been moved in order to prevent them from being over-written.  As so many people work together at SAS, where ideas are often 'cross-fertilised', the list below is an additional acknowledgment of everyone involved.  Our sincere thanks go out to the whole Il2 community.

TFM-412 also presents full and complete credit for every freeware mod used, in these posts, throughout this thread, in the documentation with each set and on the illustrations that accompany each set.  If anyone is aware of a missing or incomplete credit in any part of TFM-412 please PM me; Monty27, either at SAS, M4T or the FM site, with any additional details to be included and I will ammend any offending credits ASAP.
Code: [Select]
SAS~CirX------------------------Creator and compiler of Dark Blue World and SAS FBDSM
SAS~Anto------------------------Classes, flight models, aircraft mods
SAS~Crazyflak-------------------Classes, flight models, aircraft mods
SAS~EPERVIER--------------------Classes, vehicles, effects, aircraft mods
SAS~farang65--------------------New maps and textures
SAS~GJE52-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, 3DFX
SAS~Monty27---------------------Compiler of the Monty Packs
SAS~Riken-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
SAS~S3--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, objects, textures, weapons, FMs and many fixes
SAS~Sani------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and ship building
SAS~Skipper---------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
SAS~Storebror-------------------Classes, coding, new core functions for 412
II/JG51 Lutz--------------------SFS Compiler Tool for Tiger's and Claymore's Mods
Agracier------------------------New maps and textures
archie1971----------------------Textures, objects and ship building
asheshouses---------------------Textures, objects and ship building
Avala---------------------------Map textures and assorted fixes
Benitomuso----------------------Classes, coding, sound and visual mods, new core functions for 412
Beowolff------------------------Classes, aircraft, effects, especially the Stinson Amphibian
Birdman-------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
Blumax--------------------------Map textures, objects and effects
Bombsaway-----------------------Classes, aircraft, maps, effects
Bravo---------------------------Testing, advice, bug hunting, setup
Carsmaster----------------------Classes, textures, effects
Checkyersix---------------------Classes, objects, effects, Command and Control mod
Claymore------------------------Classes, aircraft, effects, Claymore’s awesome FW190s
crazyeddie----------------------Textures, objects and ship building
CWatson-------------------------Classes and aircraft mods
Cyberolas-----------------------Map textures and assorted fixes
Diving_Hawk---------------------Textures, objects and ship building
Dreamk--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods and textures
Ectoflyer-----------------------Textures, assorted fixes and aircraft mods
Flakiten------------------------Classes, textures, objects, effects and ship building
F22-Raptor-2006-----------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
GilB57--------------------------Map textures, especially the beautiful Westfront 1940 map
Gio963tto-----------------------Textures, objects and ship building
Greif11-------------------------Textures, objects and effects
Gumpy---------------------------Textures, objects and effects
Godzyla-------------------------New 3d and aircraft mods
hguderian-----------------------Sounds, textures, various fixes
JapanCat------------------------Classes, aircraft mods
JoneSoft------------------------Creator of JSGME - way back when, for Silent Hunter
kodama--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, Japan 1946
Lisek---------------------------Classes, aircraft mods
Loku----------------------------Classes, aircraft mods
Lonestar67----------------------Map textures and assorted fixes
Mac1----------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, He280
marcost-------------------------Samples & Female Controller Voicepack
Maus----------------------------Textures, objects and effects
mikoyan99-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods and effects
Mission Bug---------------------Stationary aircraft mods and effects
Oknevas-------------------------New Maps-Battle of Moscow
Pa-jeronimo---------------------Textures, objects and effects
Paulus--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, weapons and effects
Plowshare-----------------------Textures, objects and ship building
Potenz--------------------------Textures, objects and effects
Ramone--------------------------Map textures, especially the Stalingrad winter map
Ranwers-------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
RealDarko-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
Red_Fox90-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
RDDR----------------------------Sound mods, beta testing and winter map textures
rofl----------------------------Ground objects repaints
santobr-------------------------Classes, mods and effects
sputnikshock--------------------Classes, aircraft mods and effects especially the Navaid & GEE mod
St0upa--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, especially the Zlín Z-50LX
StefanSG------------------------Many 412 Conversions - emerging SAS hero
tarakan67-----------------------Many 412 Conversions - emerging SAS hero
Ten010--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
Tiger33-------------------------The awesome Tiger33 Soundmod
Tomoose-------------------------Wonderful new ground objects for FMB
ton414--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
TT------------------------------Map textures and assorted fixes
UF_Zargos-----------------------Classes, objects, textures and assorted fixes
Uufflakke-----------------------Classes, objects, textures, especially Dead Animals mod
Verhangis-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, fixes and ships
vpmedia-------------------------Textures and assorted fixes
BT~wasted-----------------------Classes, aircraft mods, objects, textures, weapons, FMs and many fixes
Western0221---------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and ship building
Wingflyr------------------------Classes, vehicles, effects, new armour
WolfFighter---------------------Classes, objects, mesh improvements, especially pilots
Yeager_1946---------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
101tfs--------------------------Classes, aircraft mods, textures, objects and effects
WindWpn-------------------------Main Proponent of the Clean Modding Principle for Il2



Everything about Il2-412 makes it look and feel like a new sim.  Of special note here is SAS Modact 5.3, the best Modact so far, built with full AI support and a screen randomiser and presentation that towers above other flightsim programs.

