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Author Topic: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.01  (Read 66310 times)

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F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.01
« on: September 24, 2013, 07:57:59 AM »

North American F-100D & F Super Sabre v1.01
An Add-On for Il-2 1956 by the SAS Modding Community

Quote from: Wikipedia
The North American F-100 Super Sabre was a supersonic jet fighter aircraft that served with the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1954 to 1971 and with the Air National Guard (ANG) until 1979. The first of the Century Series collection of USAF jet fighters, it was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight. The F-100 was originally designed by North American Aviation as a higher performance follow-on to the F-86 Sabre air superiority fighter. Adapted as a fighter bomber, the F-100 would be supplanted by the Mach 2 class F-105 Thunderchief for strike missions over North Vietnam. The F-100 flew extensively over South Vietnam as the Air Force's primary close air support jet until replaced by the more efficient subsonic LTV A-7 Corsair II. The F-100 also served in other NATO air forces and with other U.S. allies. In its later life, it was often referred to as "the Hun," a shortened version of one hundred.

F-100D - Single-seat fighter-bomber, more advanced avionics, larger wing and tail fin, landing flaps. First flight: 24 January 1956; 1,274 built.

The definitive F-100D aimed to address the offensive shortcomings of the F-100C by being primarily a ground attack aircraft with secondary fighter capability. To this effect, the aircraft was fitted with autopilot, upgraded avionics, and, starting with the 184th production aircraft, the Sidewinder capability. In 1959, 65 aircraft were modified to also fire the AGM-12 Bullpup air-to-ground missile. To further address the dangerous flight characteristics, the wing span was extended by 26 in (66 cm) and the vertical tail area was increased by 27%....

F-100F - Two-seat training version, armament decreased from four to two cannon. First flight: 7 March 1957; 339 built.

...The Hun was also deployed as a two-seat F-100F model which saw service as a "Fast FAC" or Misty FAC (forward air controller) in North Vietnam and Laos, spotting targets for other fighter-bomber aircraft, performing road reconnaissance, and conducting SAR (Search and Rescue) missions as part of the top-secret project Commando Sabre, based out of Phu Cat and Tuy Hoa Air Bases. It was also the first Wild Weasel SEAD (air defense suppression) aircraft whose specially trained crews were tasked with locating and destroying enemy air defenses...

- Two unique models: F-100D & F-100F
- Large and extensive loadouts
- Landing chute
- New afterburner code
- Real-life engine sounds by Jafaem

Version 1.01 Change Log:
- Cleaned up archive and added easier to follow instructions
- Removed a file causing Daisy Cutter 3D to appear for all Mk 82 bombs
- For users who couldn't install JetWar v1.32 properly, the missing mesh file for the cockpit have been included

Version 1.0 Change Log:
- Initial full release release
- New LODs, caps, hitboxes and damage model by Red_Fox90
- New ordnance by Red_Fox90 (skins by Malone)
- Culmination of all of Birdman's fixes
- New flights model by 4S_Vega
- Vastly revised loadouts and classfiles by SAS~Anto

You MUST be running at least 4.101m with SAS Modact 3.06 or later, OR DBW 1.71 OR 4.11.1m with SAS ModAct 4 OR HSFX6. If not, see this thread.
You MUST be running Il-2 1956 The Jet Era v1.32 or later, (INCLUDES LATEST HOTFIXES) see this thread.
You MUST be using Buttons Version 10.1 or later, see this thread.
You MUST be running the SAS Engine mod. Otherwise this pack will NOT work. Available Here.

- This pack may run with Jet Era v1.2 and older versions of SAS Engine Mod (then known as SAS AI, Engines, Carriers and Hotkeys mod)
- BUT by doing so, you might encounter some errors. In addition many of the features of this pack may not work as intended.
- Do so at your own risk!
- It WILL NOT run with older versions of JetWar.

This is welcome to be shared. HOWEVER, we request that you ask us first and express you redirect your users here so they can receive technical support for this mod

Mirror 1 (Mediafire):
SAS_F100DF_Pack_v101.7z (15.8mb approx)

Mirror 2 (M4T):
SAS_F100DF_Pack_v101.7z (15.8mb approx)

1) This mod will NOT run without Jetwar v1.3 and SAS Engine Mod v2.6RC. It has only been tested on DBW1.71 and SAS ModAct environment
2) If you are running a 4.11.1m or later version of the game, open the folder called "FOR_411_LATER". Extract contents of this folder to your #SAS directory
3) If you are running a 4.101m version of the game, open the folder called "FOR_410_ONLY". Extract contents of this folder to your #SAS, #DBW or #UP directory
4) Add the air.ini entries below.
5) A bonus skin by US_Grant is included. Please extract to your Paintscheme directory.


