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With so many high quality mod(ded) maps I feel there are many airfields that don't get the attention they deserve. So let's share these gems here: post a screen if you come around an odd/beautiful/well laid out/remarkable airfield in IL2. Please also post the name of the map and a location.
Let me start off with some obvious examples:

Banff airfield (Norway)

Focsani airport (Odessa map)

Homestead airfield (Hawaii map)

Wake (Wake map)

Happy sight seeing!   8)

Kursk retextured version by Cyberolas.

Zapolare/North Norway by Mixx.

(edited by Gerax: renewed the link and added a few more  ;))

They look great Uufflakke! Keep them coming..   :D

Here's another (almost) arctic field: Kirkenes in Lapland map


Great post guys!  8) Extra Cool!
I never really noticed the beauty in those airfields. I love to see those little details and object in the maps.

All map-makers should start posting their map pictures of airfields in here , so people can see the beauty
in the map. Its Landscape ART!
Keep posting screenshots.
 I like to see more.

I will go find my screenshots and post some for you

i love this idea!
with so many maps, i'm sure there are some hidden gems that that i haven't found yet.
bonus points for airfields that are in very scenic surroundings..... :D


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