Even from a straight update; the improved 4:12.2m FMB is incredible.  Aircraft can now start anywhere you place them and taxi into position.  Takeoff can be set to single, pairs or line abreast; Battle of Britain style.  Once in flight all waypoints specify a formation type and mission role. 

Seaplanes may now be placed on any stretch of open water for Takeoff/Taxi and even launched from Destroyers (See the Mods).  FMB Objects are labelled more clearly too, in fact, the improved FMB alone, renders all previous Il2 editions completely obselete for me!  (Thanks Hoss, you 'told me so'!)

Performance is improved across the board as old memory leaks and java errors have been dramatically reduced and tidied up.  The scenery looks better and the lighting and water is much improved (ship wakes are really pretty).

Statics can be created from parked AI, which gives us a parked version of EVERY aircraft in the sim; each of which can also be individually skinned in FMB for each mission.  In addition to that Mission Bug's new Static Aircraft Mod leaves nothing out!

In addition to statics, ANY aircraft in the sim may be used as a taxiing aircraft in the scenery, for added ambience, eye candy and realistic hazards.  The takeoff itself is no longer restricted to runways, hidden or otherwise!  In 412, Helos can start/liftoff from forest clearings and Battle of Britain fighters line up 9/12/15 abreast on any handy looking flat-ground and smoothly (no sudden chock-jumping anymore) move into position and takeoff together.  This allows for the creation of improvised strips and temporary FBOs. 

Looking at so many marvelous mods, across a range of disciplines, it is clear that 412 allows for a greater expansion with more possibilities.  It was a hard decision to make at first, but ultimately a great leap forward for all players who take the plunge.  TFM-412 is designed to make it easy for anyone to aquire an extensively modded 412 install with a reasonable number of sequential downloads.  There are 24 TFM-412 Packs and a number of non-sequential JSGME Options, or Switches.

The new FMB, especially 'Formation Control', 'Taxi to Park' and 'Dynamic Scenery' represents a quantum leap for mission builders.  With these features written into FMB missions (and to be expanded to QMB and DGen) Il2/1946 now feels like a proper flightsim as well as a great shoot-em-up ride.  Try 412 and you will quickly see there is no going back!

Taxiing AI and parked AI scattered about the scenery bring your airfields to life and make our dear old Il2 feel like a modern Flightsim with a busy environment.  At this point it is down to the mission designers to manually place these features using their imagination and experience.

On top of the vast improvement that is V4:12.2m - TFM-412 adds CY6 Command and Control for in-flight mission goals and interaction, GCI, SAR and many other features.  Also added are extra airfield and ambient sounds, from CY6 and Stuka40, plus many of our favourite maps, new aircraft, ships, objects and sounds.  The latest SAS Engine Mod 2.7 is fully integrated for implimentation of Catapults, Jet Engines and more complex 412 prop conversions, such as Claymore's FWs.


Building this new install was the first time, in many years, that I actually took out my original Il2/1946 discs.  For those that have not yet done so; I recommend you do the same and then patch up to to 4:12.2m.


SAS Il2 4:12.2m MEGA PATCH


1)Clean Il2/1946 4:12.2m install required. - Tested and working.
2)Add SAS Modact V5.3 and AI Flyables.     - Tested and working.
3)Add UP-SFS files from UP3 Packs (see the list below).
4)Add new #TFM-412 Packs to JSGMEMODS and activate in order.

This is my platform for learning the new features of 412, the much improved FMB and the much larger list of functions.  Now I can get on with making V4:12.2m Campaigns and Missions!

Each individual TFM412-Set builds on the previous one and is designed for use with JSGME or similar utilities.  These sets are numbered sequentially and it is ESSENTIAL to install them in #TFM412-number order.  The only rule is: - Pay attention to the number of the pack and make sure they they all follow each other.  Allow each subsequent set to overwrite the previous one as content is added.

This install of TFM-412 principally adds content to the #SAS folder.  In cases of previously modded 412 installs or even 'Total User Screwup' you may 'REM' the #SAS folder, by renaming it with a (-) in front, and replace it with this VANILLA, ie; unmodified, example of a clean #SAS folder. 

Please make sure you have a CLEAN VANILLA #SAS BEFORE YOU START!
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?4mnsx6ufazmqfmb

This will return your 412 install to a CLEAN VANILLA state with SAS Modact 5.3. ie: Back to square one just as if you had disabled all mods and only installed SAS Modact 5.3. 

Now add the AI Flyables.
Now add any other AS Modact 5.3 options that you want.
Go and test your lovely new 412 install and get ready to expand it.