Code: [Select]
F-100D         air.F_100D                            NOINFO  usa01 SUMMER
F-100F         air.F_100F                            NOINFO  usa01 SUMMER


Code: [Select]
F-100D  F-100D Super Sabre, 1956
F-100F  F-100F Super Sabre, 1957


Code: [Select]
# F-100D Super Sabre
F-100D.default                  Default
F-100D.2x335gal                   2x335gal Droptanks
F-100D.2x335gal+2x200gal          2x335gal + 2x200gal Ferry Tanks
F-100D.4xAIM9B                    4xAIM9B Sidewinder Missiles   
F-100D.4xAIM9B+2x335gal           4xAIM9B + 2x335gal
F-100D.4xAIM9D                    4xAIM9D Sidewinder Missiles   
F-100D.4xAIM9D+2x335gal           4xAIM9D + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xAGM12                    2xAGM12 Bullpup Missiles
F-100D.2xAGM12+2x335gal           2xAGM12 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82                     2xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100D.4xMk82                     4xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100D.6xMk82                     6xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100D.2xMk82+2x335gal            2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82+2xBLU27+2x335gal    2xMk82 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.4xMk82+2x335gal            4xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk82+2x335gal            6xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82Snake                2xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100D.4xMk82Snake                4xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100D.6xMk82Snake                6xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100D.2xMk82Snake+2x335gal       2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82Snake+2xBLU27+2x335gal   2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.4xMk82Snake+2x335gal       4xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk82Snake+2x335gal       6xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82Daisy                2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.4xMk82Daisy                4xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.6xMk82Daisy                6xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk82Daisy+2xBLU27+2x335gal   2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.4xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       4xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       6xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xMk83                     2xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100D.4xMk83                     4xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100D.6xMk83                     6xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100D.2xMk83+2x335gal            2xMk83 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117                     2xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100D.4xM117                     4xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100D.6xM117                     6xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100D.2xM117+2x335gal            2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117+2xMk82+2x335gal     2xM117 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  2xM117 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  2xM117 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117Daisy                 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.4xM117Daisy                 4xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.6xM117Daisy                 6xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xM117Daisy+2x335gal        2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82+2x335gal     2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100D.4xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100D.6xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100D.2xCBU24+2x335gal           2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xCBU24+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xCBU24+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xCBU24+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27                    2xBLU27 Napalm
F-100D.4xBLU27                    4xBLU27 Napalm
F-100D.6xBLU27                    6xBLU27 Napalm
F-100D.2xBLU27+2x335gal           2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27+2xM117+2x335gal    2xBLU27 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xBLU27+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.8xMk81+2x335gal            8xMk81 + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk81+2xMk82+2x335gal     6xMk81 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk81+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk81+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk81+2xM117+2x335gal     6xMk81 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.6xMk81+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter+ 2x335gal
F-100D.1xMk7                      1xMk7 Nuclear Bomb
F-100D.2xLAU10                    2xLAU-10 Zuni Rocket Pods
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82             2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82Snake        2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82Daisy        2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk83             2xLAU-10 + 2xMk83
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xM117             2xLAU-10 + 2xM117
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xM117Daisy        2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xCBU24            2xLAU-10 + 2xCBU24
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xBLU27            2xLAU-10 + 2xBLU27
F-100D.2xLAU10+2x335gal           2xLAU-10 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xM117+2x335gal    2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xCBU24+2x335gal       2xLAU-10 + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU10+2xBLU27+2x335gal       2xLAU-10 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32                    2xLAU-32 FFAR Mk.4 Pods
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82             2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82Snake        2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82Daisy        2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk83             2xLAU-32 + 2xMk83
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xM117             2xLAU-32 + 2xM117
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xM117Daisy        2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xCBU24            2xLAU-32 + 2xCBU24
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xBLU27            2xLAU-32 + 2xBLU27
F-100D.2xLAU32+2x335gal           2xLAU-32 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xM117+2x335gal    2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xCBU24+2x335gal       2xLAU-32 + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100D.2xLAU32+2xBLU27+2x335gal       2xLAU-32 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100D.none                       Empty

