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Author Topic: Winter Triplanes - New 1918 campaign for the Fokker Dr.1!  (Read 3579 times)

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Winter Triplanes - New 1918 campaign for the Fokker Dr.1!
« on: February 10, 2013, 09:27:00 AM »

For those that want to try the famous Fokker Dr.1 I've built this semi-historical, 14-mission static campaign, set during the early winter of 1918, portraying the aerial fighting over the front in France during this time.

The campaign contains a typical set of missions: patrols, escorts, interceptions, fighter sweeps and balloon busting. You are a young German pilot fresh out of flying school, sent as a replacement to Jasta 12, an experienced fighter squadron on the Western Front.

You can download it here: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=1600

Note that the most missions in this campaign contains a random element, which means that even if you replay the campaign you can never be sure to meet the same enemy at the same time etc as before. This means that some patrols will result in no enemy contact – just as in real life. (Most missions comes in three variants, the game picking one at random.)

This is essentially just a remake of my campaign “Green-Tailed Devils”, with the players aircraft being the Fokker Triplane and the map being the winter map of the Somme. But many of the missions and briefings have been tweaked, to better represent the situation during the winter of 1918.

On Jasta 12: Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 12 was created on 28 September 1916 from an existing ad hoc unit, Fokkerstaffel West. The new squadron mobilized on 12 October 1916 at Laon, France. It scored its first victory on 4 December 1916. Jasta 12 joined  Jagdgeschwader 2 on 2 February 1918, and formed together with Jasta 13, Jasta 15 and Jasta 19 this new fighter wing. Jasta 12 fought through the end of the war, disbanding only after Germany's loss. The squadron was credited with 155 aerial victories, including three enemy observation balloons. In turn, they suffered 17 killed in action, 8 wounded in action, and one taken prisoner of war.

Adolf Schulte became the first ace in the squadron, on 24 March 1917. Three of the squadron's commanders, Adolf von Tutschek, Victor Shobinger, and Hermann Becker, were notable as aces as well as Staffelführers. Also notable among the unit's fourteen aces were: Ulrich Neckel, winner of the Pour le Merite and Iron Cross; Reinhold Jörke, another Iron Cross awardee; and Paul Billik, an Iron Cross and Hohenzollern winner who was the highest scoring ace to be denied a Pour le Merite.

With the download comes 3 Fokker Dr.1 Jasta 12 skins, all of them made by Max the Hitman.

Thanks for looking!  :)
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Re: Winter Triplanes - New 1918 campaign for the Fokker Dr.1!
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2013, 09:55:53 AM »

cool, thanks Poltava! :D
.....taking fun seriously since 1968.....  8)


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Re: Winter Triplanes - New 1918 campaign for the Fokker Dr.1!
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2013, 03:09:51 AM »

Having 'flown' this campaign three times now I'd like to give it 10 out of 10 !!!!

The Fokker Dr.I is brilliant in this whirling mass of WW1 mayhem !!!!

What a blast !!! --- And what with those fab skins you really feel as if your over the front line.
Thanks mate ..... 8) 8) 8)



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Re: Winter Triplanes - New 1918 campaign for the Fokker Dr.1!
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2013, 01:00:09 AM »

Great work, thanks Poltava!  ;D DBW 1916 marches on!
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