SFS Loader for UP Maps by Storebror
VP Media's Map Upgrades
North Korea v1.41 by CY6
Midway Late by 242Cat & Bombsaway
MaxTheHitman's excellent retextures and new objects for FMB

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?e8ndutd7n0qyuzo

For the expanded map packs to function please ensure that you have these UP-SFS files in your Il2-Root Directory:

Code: [Select]

These are the SFS files from Ultrapack, usually installed into Il2 V4:101+, often prior to installing DBW.  You do not need anything else from a previous DBW or UP install, just the SFS files listed above.  If you are upgrading your install from DBW/UP3 to 4:12.2m these SFS files will already be present in your Il2-Root Directory.

Alternative sources for the sfs files required by TFM-412 maps


1. http://ulozto.sk/xffghqU9/002-upmaps-rar
2. http://ulozto.sk/x2bGPfRj/002-upmaps2-rar
3. http://ulozto.sk/xn7f5TeW/002-upmaps3-rar




Now that you have expanded the range and functionality of your V4:12.2m/SAS Modact 5.3 Install; Let's add some new aircraft, ships and other objects:

Bf-109 Ultimate Pack v4
New in Version 4
- Rewritten code to incorporate changes from 4.11.1m and 4.12.2m
- Packed into SFS for first time
- Added new variants - Early 109s, S-199, T-1, T-2 and G-2 1.3ata
- G-2 returned to default 1.42 ata engine boost
- Added new trop filters from TD
- Using JapanCat's new 3D
- Significantly expanded static aircraft list - shows trop filters on desert maps
- Added Jeronimo's wheels and prop mod
- Added startup flame mod
- Added Wolfighter's pilots
- Includes Der Wurstenfuch's cockpits by default
- Many custom skins removed in favour of excellent default skins in 4.12.2m
- AllHolesSolved bugs finally fixed! No more disappearing fuselages, issues with bailing out or bouncing crashed aircraft

SAS Engine Mod V2.7
Claymore's .fb410_clay01.sfs. File in preparation for Claymore FWs.

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?hpamjgckf2vxl63

Claymore's FWs for 412
By Claymore
412 Conversion By StephanSG

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?nkc1lmo3mymlkil

Zeros By Japancat
Tonys By Japancat
A6M2-K Zero Trainer By Ten010
Aichi M6A Seiran By Ten010
I-400-class submarine By Ten010
Catapult By western0221

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?ga2ckaepl1tlxz4

SAS Spitfire Pack - v3.0
- All early model Spitfires now in one convenient pack
- New 3D model for Spitfire Mk II
- Sliding canopy, with taxi view
- Non sequential plane in squadron fuselage codes
- Individually adjusted flight models
- Wing cannon jamming on MkIb
- Manually retracting undercarriage on Mk I early fuselage, issues with bailing out or bouncing crashed aircraft.

Meteors By Ranwers
TyphoonMkIa By Riken
CZKs Typhoon & Tempest Upgrade
SAS Hurricane Pack V21
Westland Whirlwind By Storebror
SAS Gladiator Pack By Muas/Charlie Chap/Avala
Gladiator Mods By mikoyan99

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?c835yrqct8boxna

Spitfire MkXVI Aviator Mod Team
Spitfire PRMkXI Aviator Mod Team
Seafire Late (Griffon) SAS edition
Hellcats By Riken
Shmittfire By GJE52
Magister SAS edition
Tiger Moth SAS edition
Westland Wyvern By mikoyan99

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?tr7c3084t3sxylk

SAS Me262 Ultimate Pack
AMT Schnellbombers
Me262B By GJE52
Me262TPF By GJE52
412 Conversion By Storebror
CY6 C&C V3031
Groundcrew By Tomoose
Ambient Sounds By Stuka40 & CY6
Early Dorniers By Ranwers
He-177-A3 By Storebror

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?882r3xekd1rh062

Jetwar By Aviator Mod Team (AMT)
Skyraiders By CY6
Panther By Freddy and Flakiten
Chikasaws By Flakiten
Korean Era Carriers By Ashehouses
24Bit HD Skinmod
KB-29P & F-84G By Flakiten
F-84G Gear Fix By Tarakan67

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?2cuels1g6nwfabp

czk's Shooting stars upgrade V4
F9F-2 Cougar By AMT
F-100D/F Super Sabre By SAS Team
L-159G By GJE52
MiG-19s By AMT
MiG-21s By SAS
MiG-21 Third Generation By BT~Wasted
Yak-36 Freehand By S3
Java, FM and classfiles by SAS~Anto and SAS~Storebror
New skins by _Harpia_Mafra55_
New 3D by Red_Fox90
Original 3D by PeterD
Original Cockpit by Freddy and Robo
New pilots by Wolfighter, Crazyflak and Red_Fox90
LOD, Texture and HIM fixes by Birdman

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?fa1han571qz7di6

IJN Yamato by Diving_Hawk
IJN Kuma by Ashehouses
IJN Shinano by Ten101
USS Iowa by Diving_Hawk
Seaplane-Catapult for Iowa
Seaplane-Kingfisher By mikoyan99
Seaplane-N1K Rex By SAS~Cirx
HMS Eagle by Ashehouses
Colossus Class by Flakiten
Colossus Family by western0221
Armed Trawlers By gio963tto
HMS/IJN/ITAL Corvettes By gio963tto
HMS/IJN/ITAL Escorts By gio963tto
HMS U-Class Subs By gio963tto
HMS E-Class By gio963tto
HMS VW-Class By gio963tto
USS Yorktown By Ashehouses
USS Enterprise By Ashehouses
USS Hornet By Ashehouses
USN Fleet Carriers by Plowshare
Many technical fixes By western0221