# F-100F Super Sabre
F-100F.default                  Default
F-100F.2x335gal                   2x335gal Droptanks
F-100F.2x335gal+2x200gal          2x335gal + 2x200gal Ferry Tanks
F-100F.4xAIM9B                    4xAIM9B Sidewinder Missiles   
F-100F.4xAIM9B+2x335gal           4xAIM9B + 2x335gal
F-100F.4xAIM9D                    4xAIM9D Sidewinder Missiles   
F-100F.4xAIM9D+2x335gal           4xAIM9D + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xAGM12                    2xAGM12 Bullpup Missiles
F-100F.2xAGM12+2x335gal           2xAGM12 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82                     2xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100F.4xMk82                     4xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100F.6xMk82                     6xMk82 500lbs Bombs
F-100F.2xMk82+2x335gal            2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82+2xBLU27+2x335gal    2xMk82 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.4xMk82+2x335gal            4xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk82+2x335gal            6xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82Snake                2xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100F.4xMk82Snake                4xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100F.6xMk82Snake                6xMk82 Snake Eye Bombs
F-100F.2xMk82Snake+2x335gal       2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82Snake+2xBLU27+2x335gal   2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.4xMk82Snake+2x335gal       4xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk82Snake+2x335gal       6xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82Daisy                2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.4xMk82Daisy                4xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.6xMk82Daisy                6xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk82Daisy+2xBLU27+2x335gal   2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.4xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       4xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk82Daisy+2x335gal       6xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xMk83                     2xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100F.4xMk83                     4xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100F.6xMk83                     6xMk83 1000lbs Bombs
F-100F.2xMk83+2x335gal            2xMk83 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117                     2xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100F.4xM117                     4xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100F.6xM117                     6xM117 750lbs Bombs
F-100F.2xM117+2x335gal            2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117+2xMk82+2x335gal     2xM117 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  2xM117 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  2xM117 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117Daisy                 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.4xM117Daisy                 4xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.6xM117Daisy                 6xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xM117Daisy+2x335gal        2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82+2x335gal     2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xM117Daisy+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100F.4xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100F.6xCBU24                    2xCBU24 Cluster Bombs
F-100F.2xCBU24+2x335gal           2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xCBU24+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xCBU24+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xCBU24+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xCBU24 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27                    2xBLU27 Napalm
F-100F.4xBLU27                    4xBLU27 Napalm
F-100F.6xBLU27                    6xBLU27 Napalm
F-100F.2xBLU27+2x335gal           2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27+2xM117+2x335gal    2xBLU27 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xBLU27+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xBLU27 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.8xMk81+2x335gal            8xMk81 + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk81+2xMk82+2x335gal     6xMk81 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk81+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk81+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk81+2xM117+2x335gal     6xMk81 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.6xMk81+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal  6xMk81 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter+ 2x335gal
F-100F.1xMk7                      1xMk7 Nuclear Bomb
F-100F.2xLAU10                    2xLAU-10 Zuni Rocket Pods
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82             2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82Snake        2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82Daisy        2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk83             2xLAU-10 + 2xMk83
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xM117             2xLAU-10 + 2xM117
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xM117Daisy        2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xCBU24            2xLAU-10 + 2xCBU24
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xBLU27            2xLAU-10 + 2xBLU27
F-100F.2xLAU10+2x335gal           2xLAU-10 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xM117+2x335gal    2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-10 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xCBU24+2x335gal       2xLAU-10 + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU10+2xBLU27+2x335gal       2xLAU-10 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32                    2xLAU-32 FFAR Mk.4 Pods
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82             2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82Snake        2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82Daisy        2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk83             2xLAU-32 + 2xMk83
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xM117             2xLAU-32 + 2xM117
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xM117Daisy        2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xCBU24            2xLAU-32 + 2xCBU24
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xBLU27            2xLAU-32 + 2xBLU27
F-100F.2xLAU32+2x335gal           2xLAU-32 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82+2x335gal    2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xM117+2x335gal    2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   2xLAU-32 + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xCBU24+2x335gal       2xLAU-32 + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xLAU32+2xBLU27+2x335gal       2xLAU-32 + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC                    Forward Air Control Smoke Markers
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82             FAC + 2xMk82
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82Snake        FAC + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82Daisy        FAC + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk83             FAC + 2xMk83
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xM117             FAC + 2xM117
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xM117Daisy        FAC + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xCBU24            FAC + 2xCBU24
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xBLU27            FAC + 2xBLU27
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2x335gal           FAC + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82+2x335gal    FAC + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   FAC + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   FAC + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xM117+2x335gal    FAC + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   FAC + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xCBU24+2x335gal       FAC + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFAC+2xBLU27+2x335gal       FAC + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO                    Forward Observer Smoke Markers
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82             FO + 2xMk82
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82Snake        FO + 2xMk82 Snake Eye
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82Daisy        FO + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk83             FO + 2xMk83
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xM117             FO + 2xM117
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xM117Daisy        FO + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xCBU24            FO + 2xCBU24
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xBLU27            FO + 2xBLU27
F-100F.2xWPFO+2x335gal           FO + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82+2x335gal    FO + 2xMk82 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82Snake+2x335gal   FO + 2xMk82 Snake Eye + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xMk82Daisy+2x335gal   FO + 2xMk82 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xM117+2x335gal    FO + 2xM117 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xM117Daisy+2x335gal   FO + 2xM117 Daisy Cutter + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xCBU24+2x335gal       FO + 2xCBU24 + 2x335gal
F-100F.2xWPFO+2xBLU27+2x335gal       FO + 2xBLU27 + 2x335gal
F-100F.none                       Empty

