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Author Topic: Stock Burma Re-work  (Read 5089 times)

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Re: Stock Burma Re-work
« Reply #12 on: February 13, 2010, 09:31:16 AM »

Thanx for the comments and encouragement guys.

MrOblongo: I wasn't aware of any other version, would like to have seen that. I was trying for a general-Burma 'feel' which is missing in the original. This area certainly looks very green on googlemaps -  I agree about the river colour though, but I'm new to this and haven't figured out how to change that - yet. It was an experiment on a simple map that has other problems anyway, like the airfields are way too close to the edge of the map - I'll go for total accuracy on my next one. The point was to make this one more playable, and to me it is.


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Re: Stock Burma Re-work
« Reply #13 on: February 13, 2010, 07:34:21 PM »

Download link to my version

Theres a link to the retextured i made. Must say im not an expert on the matter, not even close. And this map, a very important one, still needs a lot of work to do. This version uses textures from Agracier, IJeremiah and Mine. It changes the load.ini so it become not compatible with the "stock" version.
Making a new entry to the all.ini with a renamed load.in like a  cztx_burmalower cztx_burmalower/MrOload.ini (must rename the load.ini that come with this pack.

This work perfectly with UP2.0 and HSFX with no need to change the all.ini (if you want to replace the stock one)

There was an UpperBurma on the works, no idea about it.
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