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?n8j4b5xk26hzh9w

B4Y1 By gio963tto
Fl-282 By Mikoyan99
F1M By Mikoyan99
He280 By Mikoyan99
H5Y By Mikoyan99
H6K4 By Mikoyan99
Monsoon By Mikoyan99
Stranraer By Mikoyan99
He-60 By Dreamk & Aiko
B26 By Ranwers
PBY/PBN By Ranwers
Su25 By Ranwers
Tu95 By BT_wasted & Ranwers
Bell47 By Sani
L-5 Stinson By Beo
XC-47 By Beo
More Groundcrew By Tomoose
Minor Fixes and tidying up...

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?khf2cp1mengyf99

#TFM412-12_Props Upgrade
Fairey Battle Pack By SAS~Cirx
Bf110 Pack By SAS~Cirx
Bf110G4 NF By SAS~Cirx
A-20 Boston By WTE-Newy
GeeBees By Loku
Stinson By Flakiten
Birdog By SAS~Skipper
Muas F4U1 Birdcage By crazyflak
Late Corsairs SAS Repack 412
Jugs Reloaded 412 SAS~Storebror
Vital 412 Updates for various projects - tarakan67 - Stefan SG
All previous work for P-47 versions have been merged into this single pack!
Blenheim Nightfighter By Newy, RAZOR1UK, Ranwers, Docholiday, Dreamk & Stefan SG
P-38 Droopsnoot By BBury, Loku, Monguse, Gibbage, Ranwers, Karaya, Birdman & SAS~Cirx

#TFM412-12_Props Upgrade
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?5byht7iey75lcju

Chocks Animation By Benitomuso
Stabilisers By SAS~Storebror
P-51 Hydraulics Mod By F22-Raptor-2006
Aero Su29AR By SAS~Cirx
Ar-234 Pack for 412 By Stefan SG
B7A1 V1.0 for 412 By Ten010
Blohm & Voss 141 By Mikoyan99
Blohm & Voss 237 By Mikoyan99
Beechcraft 18 - SAS~Cirx-BBury-Wolfighter-Ranwers
Me210/410 By Crazyflak
D4Y2/3 By ten010
Divine Wind By SAS~Sani
Fiat G50A/AN/B - western0221-Red_Fox90
FW190T By Crazyflak
He-162B5 By Paulus
He-280 By mac1
J7W1/2 By Paulus
Ki-98/I/II/III By Paulus
PWS10 By Loku
PWS26 By Loku
PZL24Series By Loku
R2Y1 By mikoyan99
RWD10 By Loku
Z50LX By St0upa
Zlin Z26 By Paulus
GAZ-66 Trucks By western0221
Helico AI By Epervier
Superflak By CY6
Vehicles By SAS~Sani-Ranwers

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?q1myy41xi1buc1c

PA_Geronimo fixes Cowlings-Props-Spinners-Wheels
P-40E 3do By ROCK
Wolfighter's Pilots

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?785jubzzj1x80ui

Bravo's Better Smoketrails
Rabual 1944 Map By Bee

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?foug6ag0zhc4ebz

More maps added to TFM-412
Benghalli By Avala
Batavia By Agracier
Cape_Gloucester By Agracier
Narvik By Agracier
Battle of Moscow By Oknevas
mixx_Zapolar'es Norway
East Baltics By uzav
Pacific Maps Unified By Slikk
R_desert BY Redko
Madeira By HRT
Tunisia By MrO

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?8g1djine8umk6oo

B-24J By SAS~Sani
B-24D By SAS~Riken
Mil-24 Hind By BT_Wasted
LiberatorGR.V By Doc Holiday
Catalina Update By Mikoyan99
Ju-52 Transport By F22-Raptor-2006, BJ=Croc, barnesy12, Godzyla

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?1kie5rfonsiilah

Mission Bug's Static Aircraft
Rabaul Updates to 2 By Bee
GEE + Navaid mod (v1.2) By sputnikshock
Wuerzburg-Riese + Freya (C&C style GCI radars)  By sputnikshock
Realistic Lights v1.5 By santobr
Fi-156U By Bombsaway
SB2U Vindicator By CWatson
Vought 156-F By CWatson
Bolton Paul Defiant By Ectoflyer
P-61A/B By 101tfs, Crazyflak & Storebror

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?oidgdoeuwn2vqlo


Dutch New Guinea By SAS~Farang65
BTM Island Update By SAS~Bombsaway
Retex-Makin Atoll By SAS~Bombsaway
Retex-Chichi By SAS~Bombsaway
Retex-Coral Sea By SAS~Bombsaway
Retex-Truk By SAS~Bombsaway
MiSp_Pacific By Mixx & Spdr109 2013
Lost Islands By Agracier
Retex-Wake Island By DaveOD06
Retex-Western Carolines By DaveOD06
Marianas Expanded By DaveOD06
Monte Cassino By Zipzapp

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?hdt485onp5zmaqb

SAS~Farang65, SAS~Bombsaway, Agracier, DaveOD06, Zipzapp, Mixx & Spdr109 - Master Map-Makers and Texture Artists bring you another TFM-412 Map Expansion.