Code: [Select]
F_100D             vehicles.planes.F100Static$F_100D 1
F_100F             vehicles.planes.F100Static$F_100F 1


Code: [Select]
Description    F_100D
Icon           Plane
Class          air.F_100D
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

Description    F_100F
Icon           Plane
Class          air.F_100F
PanzerBodyFront      0.008

New classwork and revised loadouts by SAS~Anto (based on Melissa's and Vegas work)
3D model by Melissa, SAS~GJE52 and Red_Fox90
Ordnance by  SAS~GJE52, Red_Fox90, SAS~CsoCso, Wasted, SAS~S3 and SAS~Anto
Ordnance textures by SAS~Malone
Flight Model by 4S_Vega
Original class work by F22-Raptor-2006, Karabas-Barabas, SAS~Skipper, Wasted
Skins/textures by Nachprod (Aviaskins), SAS~crazyflak, SAS~GJE52, Wasted and US_Grant

Also many thanks to all the beta testers at SAS.

For bugs reports:

Please specify your mod installation.

If you have a crash, and you want us to help you, you'll definitely have to post your logfile, in code format.

You will need to install instant log: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,19308.0.html

IF you don't know which parts of the log file to post, simply use search function to find these: anything that related to "F-100"and also this "java.lang.RuntimeException".

For 30% CTD when loading, please make sure that you have installed the latest SAS engine mod, as stated above. If you continue to experience this problem, it highly caused by mod conflict, try an install this to a clean configuration and see if you still have the error.

As we cannot support every person that have problems, insufficent bugs reports or simply did not read or follow instruction will be kindly ignored.


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2013, 08:14:46 AM »

Very Cool, Thanks Anto and SAS
MSI R9 280X 6GB x2/Crossfire /ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Mobo/AMD FX 4170 Bulldozer 4core CPU/RAM Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB/ Corsair RM 1000WATT PSU/Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2013, 08:34:11 AM »

wow! awesome  ;D thanks will test immediately!
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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2013, 09:05:54 AM »

They work fly good weapons all are there and take off is fine you have done a good job.


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #4 on: September 24, 2013, 09:13:21 AM »

I forgot 410.1m/dbw/fullmonty


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #5 on: September 24, 2013, 09:52:15 AM »

I play with DBW and full monty but for the F-100D as F-100K I can't sit in the cockpit

error in log.lst "WARNING: object '3DO/Cockpit/F-86K/F-100D.him' of class 'HIM' not loaded


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2013, 11:19:38 AM »

superb effort all round, guys!
another release we can be mighty proud of!
hearty thanks to all involved :D
.....taking fun seriously since 1968.....  8)


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #7 on: September 24, 2013, 11:59:43 AM »

I play with DBW and full monty but for the F-100D as F-100K I can't sit in the cockpit

error in log.lst "WARNING: object '3DO/Cockpit/F-86K/F-100D.him' of class 'HIM' not loaded

same problem here,

it flies great in HSFX+Modact4, except that pressing bomb release with the daisy cutter detonated the bomb immediately, destroying my aircraft obviously. this does not happen with regular ordinances as far as I can tell. Though I havn't tried all of them. Apologies for no log.file, posting this on the fly from my phone. I'll try to post one later.

great work on a fun and nice looking mod revamp. 100s are one of my favorites!
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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #8 on: September 24, 2013, 12:03:27 PM »

Work perfectly, thanks for this plane!


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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #9 on: September 24, 2013, 04:06:59 PM »

Magnificent planes! Will be a joy to fly them!
However: ERROR: HierMeshObj: Can't load HIM 3DO/Cockpit/F-86K/F-100F.him and Cannot load sound preset motor.Klimov_VK-1F (java.lang.Exception: Invalid preset format)
Plane can be seen from exterior and here the sound is OK. Inside: no cockpit - no sound in both versions of F-100.
Can something be done about it?




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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #10 on: September 24, 2013, 04:09:56 PM »

How awesome! Thank you! The F-100 is one of my favorite fighter jets.  8)

Thank you very much! :)
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Re: F-100D & F Super Sabre Pack v1.0
« Reply #11 on: September 24, 2013, 04:27:56 PM »

Great job! Thank you so much!

Regards  8)

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