16 Maps Spain By RedEye_Jir
Djibouti mod By Agracier & Tom2
Serbia By Avala
Sidi Ifni mod By Agracier & Tom2
Svalbard By Lynx23
War Over Italy By Volperossa
Zimbotho by Caldrail
Desert Trees By Uufflakke

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?zc2yulac1d19nan

Cannon Sound Mod By Western0221
IJN Fleet Carriers By Western0221
IJN Battleship Nagato By Western0221
Grumman J2F-Duck By Cwatson & Skipper
Grumman J2F-Duck Skins By GIO1963tto & Stanislao

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?rzccz2yzyx91o29

USN CVLs By Plowshare
USN Destroyers By Plowshare
Carrier Crew V5 By Ranwers
Amphibious Assault By Ashehouses & Flakiten
KM Bismark By SAS~Sani
Aquilia, Peter Strasser & Graf Zeppelin By Archie
Ship Pack 2 Project - QTim/FatCat/Archie/HSFX team/Char Aznar/Dunkelgrun/Asheshouse

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?36yuajingb88faq

This TFM-412 set adds the remaining Wildcats, a few other aircraft, updates the Korean Theatre and some good Vietnam Maps for 412.

PZL 23B By Loku
RWD8 By SAS Team
PZL 37B By Ranwers
Harvard MkI By KiwiBiggles
MAP-Reno Nevada By UP~Boomer
MAP-BB_Vietnam_War By batbomb
MAP-TAM_Sinai By The_Alaskan_Man
MAP-PS_South_VietNam By Mission Bug
LA-9 & LA-11 By 101tfs/crazyflak/Wolfighter/Birdman
Bloch210 By Dreamk/Tarakan67/SAS~Epervier/Archie/Agracier/Stefan SG
Wildcats By PA_Jeronimo/Griffon_301/BravoFXTRT/MissionBug/Beo/StefanSG
F-82 Twin Mustang By CY6/Barnesy12/Beo/PA_Jeronimo/CWatson/Ranwers/Gumpy/Texx
Martlets By SAS~CirX/Veltro/SAS~Epervier/PA_Jeronimo/BravoFXTRT/StefanSG/CanonUK/CanonUK/HBPencil

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?04iymhjas2601h6

SAMs By FM Team
OV10 Bronco By CY6
A-4 Skyhawk By FM Team
_0_GJE52_Arms By GJE52
F-8 Crusader By Mario71
F-4 Phantom II By SAS~S3
L-159F Petrel By SAS~GJE52
L-159G Kestrel By SAS~GJE52
F-86C/YF-93 Sabre By SAS~GJE52
A-4 Skyhawks for 412 By 4S_Vega
F-8 Crusader for 412 By 4S_Vega
A-7 Corsair II By Mario71 & 4S_Vega
Fast Jet Code Fixes Paulus/western0221
Loach By Hawkman/CY6/Flakiten/SAS~Sani
MiG-21 Flight Model for 412 By 4S_Vega
CY6 Command and Control 1966 By 4S_Vega
A-4E Skyhawk "Buddy Tanker" By western0221
Bell AH-1 Cobra By Kesselbrut/melissa/Milan/4S_Vega/Teacher/BT_Wasted

Ju-188A2 By Ranwers
Siebel Si204D By Ranwers and Loku
He-280 Fully updated to 412 By mac1
Bf109 Zwilling 3D Upgrade By Grief and Japancat
F-4 Skins By Harpia_Mafra55/Mexchiwa
F-8 Skins By Harpia_Mafra55/BatBomb
Loach Skins By Hawkman/Texx/OC Tiger

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?famv699q1b425e1

#TFM412-25_Carrier Wings
A7M2 By 101tfs
MB152 By Ranwers
AC-47 Spooky By CY6
Arsenal_VG33 By mac1
LeO451_v1.3 By Ranwers
Dewoitine D.520 By Ranwers
CaudronCR714 By =JFC=PhilHL
Oriskany & Hancock By Karla
Essex carrier crew by Ranwners
Ki-44 Gunsight fix By Stefan SG
Early carrier mods by Diving_Hawk
Stationary Upgrade By Mission Bug
Ki-44 extra classfiles By Vampire Pilot
ShipExtention2.20.0(4122) By western0221
Essex angled deck carriers By western0221
No Open Canopy Flight Model Fixes By Paulus and Vega
Clemenceau class 6 ships pack ver1.30 (4.12.2m) By western0221
Ki-44 extracted from Tainan-kosho v1.2B By Japancat, Malone and Rebel

#TFM412-25_Carrier Wings
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?97pu96ra8ot7niu


Currently we have one old problem; Closed Canopy Takeoffs for the new 412 version A-4 Skyhawk.
At the moment the Scooters still takeoff with their canopies open, a throwback from earlier Il2 coding.
This issue will be solved when a new FM becomes available.
Please don't post any daft pictures as if we don't know already.
Every other navy carrier aircraft here is tickety-boo!
Future sets will also include the larger angled deck US Navy carriers.

This mod ...Il2/#SAS/!0000_PAL-Chocksv4122 needs to disabled (-) if you want to fly jets off carriers. 
There is a small classfile conflict with some parts of the Carrier Takeoff mod.

As it is this set will provide some wonderful new aircraft to play with and a few minor issues should be put aside for now IMHO.  Other improvements, such as development of the Phantom II model and cockpit, are underway AFAIK, and will be integrated into TFM-412 when they become available.

This is TFM-412 No.26, a special package, called 'Hangar-19', that features some new aircraft, a few minor fixes and a critical new Stationary.INI Update to prepare for the imminent release of the new TFM-412 Campaigns; Battle of Britain, Battle of Midway, and Screaming Eagles Over Korea.

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/download/6m53ar33t7w0y5h

Avro Lancaster
Ranwers masterpiece has long been on my wish list for TFM-412, thanks to Stefan SG & Tarakan67 for the 412 conversion work and 101tfs for the 3D Upgrade.  Full credits are in the documentation and original readmes are retained.

Armstrong Whitely
Another wonderful heavy to join the 412 flightline, By Gio963TTo, Barnesy12 (new ailerons), Stanislao (default skins) and Cwatson creating the Slot, FM, class and Weapon loadouts.

CH-34 Wessex Set
Capable of true hover and backwards flight this is another fantastic Helo for Il2.  Created by Gio963TTo, with skins and textures by OC-Tiger and EctoFlyer.

Fairey Firefly FR Mk.I
The prolific team of Ectoflyer & CWaston present an excellent Fairey Firefly that is technically a franken but doesn't look it at all!

Korean Era Carriers By Archie
This set includes a Korean Theatre update that adds Archie's versions of the Korean Carriers, with full on deck crew and working Steam-Cats.  I really like the look of these in TFM-412.  The (soon to be released) Campaign and Mission set Screaming Eagles draws on essential addons from this pack.

The earlier B-26 Marauder Upgrade has also been included, so that the separate fix is no longer necessary, plus a minor wingtex fix for the Skyraiders.

DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?lmfqyw69u416u3b



For those who have had problems with the Lancaster; it seems the download is a little large and some inconsistant results with this folder have been found.

The other folders in #TFM412-27-Heavies are A-OK, so this patch will provide a complete new Lancaster folder.  This Patch will work on top of the previous pack, so its real easy to apply after #TFM412-27-Heavies.




Wflyr's New Vehicles with Il2-412 Compatibility by western0221
Thanks to the great mod-meisters for another superb 412 Upgrade; smoothly incorporated into TFM-412 set No.28 for another easy instant install. I always loved Wflyr's Vehicles and thanks to western0221's 412 conversion you can be certain to see them turning up in new Monty27 campaigns and retro-patched into the existing ones too.

This set also includes the map-patch for the fantastic Burma_Lower Map, By Czech Texan; now fully functional in TFM-412. So open up your FMB for a real treat!




Thanks to Docholiday and his international team of modders for this fabulous Coastal Command upgrade featuring the highly specialised rocket-armed Beaufighters and Mosquitos of Coastal Command. Now ready for TFM-412.




Flightline Service Upgrade

Featuring the wonderful new Hudson and Super Electra, by gio963tto and his international team, and further filling out the flightline with Spitfire's Mk12 and Mk14, repacked by SAS~Cirx, alongside the Il2 Community P-40/K/N Pack and the brilliant MiG-3 revamp by Epizikl and his team.




Principally designed to expand Bomber Command for FMB; this set features the Halifax V4, working in TFM-412, and static models for the Halifax, Lancaster and Liberator GR1.




Featuring the A-26 B & K Invaders by MAC1 and Docholiday
MAC1's Invaders beautifully illustrate these classic CAS and COIN aircraft which saw a lot of action in Southeast Asia from the 1950's to the 1970's. The development of the Il2 model started a few years ago with Docholidays lovely model and endured a difficult development history with modders coming and going and the lovely aircraft gathering dust on various hard drives. About a year ago MAC1 started to collaborate with Doc to finish the model and classes. This is the end result.

Dornier Do-335A-6 Nightfighter by Lisek
Although the Dornier is currently flagged for 410 I was keen to test it in TFM-412 and have had great results all round with the TFM-412 setup.

Original Do-335 by 1C:Maddox
New 3D by Lisek
Wheels and spinners by PA_Jeronimo
New classes and FM by SAS~Anto
Default skins, skinpack by max_thehitman
Help also from Crazyflak and SAS~BravoFxTrt

New FMB Objects by Tomoose
With the release of Airfield 3, Tilley & Stuff and Dock Items; Tomoose has created many more fantastic objects for FMB. IMHO FMB is still the best such utility for any flightsim and these new objects really enhance Il2 mods and TFM-412. Look out for these at an airfield near you very soon!




BEFORE INSTALLATION OF THIS PACK - Go into your ##/IL2/#SAS folder and disable (Put a (-) in front of it) the following folder: '_00_F-4 Phantom II' - ie renamed to '-_00_F-4 Phantom II'.  Then activate #TFM412-33-Phantom-II with JSGME, or copy it over with whatever other method you use.

This set updates the Phantom II with a beautiful new cockpit, SAS engine mod fixes and various compatibility patches, all beautifully put together by Western0221.  This brings 'Double Ugly' up to the same standard as the SAS MiG21, an incredible achievement.



TFM-412-34 MAP-PACK-5
Time for another comprehensive addon for the Maps of TFM-412:  Following helpful BDA from our pilots and a lot of hard FMB testing data, this latest set adds some wonderful work, by more master map-makers, to TFM-412.  Thanks to: SPIT973, Thierry_B and UP~Boomer.

La Chute - GB to Berlin By SPIT973
CAN Channel Airfields By Thierry_B
Reno By UP~Boomer

La Chute

SPIT973's superb EAW style large European map, from GB to Berlin, is a beautifully realised piece of work.  This version is fully working in TFM-412, thanks to the comprehensive catalogue of objects and a brand new static.ini.

CAN Channel Airfields

Thierry_B's airfield work on the old 'CAN Channel' map brilliantly restores and improves on the original map.  The airfields are fully realised again.  Try out your BoB missions and see what they look like now!  This superb rework is very much appreciated by those who missed the full detail of the original version from way back.

Reno Nevada
V2 of UP~Boomer's superb map is a great place to fly your racing classics.  Trialed in earlier sets, Version 2 should work for everybody now.

TFM-412-34 MAP-PACK-5



Featuring 7 gorgeous maps by Cyberolas.  Among Il2 Modding's finest artists, Cyberolas really knows how to invest his creations with ambience and realism; achieved through use of photorealistic textures and excellent object placement to build very convincing environments.  Checking them out in FMB; look for the '-RRR' Suffix in your maplist.





Stock Tanks and Vehicles Upgraded By Wingflyr
Thanks to Wingflyr for helping me add more of his amazing FMB objects: Namely - all the stock tanks and vehicles included in Il2 fully replaced with newer 3D models!  All of them feature new crew characters and textures.

This has to be one of the most comprehensive upgrades of Il2 Objects across the board, on top of the additional very detailed vehicles Wingflyr has already brought to TFM-412. 

This is a very big package to copy over so be patient and don't even think about the time Wingflyr has spent creating these fantastic vehicles.  JSGME will take at least 30 minutes in some cases, depending on your PC.  It is well worth the effort though, these vehicles are superb.

Bloody brilliant work old friend and thank you for helping me integrate them into TFM-412.






Upgrading the He-111, Ju-88 and Ju-52 family to V412 standards - YT2 has a done a terrific job on the He-111's and Ju-88's, while StefanSG has upgraded the Ju-52 set from 410 to 412.  To add to our joy, DreamK has built the early Ju87A (SCW with big trousers).  The new 3Do's are very impressive, for all of these sets, as are the loadouts and weapons.

TFM-38 tbauchot Maps
This set includes tbauchot's complete makeover of the original CAN_Channel Maps and Agracier's Bay of Biscay.  This superb treatment raises the quality of these Maps to a new level.

The screenshot here is from the latest TFM-412 Install looking at Dunkirk Airfield.

#TFM-38 tbauchot Maps



#TFM412-XX_262TPF   OPTION - Add/Remove Me262TPF 'Antlers'
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?1obzz3filb8usz1

#TFM412-XX_BattlePit   OPTION - Switch Cockpit Type in Fairey Battle
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?eyide5l52en8e7i

#TFM_Sound-Menus      OPTION - Beautiful strong non tinny menu music.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?oisv77at1kpf47h

#TFM412-XX_Sounds   OPTION - New sounds for special campaign features.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?iuvgfqyc2z8d4oe

#TFM412-XX_Speech   OPTION - Improved Speechpacks, incl' GB & DE Female controllers.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?mzq8hr9g4po6kx0

#TFM412-XX_Radio-01   OPTION - Beacon Station Content - for: BBC & Honolulu.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?iznci3o87nvunmx

#TFM412-XX_Radio-02   OPTION - Beacon Station Content - for: Roma, Germany, Hungary, Moscow & Tokyo.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?tasmizanlm1dysa

#TFM412-XX_Helo_Sounds   OPTION - A new set of heavier helo sounds.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?6939spujic4hpga

#TFM412-XX_MarauderUpgrade   OPTION - An expanded loadout for the B-26B.
DOWNLOAD-         https://www.mediafire.com/?78i7qtxd2vaf7mg


The offending file is 'up_objects04.sfs' - Download this version and replace your faulty one if you have the Torp-issue.


If downloaded before April 13th, 2014:
Some of the improvements to MESH - WHEELS - PILOTS are conflicting with mods introduced at a later stage in TFM-412.
This is no criticism of PA_Jeronimo's Mods or Wolfighter's Pilots, because TFM-412 includes all sorts of stuff working together.
These folders are best disabled (-) at present:

                 ...Il2/#SAS/!0000_PA_Jeronimo_cowling engine & props/3do/plane/
                Thunderbolt_MkII(Multi1) (to -Thunderbolt_MkII(Multi1))
                S-199           (to -S1-99)
                Pe-8             (to -Pe-8)
                Pe-8_M40F    (to -Pe-8_M40F)
                MartletMkI    (to -MartletMkI)
                MartletMkII   (to -MartletMkII)
                Ta-152C       (to -Ta-152C)
                Ta-152C0     (to -Ta-152C0)
                Ta-152C1     (to -Ta-152C1)
                Ta-152C3     (to -Ta-152C3)
                Ta-152H-1    (to -Ta-152H-1)

                Tu-4             (to -Tu-4)

                Ta-152C       (to -Ta-152C)
                Ta-152C0     (to -Ta-152C0)
                Ta-152C1     (to -Ta-152C1)
                Ta-152C3     (to -Ta-152C3)
                Ta-152H-1    (to -Ta-152H-1)

One more, go to #SAS/MAPMODS/MAPS/Crimea and simply delete the folder 'Crimea'.  The map is now fully functional.

April 13th, 2014: - The affected sets: #TFM412-01_MAPMODS, #TFM412-13_Lucky-13, #TFM412-14_Curvature and  #TFM412-23_Wildcats have been corrected and re-uploaded.  8)

Torrent is the best way to get large files.

Improved Sounds: - One of the best, and most stable, sets of great sounds can be found in HSFX. 
People who want to use these sounds with TFM-412 need the files; fb_hfxsounds01.sfs and fb_hfxsounds.sfs from the HSFX set.  Put these into your SFS_AUTO folder and enjoy a richer soundset!


New Templates and Skins by Emel and RDDR.

Thanks to c.rennier

PAL's VISUAL MOD 8 V4:12.2m
This is superb with TFM-412.

Also; read the thread especially with regard to the 3D Visual Mod...


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2014, 08:53:40 PM »

Hi Simon,

As you say 4.10 is obsolete.

Your new pack looks like a well thought out and professionally made pack as I am sure matched to the same professionalism as The NewTFM.

You'll definitely keep me busy over the next week downloading and installing  :D

Thank you for your ever continuous mod pack creating and professionalism.  ;)



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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2014, 09:01:21 PM »

Excellent. The manner of the additions make it easily customizable for the end user. For myself it means I dont need to have all the superfluous jets or Japanese aircraft trading up valuable space.
Only two things that I'm sure I must have overlooked: redfox90 p-51 3d upgrade and the p-47 pack.
Regardless, this is tits!


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2014, 09:08:22 PM »

@ Kirby - Thanks colleague!  I hope that this helps towards DBW2 and gives us a lot to play with meantime...

@ CWMV - I know you to be no dummy my friend, far from it!  P-47 Pack is in Pack-12, p-51 3D is still under review, although the excellent Hydraulics Mod is in there...


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2014, 09:32:45 PM »

Will hell then, looks like we Have just about everything we need for an inheritor to DBW!
Amazing accomplishment!
...edit oh lord, freaking auto correct turned don't into dummy  :P. Fixed!


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #5 on: March 28, 2014, 09:55:59 PM »

This... looks... awesome.

All we really need now is maneuvering ship AI and LSOs on Allied carriers, and we are SET!  ;D


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #6 on: March 28, 2014, 10:01:44 PM »

This... looks... awesome.

All we really need now is maneuvering ship AI and LSOs on Allied carriers, and we are SET!  ;D
You bet, and when it comes 412 will be the environment and this is how we will plug it in!  ;D


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #7 on: March 28, 2014, 10:31:08 PM »

Nice stuff Monty!
"All modern aircraft have four dimensions: span, length, height and politics" -Sydney Camm


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #8 on: March 28, 2014, 11:53:03 PM »

This... looks... awesome.

All we really need now is maneuvering ship AI and LSOs on Allied carriers, and we are SET!  ;D
You bet, and when it comes 412 will be the environment and this is how we will plug it in!  ;D

If you guys need ANY art or voice acting assets for the LSOs - you hit me up, I will make it happen.


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2014, 02:46:41 AM »

My my you have been busy, must be cooler down there now!

As yet I have not used 4.12, waiting for improvements and here they are , I will be sad to see the much modded 4.101 go , spent many hours flying it.
Time to blow the dust off the 46 disc if I can find it  and get going, thanks Simon and all the other contributors for the constant improvements.


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #10 on: March 29, 2014, 03:26:09 AM »

No way, cut my veins I can't believe this!
Ex nihilo, nihil fit


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Re: TFM-412 The Next Level
« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2014, 04:33:32 AM »

Hi Simon

While downloading and sourcing/storing sfs files getting ready for install most likely Sunday  ;D

I noticed in your credits Benghalli By Agracier  it should say by Avala
Avala made that gem of a map with waterfalls and all  ;)

Nothing too serious just a credit fix.

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